6 Best Ring Lights for Video Conferences

It will not be surprising to you if we say that laptops have one of the worst built-in cameras. Even if it has top-of-the-line specs, the webcam fails to live up to the expectations. The poor quality webcam and the low-light scenario mean that video calls and conferences usually appear dark and pixelated. That’s when ring lights come to the picture. These are handy devices that provide the necessary illumination so that when you hop on your next Zoom call, your colleagues will see you more clearly.

Best Ring Lights for Video Conferences

One of the main reasons why you should opt for extra lighting is that in a dim setting the camera sensor tries to compensate for the loss of light by increasing the ISO. And this often results in noisy and underwhelming picture quality. Selfie ring lights help to prevent just that.

Not only can be the brightness be tweaked in these selfie lights, but they can also be clipped neatly to the top of your laptop’s screen.

So, if you are on the lookout for the ring lights to use during your video conferences, here are our recommendations. But first,

1. Duile Ring Light

The Duile Ring Light is the one for you to look for a simple and frills-free ring light. It’s a USB-powered light and brings features such as adjustable brightness and varying color temperatures to the table. The diameter of 6-inches makes it easy to prop up on your laptop’s display. Like most external webcams, it comes with a ball joint and a lock that lets you adjust the light as per your preference.

It bundles a small in-line remote that lets you dabble with the light’s intensity and the color. For now, you can switch between three color temperatures—White, Warm, and Natural. User reviews have been quite decent for this light, primarily for its price to performance ratio. It can get quite bright and does the job as advertised.

However, do note that the Duile ring light falls on the affordable segment, and it’s not as durable as some of its counterparts. If you are looking for something short-term, this might fit your purpose.

2. Jaoxisou Selfie Ring Light with Clamp Mount

The Jaoxisou Selfie Ring Light comes with ten different brightness for each color temperature, thereby giving you more control over how you want your videos to appear. It comes with a sturdy clamp and a ball joint using which you can mount it to your laptop or the edge of your desk. The ball joint gives you the flexibility of placing the light as per your liking. This light can cycle between three light modes — Warm, Warm White, and White.

While these lights are bright, they are not as bright as room light or a study light. It will provide the power to light up your face, and that’s about it.

The Jaoxisou Selfie Ring Light is USB-driven and comes with an in-line remote for tweaking the brightness or changing the color. This product’s reception has been satisfactory so far, with users speaking highly of its easy-to-use nature and its brightness control.

3. Mactrem LED Light Ring

The highlight of the Mactrem is its versatility. This one has a tripod stand, making it easy and convenient for indoor photo shoots, video conferences, or streaming purposes. The tripod stand comes in handy if your laptop has a thin bezel. Naturally, you wouldn’t want the light’s clip clamping down on your laptop’s display, right?

It has a diameter of 10-inches and is a little bigger when compared to the ones above. However, that limitation should be thwarted if you clamp it to a shelf behind your laptop. That way, you can keep it out of your face and way.

It bundles a separate clamp and a phone holder apart from the tripod. The best part is that the clamp is padded, which means that your laptop’s display (or your monitor’s) display will stay scratch-free.

It can cycle between three colors and comes with a similar in-line remote that is common to the ring lights above.

4. Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit

The Cyezcor light is one of the popular selfie lights out there for many reasons. It’s smaller than the ones above, making apt for Zoom and Skype video calls. Secondly, the clamp is slim enough to allow you to clip on top of your laptop’s display without damaging the screen. And as you may have guessed, you can cycle between three set color temperatures.

It works as advertised and delivers the required light. There are quite a few users who have pointed out that the light helps provide a professional look.

At the same time, the additional hardware is on point. For instance, the power cord is long and gives you the flexibility to route the cable in a discrete manner (yeah, cable management is a skill).

5. RGBW Clip LED Ring Light

The RGBW Clip LED Ring Light could be the one for you to look for a versatile ring light. Apart from lighting in the usual warm and white colors, this light can also glow in other colors like red and green. This feature allows you to use it for shooting food photos or for stylized photoshoots. Like its counterparts above, it’s a plug-and-play device and is powered through the standard USB-A port on your laptop.

It walks the line between large and small devices and measures just 6-inches in diameter. The light is bright and works great in illuminating dark and shadowy areas.

However, a few users have pointed out that the clamp is on the weaker end. If you have a laptop with a thin bezel like the MacBook Air or a frameless monitor (see best frameless monitors) it would be best to skip this one.

6. UBeesize Ring Light with Tripod

The UBeesize Ring Light is the solution for you if you are looking for a ring light for your video conferences and streaming purposes. The tripod can extend up to 50-inches, and when closed, it stands upright at around 18-inches. Each color temperature (total three) has ten different brightness settings, giving you ample control over how you would like to present yourself in your video meetings.

Apart from that, the tripod also bundles a phone mount if you’d use your smartphones for your online meetings.

Naturally, all these features have made the UBeesize Ring Light quite popular on Amazon. Users love it for its performance and easy-to-use nature. More importantly, it’s versatile and is affordable as well.

If you often have to jump into Zoom meetings between your work and love photography, this is the one for you.

Light the Way

With Zoom meetings and Google Meets replacing the good ol’ in-person meetings, it essential that the people on the other side can see you without squinting their eyes.

So, which of these will you buy?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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