6 Best Power Strips With Individual Switches

A power strip or a surge protector is an essential peripheral at our homes and offices. It’s a great way to extend a single wall outlet into multiple plug points to connect more than one device. It also protects the device from power surges that can damage electronic devices. While there are surge protectors of multiple kinds, some users specifically prefer power strips with individual switches.

power strips with individual switches

Having individual switches for each socket on a power strip serves multiple purposes. Firstly, you have proper control over which devices you want to turn on and which ones you don’t. If you have connected your PC, monitor, and phone charger to the same power strip and only want to charge your phone, it’s possible if you have individual switches. Secondly, it helps save power since you can turn off the device you’re not using. If you’re convinced about getting a power strip with individual switches, here are some of the best options on the market.

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1. Rootoma 6 Outlets Power Strip

Starting off with a simple power strip that has 6 outlets with individual switches. It has a 6-foot-long power cable which should be plenty if you plan to use at your desk or on your TV stand.

This power strip from Rootoma has 6 individual sockets with surge protection. The number of sockets should be plenty for an average household, depending on what you’re going to use it for. The 6ft long cable ensures that you can use the power strip even if the wall outlet is slightly farther away.

Each of the 6 individual switches has indicator lights to tell when they are turned on. This power strip has a power rating of 1875W at 15A and 125V. You get 18 months of warranty straight from the manufacturer, making it a good deal for under $25. There’s also a 4-socket option if 6 is too much for you.

2. Tessan 12 Outlets Power Strip

If 6 individual plug points are too less for your usage, this power strip gives you 12 of them. However, you only get 6 individual switches, which is still better than a single switch for the entire power strip.

The Tessan power strip has a few tricks up its sleeve. For starters, you get 12 power outlets which is a huge number. This can be extremely useful in crowded environments like an office or a coffee shop. Secondly, you also get 3 USB-A ports on the side as a bonus which you can use to charge your smartphone, TWS earbuds, smart watch, or other devices.

Using the USB ports would mean you don’t have to connect external chargers. So, you’ll free up more power sockets on the strip. Also, each switch controls two sockets opposite each other. You get a 6-foot-long cable, and the power strip also has 1700J surge protection. It’s rated at 1875W at 15A and 125V.

3. CRST Heavy-Duty Power Strip

This one’s a heavy-duty power supply that is made up of premium materials that extend the overall lifetime of the product. The power strip is made by CRST and comes with 6 outlets that have individual switches. You get a 6-foot-long cable to plug into the wall outlet.

If you’re not a fan of an ordinary-looking power strip, pick this one up from CRST. It has got a bright yellow exterior that screams industrial design. Since it’s a heavy-duty power supply, it has an aluminum exterior that’s more durable. Most other brands offer plastic chassis for their power strips.

Along with each socket has an individual switch, there’s also a master switch to control them all together. A 6ft cord is what you get, which should be good enough. The power strip is rated at 1875W/15A and has surge protection up to 1200 Joules.

4. Desk Clamp Power Strip

All the products mentioned so far were normal power strips that didn’t come with any additional attachments. This one, though, comes with a desk clamp, making it convenient to attach to any desk or table.

Some people like to keep their power strips on the floor. Others like to hang them onto a wall to save space. However, with this power strip, you get a clamp built right into it that you can fasten onto the edge of a desk. Apart from this additional perk, rest features of the power strip remain similar to other products on this list.

You get 6 individual power sockets on this strip and switches have LED indicators next to them. The cord is 6-feet-long but you also have the option of getting a variant with a 10-feet long cable. The output is rated at 1250W with 10A at 25V. It comes with up to 800 Joules of surge protection.

5. Tripp Lite 7 Outlets Power Strip

While most power strips have 6 outlets, this one has an additional one. The 7th outlet is an always-on plug. If you want something like your router or an air purifier to be switched on all the time, you can use this point.

This is a standard power strip that doesn’t have any fancy features or metallic housing. The only advantage that this particular surge protector has is that you get 7 outlets instead of 6, with one of them being always-on. You get a 6-foot cord and a master switch that controls all the 6 switches.

There’s 1080 Joules of surge protection to safeguard your devices. Another advantage of getting this particular power strip is a lifetime warranty against any malfunction that may occur during usage.

6. PDU Rack Mount Surge Protector

This one’s unlike any other option on this list. The PDU power strip has a design that can be easily mounted on a rack. That’s quite helpful if you want to use more the one strip to plug in more devices.

Looking for a power strip for your office or a place where you keep a lot of computers or servers? If so, this is where your search ends. Each power strip is in the form of a cassette that slots into a rack. There are 9 power supply units with individual switches on the rear. This is a heavy-duty power strip with metallic constructions.

You get an energy dissipation of 150 joules along with 1200A of peak current impulse. There’s a surge protector built-in, so you don’t have to worry about your high-power devices failing. You can consider this one if you’re looking for an industrial-grade power strip with multiple outlets.

Power Your Way Through

Get any of the mentioned power strips, and you should have no issues extending your power outlet to multiple plugs. Having individual switches for each socket will give you control over which devices you want to be switched on and at what times.

Last updated on 09 July, 2022

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