6 Best Portable Power Strips for Travel

It’s no secret that the number of personal gadgets has increased manifold over the last few years. If you do not have a charger for charging multiple devices, getting a small and compact power strip during your travels makes sense.

6 Best Portable Power Strips for Travel

All you need to do is wrap them up and carry them in your bag. And when the time comes, plug it into the main power outlet, connect your smartphones and wall adapters’ charging cables, and that’s about it.

So, if you are looking for a neat portable solution to recharge your electronics like smartphones, watches, laptops, and tablets, here are our top recommendations for the best portable power strips.

Let’s get going, shall we? But before that,

1. FDTEK Store Power Strip

The FDTEK Store Power Strip is one of the cheapest portable power strips on this list. And for its price, it packs a punch. It bundles a total of six AC outlets and four USB ports. Naturally, it gives you enough flexibility to charge your gadgets conveniently.

The power distribution is fairly decent. While the AC outlets supply 1250W of power at 10A, the USB outlets deliver 15W (5V/3.1A) of power. The USB ports are intelligent and can deliver up to 2.4A for fast charging smartphones. At the same time, the cable is long enough to route easily.

More importantly, the power strip is small and compact and fits well into any place. The ports and outlets have enough space in between them for easy access. Finally, it has a solid build.

It works as advertised. However, it may trip if you connect power-heavy devices like blow dryers.

2. Anker PowerPort Cube

The Anker PowerPort Cube is one of the most compact power strips. It’s shaped like a cube which makes it incredibly convenient to carry. Don’t let the small shape deter you from buying it. It comes with three AC outlets and three USB ports.

Three front faces have individual AC ports, while the three USB ports are at the top. Even if you have a big wall adapter like your (MacBook Pro’s wall adapter), it will fit without issues. The USB ports can deliver a maximum of 18W, and the three AC power outlets can deliver around 1250W @ 125V.

It’s durable and has the necessary power to drive several devices at once. One of the reviewers on Amazon has connected their two monitors and laptop, and the rig has functioned well without any issues.

The PowerPort Cube is one of the popular devices on Amazon and has over 45,000 user reviews. It’s affordable and works exceptionally well. And the safety features are praiseworthy.

However, note that the PowerPort Cube doesn’t support the Nintendo Switch Pro’s controllers.

3. Ntonpower Travel Power Strip

Another power strip that comes in handy when traveling is the one by Ntonpower. Like its counterparts above, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The cord can be wrapped around the power strip to save space. It has two AC outlets and three USB ports.

The AC outlets can deliver up to 1250W/10A of power, and the 3 USB ports are rated at 5V/2.4A. The latter makes them a good candidate for fast charging.

One of the Ntonpower travel power strip highlights is its small and lightweight form factor. Interestingly, it has a 3-prong jack on the side to plug in the power adapter when not in use. This prevents the prongs from leaving unpleasant scratches on other items in your bag.

The Ntonpower power strip can handle voltage between 100-240 volts. It’s made of fireproof material, which ensures protection against mishaps.

The only nibble is the power cord. At 15-inches, it’s a tad on the shorter end.

4. Tripp Lite Surge Protector Power Strip

The Tripp Lite power strip is a little expensive than its counterparts above. However, it packs a surge protector with a Joule rating of 1050, and that’s a huge plus. It also has three 120V AC outlets and two USB ports to power your devices

Two outlets are at the front, and the remaining one is at the back. Moreover, it has small legs at one end, and you can use them to prop it up against a wall.

The Tripp Lite is the perfect companion for traveling. It doesn’t occupy much room. The best part is that the power cord wraps around neatly.

Though it has received quite a few positive reviews on Amazon, many users have expressed their disappointment on the cord length. It’s just 18-inches long and is a little limiting.

5. TROND Flat Plug

The TROND Flat Plug addresses one of the major issues with the Tripp Lite—it comes with a 10-ft long power cord. Interestingly, it also has surge protection and is rated at 1440 Joules.

It packs 7 ports. Out of these, 4 are AC outlets, and the rest are USB ports. Like most of its counterparts above, the maximum power rating is at 1250W. However, it may trip on using power-hungry devices like a blow dryer.

It’s a small square-shaped power strip, and the AC outlets are cleverly arranged to allow easy access. Plus, it can be mounted on walls.

So far, it has many reviews where people appreciate its affordable price tag, length of the power cord, and flat form factor.

6. One Beat Desktop Power Strip

You can have a peek at the power strip by One Beat. It’s a square-shaped device and comes with three AC outlets and four USB ports. The USB ports can deliver power up to 5V/2.4 and can charge connected phones and tablets at a decent speed.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have surge protection. On the upside, it bundles a long 5ft braided cable. Naturally, you get the flexibility to route it as per your preference. But if the power outlet is near your bed/desk, you may have to invest in a few cord organizers to bind the extra cable length.

This power strip amasses a good number of reviews for its lightweight build and cord length. However, it’s not one of the most durable products out there.

Plug Them All In

Hotel rooms and B&Bs are not known for their unlimited number of wall outlets. And at most times, the placement is odd to connect your expensive smartphone/laptop. Portable power strips help solve this issue in one go.

However, if you are looking for a travel-friendly power strip for cruises, do check if that particular make is allowed on cruises before you hit the buy button.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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