6 Best PS5 Controller Accessories Under $30

If you thought buying a PS5 posed a challenge, then you might want to brace yourself when scouting for the best PS5 controller accessories. To that end, the console comes with a remarkable DualSense controller that features immersive haptics, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone. 

That said, you can elevate your gaming experience by opting for select PS5 controller accessories too. Thankfully, you need not spend hours scouring the interwebs to get the most out of your controller.

We’ve done the legwork and have come up with some unique, must-have accessories for your PS5 controller. But, before we get into that, you might also want to read about-

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best PS5 controller accessories you can buy right now.

1. 8BitDo Classic Controller Case

8BitDo Classic Case for PS5 Controller

The PS5 DualSense controller is no slouch in the performance department. Not only does it offer state-of-the-art haptics, but it can also be used with a slew of other devices, including your gaming PC, macOS and iOS devices, and even an Android smartphone! Understandably, you might want to leverage the controller’s capabilities when gaming on other platforms as well. 

So, if you want to play Fortnite on your phone while you’re on the go, you must invest in 8BitDo’s classic controller case for the PS5. Notably, the case will safeguard your controller from any unnecessary scuffs or dings. On that note, the case is made of EVA material and features a hardshell exterior. It can comfortably house the PS5’s controller and even has a mesh pocket on the inside to store a cable. 

What’s more, the case features a minimalistic design and is fairly compact too. In fact, the unit tips the scales at just 228 grams and as such, will not weigh your shoulders down when you place it in your backpack. Rest assured, folks looking to maximize the DualSense controller’s capabilities without running the risk of damaging the controller should buy the 8BitDo’s traveling case. 

2. KontrolFreek Thumbsticks

KontrolFreek Thumbsticks for PS5 Controller

Raise your hand if you’ve lost a 1v1 in an FPS game because your thumb slipped from the analog stick. Well, you’re not alone. You see, grinding the ranked leaderboards for extended periods can take a toll on your aim and grip. Thankfully, KontrolFreek has a solution. To that end, the company’s thumbsticks can greatly improve your aim and range of motion when playing games of the FPS variety. 

Notably, the thumbsticks come in a slew of different colors and snap seamlessly onto the controller. That’s not all, as the thumbsticks come in two different sizes — a low-rise one for the left analog stick, and a high-rise variant for the right thumbstick. As such, you will get more nuanced movement with the left stick.

Furthermore, the right thumbstick should help with your precision when playing shooter games. A fringe benefit of thumbsticks is that it also keeps your controller’s analog sticks safe from wear and tear.

Additionally, they should keep your thumbs anchored to the controller too. Unsurprisingly, users swear by KontrolFreek’s offering. So much so, the product has almost 25,000 user ratings, with most customers citing that the thumbsticks did in fact, improve their aim in games like Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege. Rest assured, the thumbsticks are among the best PS5 controller accessories that don’t break the bank.

3. eXtremeRate Silicone Case

eXtremeRate case PS5 controller

If you’re looking to protect your controller from unwarranted scratches and scuffs, you must get a case for the device. While you could get a bulky case, the folks over at eXtremeRate have a more intuitive solution. Here, you needn’t bother with removing the case every time you’re using the controller. To that end, the company’s silicone case for the PS5 controller comes with precise cutouts for the ports and the buttons.

The silicone case comes with cushy palm grips that pave the way for a more comfortable gaming experience. The icing on the cake is that the case is available in a variety of colors, so you can stylize your PS5 controller as you deem fit.

That’s not all, as you also get a set of thumbstick caps with the case, which will help you get the most use out of your controller’s analog sticks as well. Unsurprisingly, the product has been an instant hit, with buyers speaking highly of the case’s quality. A lot of users have applauded the bundled thumb grips too. 

4. PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station

PS5 DualSense Charging Station

Sony has a range of first-party accessories for the PlayStation 5, but none better than the DualSense charging station. So much so, the device is easily among the best PS5 controller accessories you can buy at the moment. As its name suggests, the charging station can be used to charge up to two PS5 controllers simultaneously. 

Additionally, the charging station doesn’t take up too much space and looks quite elegant – at least, that’s what the users cite in their reviews. To that end, the majority of users state that the dock is a sound investment as it keeps their controllers charged and ready for gaming. Moreover, the station automatically stops charging when a controller’s battery hits 100 percent charge level too.

That’s not all, you’ll get the same charging speed as the conventional method. As such, you will be clearing the clutter on your table (no lengthy cables). Plus, you won’t have to compromise on the charging speed. More notably, the charging station comes with a click-in design that locks the controller in place securely.

5. Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Turtle Beach Battle Buds PS5

Much like the DualShock 4 controller for the PS4, PS5’s DualSense controller also comes with a headphone jack. The analog port is positioned at the bottom and it can be used to relay in-game audio via a pair of earphones. Of course, finding the right headset is no mean feat. But, we think you’ll find the Turtle Beach Battle Buds to your liking. 

For one, the earbuds are featherlight and come bundled with a variety of in-ear tips and wings. So, you will be able to narrow down the fit when using the earbuds without any issues. More notably, per the brand, the earbuds support Sony’s 3D audio feature too. As such, you will be able to enjoy your favorite games with hyper-realistic audio effects as well. 

That’s not all, as the unit even comes with a detachable boom mic and music playback toggles. So, be it muting the microphone, or variating the volume levels, you can do it all seamlessly.

To no one’s surprise, the headset has amassed over 12,000 user ratings, with buyers speaking highly of the Battle Buds’ sound quality and comfort. Rest assured, if you’re looking for the best headset to use with your PS5 controller, give the Turtle Beach Battle Buds a go.

6. eXtremeRate Decorative Shell

eXtremeRate Decorative Shell PS5

If you’re up for it, then you can completely overhaul the look of your PS5 controller by opting for eXtremeRate’s decorative shells. The company sells the housings in a variety of vibrant colors, so you can pick and choose your favorites too. Do note that this is a DIY project and will require you to pry open your controller’s outer shell. 

Thankfully, the product page for the decorative shell has a YouTube link with a guide to go about the procedure. What’s more, the retail packaging features a tool to open the controller. As for the ornamental casing, the company utilizes durable, non-toxic, ABS plastic for its construction. What’s more, the faceplate sits flush with the controller’s chassis.

Unsurprisingly, users have given the product extremely positive reviews. The majority of folks are seemingly satisfied with the company’s ‘how-to’ video to attach the faceplate too. Suffice it to say, if you’re looking for the best ornamental accessories for your PS5 controller, your search ends here. 

FAQs About PS5 Accessories

1 – What does white light on PS5 mean? 

A solid white light denotes that the console has turned on and is functioning normally. 

2 – How long does a PS5 controller’s battery last?

The controller’s battery is dependent on the game you’re playing. So, you’ll notice it dips quicker for games designed to make the most of the DualSense controller’s haptics. Typically, the controller should last for anywhere between 5-10 hours, though.

Gaming Made Better

These were some of the best PS5 controller accessories. The DualSense controller for the PS5 is a fantastic piece of kit. And, with the aforementioned accessories, you can spruce up the controller’s performance or give it a makeover too! So, what are you waiting for? Let us know which PS5 controller accessory you picked up in the comments below.

Last updated on 07 March, 2023

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