6 Best Poweramp Alternatives That You Must Try

When it comes to offline music players, Poweramp has been a go-to app for many audiophiles. With a new interface, enhanced graphic equalizer and smooth gestures, the Poweramp v3 music player has undoubtedly raised the bar.

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However, if you are looking for Poweramp alternatives for your Android, here are a few local music players that you must try.

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1. GoneMAD Music Player

Key Strength: 12-band equalizer

There are many takers for the GoneMAD music player. It’s a lightweight app with 15MB file size and carries an interface based on Google’s Material Design guidelines.

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In short, the interface is straightforward, and you won’t find the fancy features like fluid visualization effects or smooth navigation gestures. It lets you skip songs or change tabs by swiping, the gesture support end with that. Songs and audio tracks are arranged in a list sans the album cover.

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GoneMAD features a 12-band equalizer and 16 presets, which you can tweak as per your taste. It follows the conventional method of creating an empty playlist first and then adding the songs to it. Also, when you initialize it the first time, it’ll ask you for the location of the music folder, unlike Poweramp, where you have to do it manually.

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However, GoneMAD doesn’t let you import Playlists into it. On the upside, you can modify the album art, edit tags, and get lyrics via a third-party app. Plus, if you are looking to change the look of the player, you can experiment with many looks via the Theme Builder section.

GoneMAD is free for 14 days, after which you have to buy the full version.

2. BlackPlayer Music Player

Key Strength: Add lyrics manually

As suggestive of its name, BlackPlayer goes for an all-black theme and looks great on devices with AMOLED display. The interface really stands out when the album arts are in vivid and colorful shades.

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Like GoneMAD, this one too opts for a minimalistic look. It sports a tabbed layout where all you need to do is swipe right/left to navigate between them. However, to skip or switch tracks, you’d have to go the conventional way of tapping on the buttons.

I particularly loved the fact that you can manually add lyrics. Due to licensing issues, it seems unlikely that BlackPlayer will display lyrics automatically. Hence, the process of manually searching and adding seems to be the ideal middle ground.

BlackPlayer sports a 5-band equalizer, packs 10 amazing presets and offers an additional tab for Sound Effects.

3. Beatbox Music Player

Key Strength: Fluid interface with impressive backgrounds

Beatbox Music Player is the app for you if you miss the stunning visualization of Poweramp. This one comes with an array of eye-catching backgrounds that make the app stand out from the rest. You can choose the Now Player Screen from an available list of four, and the same is true of the theme.

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Navigating this app is buttery smooth, though you will need a couple of days to get used to it.

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It bundles an 8-band equalizer with controls for Bass Boost and Virtualizer. Plus, there’s an additional option for Loudness enhancer. There are a bunch of separate presets which you can customize as per your taste.

4. Pulsar Music Player

Key Strength: Supports Flac

An interesting alternative to Poweramp is the Pulsar Music player. Similar to GoneMAD, even this app uses Google’s Material Design guidelines. You’ll find the interface to be a tad similar to BlackPlayer, with the swipeable tabs arranged at the top.

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Like Poweramp, there’s a mini player at the bottom which displays the control as well as the album art. However, it doesn’t support gestures for skipping or pausing tracks. Furthermore, it also has support for Google Chromecast to stream music to your TV.

Last but not least, it has the usual trove of player features like a Sleep timer, Tag editor, Favorites, gapless play and Album art customization options.

5. Stellio Player

Key Strength: Contextual controls

With a 12-band equalizer and about 10 different presets, Stellio Player is the newest kid on the block. Though it has a simple white background, I somehow liked it better than GoneMAD’s plain look. Plus, it has a host of contextual controls which adds to the overall browser experience.

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You won’t get the visualization that you find on Poweramp, but rest assured that it packs a neat wave seek bar using which you can skip to any portion of the song just by running your fingers on top of it.

My favorite feature is the ‘Ignore Short tracks’ option which doesn’t let notification tones and other similar tracks from flooding your queue.

6. InShot Music Player

Key Strength: Skin and Interface

Last but not least, we have the music player from InShot. Though it boasts of several features, the one that I liked the most was its customization skins. With it, you can either go for the gradient look or have a single color painted on the main player.

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Other than that, there’s support for widgets, navigation gestures, mini player, and sleep timer.

Also, there are contextual settings like Pause on Detach (of earphones) and lock screen playing, which you may find useful.

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My only gripe is that there are little banner ads at the top.

Time to Switch?

When it comes to choosing the ultimate music player over Poweramp, there are many that rise to the challenge. Apart from a robust equalizer, you’d also have to look at the interface as well as the lock screen widget. If you look around, there are a couple of players whose widget refuses to leave the lock screen long after you’ve stopped playing songs.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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