4 Best Power Banks in India with Fast Charging

Imagine keeping your phone plugged in for 2.5 hours to juice it up. Seems like a laborious task, right? Well, it’s 2019, and charging on the go is ‘the’ thing now. And if your phone supports fast charging, it’s essential that you connect it with a compatible wall adapter or a power bank.

4 Best Power Banks In India With Fast Charging

If you are in the market searching for power banks with fast charging, you’ve come to the right place. The following are some of the best portable chargers available in India. Let’s have a look.

How to Calculate Power Bank Capacity

The power rating of a power bank is calculated at 3.7 volts. If you recollect, the power rating of a phone is calculated at 5 volts, meaning that there’s a step down in the charge cycles of power banks.

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Thus, calculating the actual capacity requires a bit of math, and isn’t as direct as the power rating marketed by the manufacturers. For example, if a power bank has a capacity of 5000mAh, then the total energy will be,

5000mAh x 3.7V = 18500mWh (mWh being watt-hours).

So, if we convert that at 5V, the stored capacity will be,

18500mWH / 5V = 3700mAh.

Apart from the above, you’d have to take the simple laws of physics like resistance and heat loss to determine a near actual capacity. Plus, don’t forget that a shorter charging wire will benefit you the most.

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Also, at the same time make sure that the power bank you are planning to buy checks the following boxes.

  • Recharging time.
  • Product portability (weight & volume) of the product.
  • Warranty coverage.
  • Last but not least, the actual capacity.

1. Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh

The first power bank on our list is the Mi Power Bank 2i. This one has two ports out of which one is Quick Charge 3.0 compatible. And the maximum power output of this power bank is at 18W. What’s more, charging the power bank doesn’t take much time and get wrapped up in around 5 hours.

The Mi power bank is slim, which makes it easy to carry on your pocket or backpack. Plus, with an actual capacity of 7400mAh, this one should charge a typical phone with 3500mAh battery twice.

I have been using this power bank for about a year now, and I am happy to say that it works as advertised. The good news is that once you charge it fully, the charge holds for quite a long time.

The only issue with the Mi power banks is that they can quickly go out of stock. Thankfully, it is available on both Flipkart and Amazon.

The Mi Power Bank 2i costs Rs 899.

2. Anker PowerCore Speed 10000

At a slightly higher price of Rs 2,499, we have the Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 power bank. Anker is a well-known name in the power bank market, and hence the slightly steep price. Its USP is its small size. It measures 2.4 inches in height, and if we were to go by Anker’s claims, it’s 20% lighter then its counterparts.

The Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 has a power output of 5V/2.4A and is accompanied by Anker’s exclusive Voltage Boost features.

So far the reviews have been pretty good with most users praising the speed of the charger, and has raked over 61% positive reviews.

Anker Rev Best Power Banks In India With Fast Charging

Do note that the Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 doesn’t support Quick Charge. So, in case you are searching for a Quick Charge compatible power bank, you can check out the Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC.

3. Stuffcool Type C 18W 10000 mAh Power Bank

The 10000 mAh Power Bank from Stuffcool boasts of an 18W Type-C port which functions as both the input and output channels, apart from the Quick charge 3.0 micro USB input. Other than that, this pocketable power bank has two Quick Charge 3.0 USB outputs as well as LED indicators to show the battery levels.

The outer case has a nice sheen to it that gives it a premium look. This one has a positive rating of more than 64% with most users appreciating its power cycles and of course, its speed.

Stuffcool Best Power Banks In India With Fast Charging

Apart from that, the Stuffcool power bank comes with Smart IC protection to protect against voltage surge. The product is backed a six months warranty.

This power bank will cost you Rs 1,999.

4. Pebble Pico 10,000 mAh Power Bank

At Rs 1599, the Pebble PICO is an affordable power bank with fast charging capabilities. This 10000 mAh portable charger redefines the term portable as it just measures 10 cm x 6.7 cm, thus making it one of the smallest power banks. Plus, it has a smart LED panel that displays the total remaining charge. Cool, right?

So, what’s the catch? Well, only one of the ports has a power output of 5V 2.1A. Yeah, it’s not much, but gets the work done in the long run.


If you are on a tight budget and the Xiaomi power bank 2i is not available, the Pebble PICO is the best alternative.

Higher, Further, Faster!

Did I just quote Captain Marvel? You bet I did. Because when your phone can charge at a faster speed, it makes no sense to waste time with slow chargers.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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