6 Best Protective Cases for Jabra Elite 85t

The Jabra Elite 85t is a versatile pair of truly wireless earphones, and we are sure you would want to keep them safe from scratches and scuffs. Apart from protecting the device from abrasion marks, most of these cases also play their part in breaking falls and drops. So that even if you plan to sell your earbuds after a few months, you won’t have a scratch-laden case to offer.

Best Protective Cases for Jabra Elite 85t

Another use-case of using a protective case on your Jabra Elite 85t is that you can then easily clip the carrying case to your car keys or your home keys. And this arrangement can be rewarding in the long run, especially if you often forget to grab your buds while leaving for your office or going on your walk.

So if you are on the lookout for the best protective cases for your Jabra Elite 85t, here are our recommendations.

Let’s begin. But first,

1. Spigen Rugged Armor

If price is not a factor, then the Spigen Rugged Armor case for the Jabra Elite 85t makes for a good pick. This is a heavy-duty case that shields the exterior from scratches and absorbs the brunt of impacts. The matte polish and the textures at the sides make the case easy to hold and carry.

It’s a two-part case, wherein you will have to attach the top and the bottom portion separately. That means there are no ugly bulges at the hinges.

The fit is on-point and the cover doesn’t budge easily. The Spigen Rugged Armor case also comes with a metal carabiner so that you can hook it up to your backpack or trousers. Also, you can use this to clip the carry case to your house keys or the belt loop on your trousers.

2. LiZHi Protective Silicone Cover

The LiZHi Protective Silicone Cover is a simple case for your new Elite 85t earphones. Unlike the one above, both the top and the lower portions are joined by a hinge. While the hinge gives a slight bulge, you can rest assured that the top won’t slip off easily. This one is an affordable case and the silicone material ensures a grippy exterior.

Its user base has praised the case for being sleek and doing its job as advertised. The cuts outs are on-point, and you shouldn’t have any issues in connecting the charging cable or checking the charging status.

Though it comes with an S-clip, it’s on the smaller side. Luckily it’s removable and you can replace it with a standard metal carabiner.

3. Toluohu Case for Jabra Elite 85t

The Toluohu Case carries a slim profile and embodies a distinctive design. It has a couple of lines running down the front, making it easy to grip (and also gives it a unique look). It’s neither too thick nor too thin. And at the same time, the case is sturdy enough to ward off the effects of an accidental bump along doorframes or tabletops.

Like the one above, it’s a single case, and you will have to make peace with the hinge at the back.

On the plus side, the fit is snug and the metal hook makes it convenient to use. Apart from clipping it to your bag, you can attach a Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker to find your earbuds in case you misplace them.

Did You Know: You can enable the ‘Find Your Earbuds’ feature on the Jabra Sound+ companion app to find your Elite 85t earbuds easily.

4. Yu-Niyut Silicone Protective Cover

The Yu-Niyut case brings a slim and straightforward look to the table. It’s a simple silicone case designed just to protect the charging case from the elements of nature. Design-wise, it packs pretty much the same elements, such as a metal carabiner, hinges at the back, and cut-out for the charging port.

The easy design ensures that the case retains its original profile. And at the same time, the silicone provides a grippy exterior. So even if your hands are slick with sweat, the odds are that the case won’t easily slip out from your hands.

The Yu-Niyut case is available in several colors, and the bright yellow would make for a cool new look for your wireless earbuds.

5. Sinbomay Silicone Case

If you want something that protects the buds from external damage, the Sinbomay Silicone Case proves to be a good pick. It’s an easy-to-use silicone case that wraps around the charging case and manages to keep it safe from scratches and abrasion marks. Besides that, the material is thick enough to prevent any major damage during small drops and falls.

For the price, it looks good and the matte surface adds to the looks. There are lines along the upper lip that adds the necessary grip when opening (or closing) the case.

It’s a single case and you need to simply slip the carrying case inside. However, some users have opined that the top is a little loose and might need the help of some double-sided tape to stay put. Do note that the company doesn’t ship double-sided tape with the case.

6. Geiomoo Silicone Carrying Case

The Geiomoo Silicone Carrying Case for the Jabra Elite 85t comes in a variety of colors. You get the option to switch between the different colors as often as you want. Like the ones above, it’s a silicone case and is designed to safeguard against the bumps and drops.

Again, the installation process is easy and simple. However, do note that it might not last as long as some of its premium counterparts.

But on the upside, you get the chance of switching between different colors from time to time.

Dress Up and Protect

While an additional case for the charging case of earphones still invites polarizing opinions from several quarters, it’s safe to say having one on saves you from a lot of heartaches. Besides, if you are looking to dangle your wireless earphones from your gym keys or car keys, getting a protective case is one of the best solutions.

So, which one will you get? Will you opt for the simple silicone cases, or will you go for the more rugged cases like the one from Spigen?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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