5 Best Pri­va­cy Screens for Laptops

Namrata Gogoi

If you often work from public areas such as cafes or co-working spaces, a privacy screen filter should be a must-have accessory for your laptop. This simple yet effective laptop add-on prevents others from peering into your screen and stealing information. At the same time, these privacy screen reduces glare from bright light sources such as overhead lights. Furthermore, some filters also help in protecting your eyes.

Best Privacy Screens for Laptops

Today, privacy filters are available in various sizes. In this post, we have compiled some of the best privacy screens for your laptop. But first,

1. Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen

  • Size: 15-inch MacBook Pro (2016-19)
Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen

The Kensington MP15 is designed for the MacBook Pro (2016 and later). It does away with the traditional method of attaching via adhesive strips and instead, comes with a neat magnetic strip. This mechanism makes it easy to remove at your convenience. You can only view up to 30-degree angles. That means people sitting next to you won't be able to figure out what you're watching.

Both the surfaces have different coatings. One of the sides has a matte finish, while the other has a glossy finish. The good thing is that this Kensington privacy film ships with a protective sleeve where you can stow the privacy filter when not in use.

The user reception has been good so far, with people liking the magnetic mechanism. While it limits the screen's viewing angle, note that its brightness also decreases by a small margin.

2. EZ-Pro Privacy Screen Filter

  • Size: 15.6-inches
EZ-Pro Privacy Screen Filter

The EZ-Pro Privacy Screen Filter does away with fancy magnetic strips. Instead, it comes with the conventional method of adhesive fasteners. Once the fasteners are in place, you can slide the filter on top of the screen. Like the one above, this screen filter also limits the visibility beyond 30-degree.

The fasteners work great and do not fall off easily. On top of it, they are discrete and do not distract you while you work.

Setting it up is easy and simple. It wards of glare and also prevents scratches on the screen.

Even though it's a little expensive, this privacy screen has amassed a good number of positive reviews. It works seamlessly on both touch-screen and non-touchscreen laptops. Furthermore, the adhesion of the fasteners is strong, and that's a huge plus.

3. SightPro Laptop Privacy Screen

  • Size: 15.6-inch (16:9 Widescreen Display)
SightPro Laptop Privacy Screen

SightPro's privacy screen brings the best of both worlds, for it comes with two mounting options. You can either stick it directly on top of the screen using clear adhesives. Or, you can use the fasteners or mounts on the sides. The latter gives you the wriggle room to slide the screen out when not needed.

It works as advertised and gives you the needed privacy, and several users have applauded this quality. At the same time, the filter has a solid build and is not flimsy.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to install it carefully when installing it directly, since improper installation may cause bubbles.

4. Mosiso Laptop Privacy Screen Filter

  • Size: 13-inch
Mosiso 13-inch Laptop Privacy Screen Filter

If you have the 13-inch MacBook Air, you might want to try the Mosiso privacy filter. Like the ones above, it limits the screen's visibility beyond 30-degree. It's made from hard plasticky-like material and adheres strongly to the screen.

It works as advertised, and several users have praised this filter for its performance. However, it dims the screen a little. And well, that's the limitation that comes with a majority of privacy filters for laptops and monitors.

The makers also claim that this filter is easy on your eyes. They claim that it curbs 96% UV and 65% blue light from reaching your eyes.

It's not without issues, though. For example, the webcam cutout may not fit perfectly on your MacBook Air. If that's not a major concern for you, this privacy filter is a good buy.

5. PYS Magnetic Privacy Screen

  • Size: 13-inch
PYS Magnetic Privacy Screen

Another privacy filter that you can buy is the one by PYS Store. It adheres to the laptop's screen via magnets. The good news is that the magnets are strong and do not fall off, and several users have backed this fact. The primary highlight is its webcam cover. So when you are not using the camera, you can slide the cover. Simple, see.

The screen filter is reversible and gives you two options to choose from—Glossy and Matte. It works as expected and prevents others from peering into your screen.

Do note that the camera toggle can be a little hard to slide. And at times, you may need the help of a small pin to make it work.

The Walls Have Eyes

With a majority of us choosing to work from co-working spaces and cafes, it's important that the information on your screen should remain private and visible only to you. And the screen above lets you achieve just that. The only thing you need to keep an eye out for is the space directly behind you.

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