5 Best Realme X Cases and Covers That You Should Buy

Choosing a case for a new phone like the Realme X is not an easy job. There are different details that you have to keep in mind. Fit has to be right, and should not add weight to the phone. Most importantly, the protection should be spot on and at the same time, the phone shouldn’t look bad. Quite the checklist, right?

Best Realme X Cases And Covers

The Realme X ships with a cover, which is stiff and inflexible. Plus, the dark grey color tends to leave a dull look to the phone.

So we shall recommend some of the best cases and covers for the Realme X. These cases will not just protect your phone from regular wear and tear, but will also retain its looks.

1. WOW Imagine Double Dip Case

If you’re looking for a case that will maintain your phone’s slim look, you should check out the case from WOW Imagine. It has a three-part design, where the top and the bottom comes off easily. That helps to fit the case easily, and the dual-color tone lends a unique look to the phone. The case is sleek and doesn’t add much bulk to the overall look.

Other than that, the top and the bottom edges have slightly raised edges to protect the screen from scratches.

The cuts along the bottom edges are spot on, and you should have no difficulty in plugging the power cable or headphones. There’s a cutout for the notification light at the top as well.

The case’s back is smooth enough to slip out of your hands if you are not careful. This slim case from WOW Imagine looks great and functions as advertised.

2. Tarkan Shockproof Protective Soft Case

A transparent case like the Tarkan Shockproof is the best option if you want to flaunt the brilliant colors of your Realme X. Of course, that means you’ll have to compromise a little on the safety of your device. But someone has to do justice to those brilliant colors, right?

It comes with raised corners to bear the brunt of small drops and falls. Moreover, the fit is perfect, and the cuts are precise.

The Tarkan case is thin, which does not give the phone a bulky look. And at the same time, it’s thick enough to protect the rear camera from scratches.

Lastly, the buttons are covered to prevent dust and grime from littering the insides of the cover.

3. Golden Sand Slim Case

Do you get paranoid just by the thought of your phone slipping out of your hand? If yes, meet the Golden Sand Slim Case. It comes with neat fiber-accentuated back, which gives it a nice look and also helps you grip the phone better. Also, the raised lips along the rear camera protect the lens from ugly scratches.

For better heat dissipation, the insides of the Golden Sand Slim Case carry spiderweb patterns.

User reviews lean towards satisfactory where most are praising the look of this case. More importantly, the tactile feedback of the buttons is spot on.

Overall, this case is one of the better options out there. You do not have to worry about the case obstructing the selfie camera or the power cord.

4. Fortify Soft Fabric Hybrid Protective Case

Armor cases are generally considered good as they provide a superior grip, and the Fortify Hybrid Armor Case is no different. The neat lines along the back give the phone a great look and provide the necessary grip. Plus, it comes with a ring holder that makes clicking selfies a walk in the park. The best part is that it also doubles as a kickstand for watching movies and videos.

The best thing about the Fortify Soft Armor case is that the ring sits flush against the case and doesn’t bulge out.

When it comes to protection, you can rest assured that this is a well-made case and will protect the corners and edges of your phone from small drops and falls. Moreover, the material doesn’t look cheap and looks premium for its price.

The only issue with armor cases is that you’ll have to sacrifice the slim factor of your cellphone. It will add considerable bulk to your phone. Thankfully, if you drop your phone often, this one is a good buy for sure.

5. Knotyy Printed Back Case

Printed cases indeed add a new look to phones and tablets, and the ones for the Realme X is no different. The Knotyy Printed Back Cases for the RealmeX come in a variety of different prints and colors. Right from Mike Wazowski of Monsters, Inc to cool geometrical patterns, you will find a lot here. And these cases do not cost much.

It’s worth noting that these are hard cases are made of polycarbonate and carry cuts for the buttons on the edges. So you can still get the feedback of the buttons between the case and your finger.

Go, Get the X!

With tapered edges and an end-to-end display, the Realme X is a beautiful phone. But at the same time, its tall build increases the chances of slipping out of your hand. Thankfully, you now have enough case options to prevent that from happening.

So, which one of these cases will you get for your Realme X?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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