8 Best Phone Tripods With a Ring Light

Good lighting is the key to creating quality videos and photos. If you are looking to create short but quality videos, investing in lights is the first step forward. If you are creating videos on your phone, a handy tripod with a ring light and a phone holder is all you need. This two-in-one mechanism holds your phone and provides adequate lighting for your shoots.

So, if you create a ton of YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or TikTok videos, these versatile tripods may be just what you are looking for. You get a well-lit environment, and the soft LED lights ensure you do not have any unnecessary glare.

Besides that, most lights are flexible and let you switch between different color temperatures. Read our recommendations for the best phone tripod with a ring light. But before that,

Let’s get to the phone tripods with ring lights now.

1. Luxsure Dimmable Selfie Ring Light

  • Size: 12-inch

If you are on a budget, check out the Luxure tripod. It’s affordable and brings a healthy set of features to the table. For one, you can switch between ten brightness settings through the remote. The color temperature is also customizable. More importantly, this tripod is lightweight, which makes it portable and easy to handle.

It’s a versatile tripod and can be mounted on tabletops or directly on the floor (14.5-63 inches). The rotating head and the shutter remote are the cherries on top.

The ring light has a phone holder in the middle. It’s also detachable so you can fix it on the tripod leg. You can also rotate the phone holder to portrait and landscape modes. It’s a universal holder and should fit most phones. As for the iPhone Pro Max models, some users have had issues fitting it in with a case.

The Luxsure tripod is quite popular on Amazon, and people have praised the light’s brightness and the affordable price tag. But, at the same time, some have complained of missing items inside the shipped box. Overall, it’s a good budget tripod with a ring light and remote.

2. Qiaya Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

  • Size: 9-inch

The Qiaya phone tripod has similar tech specs to the one above. It’s also an affordable tripod with customizable brightness settings that you can tweak using the inline remote. The 4-level tripod makes it convenient to switch between different heights. The maximum height of 54 inches makes it apt for top-down videos or product shoots.

The Qiaya ring light is easy to assemble, and several users have pointed this out in their reviews. Plus, the light is bright and provides adequate lighting for most scenarios.

The phone holder can hold most phones. Here too, the usual rules apply: if your phone has an armored case, you’d have to remove it.

It’s an affordable tripod, though it doesn’t score that well on the durability scale.

3. Emart Selfie Ring Light with Adjustable Tripod

  • Size: 10-inch

The highlight of the Emart tripod stand is its two wireless remotes. These remotes let you control brightness and shutter of your phone’s camera. The Emart tripod also has extendable legs on the tech specs part and can go as far as 51-inches from 17-inches. The latter means you can also place it behind your laptop for online meetings.

Furthermore, the stops on the tripod make it easy to fix the height. Aside from that, you get the usuals like three light modes and ten brightness settings for each level.

Since the light works via the remote, you might experience issues switching it off if you experience wireless interference. On the other hand, it also means it’s a great tripod with light for online meetings.

4. Sensyne Store LED Circle Lights with Phone Holder

  • Size: 10-inch

The Sensyne tripod is one of the most sturdy tripods you can find for the price. It features a clever design with touch-based buttons for brightness control. The head is flexible, and you can rotate the ring light downwards. This makes it perfect for shooting top-down videos. The ring light is super bright, and several users have backed this claim.

It shares quite a few tech specs with its counterparts above. The height is customizable (15.7 inches to 50 inches), and you can play with tons of lighting options. The remote is a good add-on and lets you click pictures from a distance of up to 30 feet.

As we mentioned above, it’s one of the sturdy products out there, and several users have praised its build and solid construction. It’s popular on Amazon primarily for its flexibility and bright light.

5. KobraTech RGB Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

  • Size: 10-inch

The KobraTech tripod light may cost a little more than its counterparts above, but it brings colorful lights to your table. If you want to shoot your videos in a different light, this should be your pick. For now, it delivers a total of 15 different shades. And as you may have expected, you can play with the brightness level and the color temperatures.

It’s a tall tripod and can extend up to around 66 inches. Lastly, it’s well-made and sturdy, and the head can tilt and swivel.

The KobraTech tripod is versatile, bundling an additional computer clip and a mini tripod. This makes it one of the best tripods with a ring light for iPhone and iPad. You can also use your iPad as a teleprompter with this tripod.

6. UBeesize Selfie Ring Light with Extendable Tripod Stand

  • Size: 10-inch

The UBeesize phone tripod is one of the most popular choices out there. The highlight of this tripod is that the phone holder is located in the middle of the ring light. This ensures that your phone’s camera can access as much light as possible. At the same time, the tripod head is highly flexible and allows for tilt and swivel motion.

The build is decent for the price. It’s sturdy, and the holder can hold phones well without dropping. On the downside, the holder can’t fit the iPhone Pro Max models.

This tripod may not be the best option for you if you are tall since it can extend only to 50 inches. The brightness is decent for small settings, but some users have complained the brightness is a tad on the lower scale. It has the usual tech specs like adjustable brightness settings and color temperature.

If you ignore the downsides, the UBeesize tripod has great reviews with over 50,000 — yes, you read that right — reviews on Amazon. It’s reliable and can be a good pick for those who aren’t too tall.

Alternatively, you can check out the UBeesize Mini Led Camera Ringlight. This one is highly popular due to its price and performance.

7. Neewer LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand (RP10-H)

  • Size: 10-inch

Neewer is one of the well-known brands in the lighting space. The Neewer LED ring light is slightly expensive, but it brings the right features to the table. It’s slim and lightweight, making it easy to haul from one place to the next. The build is solid, and several users have written about it in their reviews. The tripod can extend up to 54 inches and suits people of average height.

The tripod head is pretty flexible and lets you pan the head three ways. And the Bluetooth remote makes it easy to shoot pictures and videos from afar. Another advantage is its long USB power cord which gives you plenty of wriggle room to route it.

Long story short, if you are looking for a well-functional lightweight tripod with a ring light, then this is the one.

Alternatively, check out the Lamicall Selfie Ring Light.

  • Size: 18-inch

Lume Cube’s ring light is the perfect pick if you can spend a few extra bucks for quality. It has a rechargeable battery that gives you about 90 minutes of light. The ring light is bright and can cycle between the 3200-5600K temperature range. The feature that takes the crown is its height. This tripod measures 6.5 feet when extended, making it apt for full shots.

This ring light measures 18 inches, which makes it perfect for large settings. It bundles a swivel mount and a mobile mount. You’re also getting rid of any wires here since the light uses a battery. That’s great if you want a clutter-free experience.

This Lume Cube tripod proves to be a good pick if you are into shooting vlogs and long videos for YouTube. It’s built well and its sturdy design ensures it holds up your camera and phone without toppling over. For the record, it can hold a weight of up to 10 lbs.

FAQs for Phone Tripods With Ring Light

1. Can you put a ring light on any tripod?

Quite a few ring lights have mounts to screw them onto a tripod. However, you won’t be able to mount your phone or camera that way. So, getting a dedicated iPhone tripod with a ring light to shoot videos is a good idea.

2. Do I need a ring light when recording outdoors?

If you are vlogging or recording videos in broad daylight, you won’t need a light source. However, in low-light situations like indoors or out at night, a ring light does come in handy.

3. Can I use my iPhone and Android phone with the right light tripods?

Since no specific software is involved, you can use the ring light tripod with any device you choose. The included Bluetooth remote with some tripods also works well with iPhone and Android.

Make Your Videos More Appealing

If you are starting to make vlogs or short videos, investing in a tripod that also has a light source makes sense. Most phone tripods mentioned above let you shoot in landscape and portrait modes. Besides that, you can always choose the brightness or the color you prefer.

Last updated on 22 March, 2023

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