6 Best Protective Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21

With a gorgeous display, a premium design, and a capable set of camera and processor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 promises a refined experience. However, these flagships—whether it’s the Galaxy S21 Ultra or the Galaxy S21—are big and heavy. Unless you have a super-duper grip on your phone, the odds are that it might slip out of your hands. Hence, it makes sense to wrap the phone up in a cover so that even when the inevitable happens, your phone is protected to some degree.

Top Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21

So, here we are with the best cases and covers for the new Samsung Galaxy S21. From heavily armored cases to simple, clear cases, we have done our best to cover them all.

Without further ado, let’s get started. But first,

1. Caseology Vault Case

The Caseology Vault case is a simple yet hard case for the Samsung Galaxy S21. The highlight of this cover is the dual-tone finish. Here, the top portion of the case has a textured cover, while the lower portion has a smooth leather-like finish.

The case is slim and sleek. It will most likely preserve the original profile of your smartphone. The buttons are covered, ensuring that dust and lint don’t enter the inside and corrode the surface.

At the same time, the corners are reinforced to protect the phone against minor falls and drops. What’s more, it also supports wireless charging.

The Caseology Vault case falls in the affordable section and is available in two colors—Matte Black and Urban Grey.

2. Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen has been a long-standing name in phone cases and accessories and is known for its quality products. The Liquid Air for the Samsung Galaxy S21 boasts of a slim and sleek look. This case’s crux is the highly textured back that looks cool trendy, and offers a grippy feel.

The sides are textured, which again helps you grip the phone better. In fact, Spigen ensures military-grade protection against falls and drops. Plus, the corners are re-inforced with air cushion tech to safeguard against falls and drops.

However, the case’s camera cutting is a tad different from the other cases for the Galaxy S21. Unlike the solid square cutout of conventional cases, here, only the three lenses stay exposed. There’s a dedicated cutout for the flash as well.

While it does safeguard the phone from falls and scratches, the camera module’s somewhat different cutout tends to steal the original look of the phone. If you are willing to consider this, the Liquid Air is a good pick considering that it doesn’t cost much.

3. Spidercase Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21

If you want to flaunt the looks and designs of your Samsung Galaxy S21, you can’t go wrong with the clear case from Spidercase. This is a simple case that beautifully wraps around the phone and shields it from scuff and scratch marks.

The features are minimal here. You get button covers and cushioned corners, and that’s about it.

But the good thing is that it fits perfectly, and the thin cover also allows for wireless charging. The buttons are soft and can be clicked easily. And hey, you can flaunt the look of your phone without any hindrance.

4. Torras Shockproof Case Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21

The Torras Shockproof Case brings a somewhat slim and sleek look to your Galaxy S21. It makes for a good pick, especially if you do not want to compromise on your phone form factor. It’s made from polycarbonate material, and the matte finish at the back gives it a premium look. And the semi-transparent back is the cherry on top.

At the same time, a flexible rubber bumper wraps around the edge of the phone. Apart from that, you will find the usuals like button covers, precise cuts for the camera and the charging cable and the likes.

The good thing about this case is the thin lip around the display, which makes its bid to safeguard the screen from micro scratches when you keep the phone face-down.

5. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro brings solid protection to your Samsung Galaxy S21. It’s a dual-layer case that brings a combination of both PC and TPU. While the TPU bumper brings flexibility to the table, the PC back absorbs the brunt of falls and drops. The company claims 20-ft military drop protection.

Apart from the solid build, the Supcase Unicorn Bettle Pro brings a lot to the table. For instance, you also get your hands on a protective casing, a holster case, and a kickstand.

Out of these, it’s the latter that proves to be the most useful, especially when watching movies and TV shows handsfree.

It’s not too expensive, and given the level of protection it brings to the table, it makes for a good buy, especially if you are careless with phones. However, do note that you will have to trade off your phone’s slim profile since this armored case adds heft to the phone.

6. Galaxy S21 S-View Cover

If you do not mind paying a premium price, the S-View Cover for the Galaxy S21 is the perfect pick. This one is a flip cover with a difference. It bundles a handy slit at the side, which lets you see the notifications and other handy information on the screen without lifting the cover.

This year, Samsung has also added an antimicrobial coating at the top.

Other than that, the cover is simple and straightforward. There are no visible textures. Since it’s an in-house cover, you do not have to worry about the camera module’s cutouts or the charging slot.

It’s available in four colors—Black, Pink, Violet (woot!) and Gray.

Cover Your Galaxy S21 with Style

These were some of our recommendations for the best protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21. Though these cases do their best to shield your phone from scratches, abrasions, and small bumps and drops, they are not 100% foolproof. Plus, it also helps to clean your phone’s insides with a soft cloth to avoid the buildup of dirt in the long run.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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