5 Best PopSocket Car Mounts for Smartphones

Ever since their introduction, PopSockets have become extremely popular all over the world. They allow you to use large smartphones with a single hand and can even act as a kickstand when consuming content. However, there’s one drawback of PopSockets — you will need to use a dedicated PopSocket car mount for your smartphone when driving.

best Popsocket car mount for smartphones

This is because standard car mounts cannot hold your phone with the PopSocket on due to the added thickness. PopSockets are now also available as a MagSafe accessory so you can pop them off before using a standard phone holder. However, if you’ve stuck it onto your phone, here are some of the best PopSocket car mounts for smartphones that you can buy.

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With that out of the way, here are the car mounts for you to buy.

1. Pop-Tech Air Vent Phone Holder

Here’s a pretty basic air vent car mount for your PopSocket. It has a clip that you can mount on any AC vent in your car along with a locking mechanism in place to keep it secure. On the front, there’s a groove where your PopSocket sits and holds your phone upright.

Unlike traditional car phone mounts, PopSocket car mounts are small and minimal and hence, take up little space on your dashboard. This phone holder from Pop-tech almost looks like it’s not there at all due to its tiny footprint. It has a black exterior that would blend in with your car’s dashboard.

You can mount your phone with a PopSocket installed and it would sit pretty flush with the mount. One good thing about this mount is that while you can attach your phone in a vertical orientation, you can also rotate it horizontally if you wish to use it that way for navigation. As per the reviews, the mount is sturdy and can even hold a large phone like the iPhone 14 Pro Max or the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

2. KSACLE Telescopic Car Phone Mount

While an air vent mount can be minimalistic and simple, it may not be ideal for you if you want some flexibility with regard to adjusting your phone’s position when mounted. This is where a telescopic mount like the KSACLE one comes into the picture.

This PopSocket car mount has a suction cap that you can mount either on your car’s windshield or on the dashboard. You’re already getting a lot more flexibility in terms of positioning with this PopSocket car mount since it’s not restricted to just the AC vents.

Once mounted, you can not only rotate the mount but you can also extend the arm closer to you or move it around horizontally to position it as per your needs. The long arm, however, means that you don’t get a lot of stability with this mount. This is especially true if you have a heavy and large phone in which case, some users have complained that the suction cap can fall off which is risky for your phone.

3. Bestrix Metallic PopSocket Mount

This is a premium-looking metallic car mount for your PopSocket which you must consider if you’re tired of cheap, plastic car mounts that break easily within a few months of usage. The Bestrix PopSocket car vent mount is pretty similar to the first product we mentioned on this list with the exception that it has a metallic exterior along with a rubberized portion in the middle where the PopSocket would rest. It’s sturdy and also has a rich look to it.

The USP of this product is clearly the fact that it has a metallic bracket to house the PopSocket and in turn, your phone. This means that the holder will last longer even with regular use and will not break easily like plastic phone holders. However, there are some downsides too.

Some reviews say that the mount is wider than usual and as a result, it doesn’t fit all AC vents. So, if the air vents in your car are smaller than usual, you might want to consider something else. Also, this car phone mount with a PopSocket holder is wider than the size of a PopSocket so some users have reported that your phone may wobble when mounted on it, especially if it’s large like a Pro Max iPhone.

4. PopSockets Car Vent Mount Official Version

This is PopSocket’s official car vent mount so you can be sure that you’re getting the best compatibility with your PopSocket. It has a design that’s similar to some of the other mounts mentioned here. It’s made of premium materials and is available in a variety of colors that can be matched to the color of your PopSocket or phone.

If you’re someone who prefers buying first-party accessories since they provide the best compatibility and are generally high-quality, you should consider getting this mount directly from PopSockets. You can clip it onto the AC vents in your car and it sits pretty securely.

While the quality is good, one issue that users have reported is that when you put your phone in the landscape orientation, it tends to rotate and come back to the vertical position if your phone is heavy. So, if you have an iPhone Pro Max or a large Android device like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you won’t be able to mount your phone horizontally using this PopSocket car mount.

5. PopSockets Multi-use Phone Mount

Not everyone is a fan of air vent mounts for various reasons. If you don’t like them either, the brand also makes an official multi-use phone mount that you can use in your car by attaching it to the windshield or your dashboard. The best part about this mount is that you can not only use it in your car but also as a desk mount.

The PopSockets multi-use phone mount has a unique design that would surely stand out in your car or wherever you decide to use it for that matter. It has a suction mount at the bottom so you can attach it to your windshield for a secure fit. For those who don’t have large air vents in their cars, this is a better option. However, ensure your state allows car mounts on the windshield or dashboard.

While it stands out and is functional, some users have complained that the adhesive and the suction aren’t strong enough so, at times, the mount just falls off by itself when driving on bumpy roads which is far from ideal. This mainly happens when adhered to the dashboard so users recommend attaching it to your car’s windshield instead.

FAQs for PopSocket Car Mounts

1. Can I use a standard car mount if I have a PopSocket on my phone?

Some standard car mounts can accommodate a phone with a PopSocket. However, most of them won’t be able to hold your phone properly due to the added thickness.

2. Can I use these mounts with PopSocket alternatives?

If the alternative you’re using has the same dimensions as the original PopSocket, you can use them with an alternative variant.

Mount Your Phone Securely

If you were annoyed with removing your PopSocket every time you wanted to mount your phone in your car, you can get any of these best PopSocket car mounts for your smartphone so that it stays securely in place when driving.

Last updated on 02 January, 2023

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