10 Best Podcast Apps for Android

Podcasts are one of the best mediums not only to get a deep knowledge on your favorite topics but also to explore new ones. More and more people are listening to podcasts and hence, there are several podcast apps available on the Google Play Store. There is a wider array of topics ranging from food to entertainment.

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I recently got hooked on to podcasts and have tried a number of apps. You can browse, download, subscribe and manage your favorite podcasts like a breeze. However, the question is which one should you choose?

Well, here are 10 best podcast apps on Android that you must try.

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1. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a paid app and I was not sure if I wanted to shell out money to use it. This is probably the first app that I have paid to use and I have no regrets because of the features this has to offer.

Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts1

The app has an amazing design and a seamless user interface (UI) that makes navigation super easy. I personally like the high-resolution podcast artwork in the app. Pocket Casts has several useful tools, intuitive features and the ability to create playlists using the Up Next feature.

One of the best features of the app is easy discovery of podcasts. There is an ability to download podcasts for offline listening, which comes in handy especially when you are on the go. The app is also compatible with Chromecast so you can listen to podcasts on your TV. You can set a sleep timer, control playback speed, and do a lot more.

Pocket Casts costs $3.99 (Rs 99 in India) and it’s worth every penny.

Download Pocket Casts from Google Play Store

2. CastBox

CastBox was recently featured in Google Play Store’s Best of 2017. Similar to Pocket Casts, this app has a simple and user-friendly UI. This free mobile app recently got a new in-audio search feature. It helps listeners find relevant content based on certain keywords and phrases.

Cast Box
Cast Box1

It uses natural language processing to let listeners search for keywords and topics across more than 50 million episodes. In addition to sorting podcasts by the usual parameters like an episode’s release date, CastBox’s recommendation engine considers each user’s search history and their listening behavior.

The app features podcasts in 70 different languages. It supports Chromecast and Amazon Echo. If you’re just getting into podcasts and don’t want to spend on an app yet, CastBox is the app for you.

Download CastBox from Google Play Store

3. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is another free podcast app on Google Play Store. The app has a huge library and lets you manage podcasts, online radio, audio books, YouTube, and even Twitch channels.

Podcast Addict
Podcast Addict1

Multiple playlists support, playback features such as shuffle mode, loop mode, and sleep timer are also available. However, the app sports a cluttered UI that also looks outdated. The app supports both Chromecast and SONOS.

Constant banner advertisement along the bottom of the display is another major concern in the app. You can remove those ads by doing additional app purchase through Google Play for $2.99.

Download Podcast Addict from Google Play Store

4. Google Play Music

Google Play Music added support for podcasts in 2016. If you use Play Music to stream songs, this can double up as your ideal podcast app and the installation process is easy too.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music1

Once you open the app and tap the hamburger menu, you’ll see a separate option for Podcast. You can subscribe to different podcasts and set up notification alerts for your favorite ones.

The app is simple and doesn’t come with lot of features. It has Chromecast and Android Auto support. Play Music syncs your podcast subscriptions across devices and platforms. So, if you subscribe to a number of shows on your Android phone, those shows will also appear when you log in through the web.

Download Google Play Music from Google Play Store

5. Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic will help you enjoy podcasts, audio books, and YouTube channels. The free app also comes with live radio streaming support. It gives you the ability to add podcasts by RSS feed and you can even import OPML files.

Podcast Republic
Podcast Republic1

You can sync podcast subscriptions and episode playback states among multiple devices. The app even lets you save the podcasts in your phone or save on external SD card. It has Chromecast, Android Wear, and Android Auto support.

Download Podcast Republic from Google Play Store

6. BeyondPod

BeyondPod is slightly older as compared to other apps on our list but it comes with a lot of interesting features. You can import OPML files, backup, restore, adjust the playback speed and set a sleep timer.

Beyond Pod
Beyond Pod1

The app even integrates with Feedly so you can read the RSS feeds. However, there is a 7-day full feature trial, after which you can buy the mobile app for $4.99 to get cool features like device syncing, multiple download support, and customizable playback speed. The app also comes with Chromecast support.

Download BeyondPod from Google Play Store

7. Podcast Player

The Podcast Player is another free app that supports offline download and lets you sync subscriptions across multiple devices and on the web.

Once you’ve selected your own favorite genres, you’ll get a list of shows worth checking, which would be based on your interests. You can sort podcasts by comedy, pop culture, or any other genre you enjoy listening to on a regular basis.

Podcast Player
Podcast Player1

It lets you create your own subscription categories to organize shows. It offers advanced playback supports speed control, intelligent silence skip, and automated volume boost. The app also supports video podcasts.

Download Podcast Player from Play Store

8. Podcast Go

The Podcast Go app offers all the basic features such as creating your own playlists, control speed rate, sleep timer and saving podcast files to SD card. It has a simple and user-friendly Material Design user interface.

Podcast Go
Podcast Go1

This Android app boasts of hosting over 300,000 available podcasts. Searching and browsing podcasts on the app is pretty easy. It’s a fairly simple free podcast app but it does feature a lot of ads. However, you can pay $2.99 to remove the ads and enjoy seamless streaming of podcasts.

Download Podcast Go from Google Play Store

9. DoggCatcher Podcast

DoggCatcher is a relatively old podcast app that sports a fresh material design UI. The app has a massive library of podcasts and comes with playlist support, variable speed playback, themes, and various automation and customization features.

Dogg Catcher
Dogg Catcher1

It has support for Chromecast and Android Auto. It’s a paid app retailing at $2.99 (Rs 199 India). You can also customize audio playlists. The app offers built-in support for RSS feeds and text-based articles as well.

Download DoggCatcher Podcast from Google Play Store

10. Podbean

Finally, we have Podbean that boasts of a large podcast library. This free Android app provides smart recommendations based on your listening pattern. You can customize playlists, search and browse for top podcasts quite seamlessly.


It also offers support for Chromecast and Android Auto. The app can remove silence from an episode with a cool feature called Intelligent Speed. It also sports playback features such as autoplay next and sleep timer.

Download Podbean from Google Play Store

Which One Would You Choose?

Podcasts are often underrated but they are really useful when you want to get a different perspective on various topics.

So, which of the above podcast apps are you planning to use? Let us know in comments.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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