5 Best Pet Feeder Cameras with Wi-Fi That You Can Buy

While being away from home, one of the greatest worries of any pet parent is the safety and basic needs of their furry friend. Right from their food to water, everything needs to be taken care of. Wouldn’t you want to know what your pet is up to while you are not around?

5 Best Pet Feeder Cameras With Wi Fi That You Can Buy

In such cases, a pet camera is one of the most practical solutions. These cameras connect via Wi-Fi to an app, using which you can monitor and maybe use to reward your pet for good behavior. You can also talk to them remotely when you hear the pet in distress — like constant barking or meowing at a high pitch.

The best part is that some pet cameras come with an attached feeder, which flings and throws threats at regular intervals.

So we have lined up some of the best pet feeder cameras with Wi-Fi that you should consider buying for your pet.

1. Petcube Bites Pet Camera

One of our first choices is the Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera. This one streams videos at 1080p and has a 138° point of vision. Plus, there’s a night-vision mode. Other than that, the Petcube Bites has an array of features. It can hold around 100 treat pieces, which can easily be refilled. All you have to do is take the black lid off.

This pet camera measures 7.2 x 3 x 12.9-inches and weighs about 4.4 pounds. You can either put it on a high table or fix it to a wall. If you are planning to keep it on a table, the non-slip bottom makes it hard for pets to knock it down.

Petcube’s pet camera provides three nifty features — Awake, Quiet, and Sleep. Out of these three, Awake will notify you of sound & motion and will store the video feed. The Quiet option won’t send you any notifications but will continue to store the feed. Finally, the Sleep mode will turn off the sensors and the camera.

When it comes to video and audio quality, many of the pet parents are impressed by its performance.

Also, the night vision is pretty good. The camera will send you a notification once it detects a change in the lighting conditions, or when it detects motion during the night.

The treat flinger has worked well for many users. However, keep in mind that it is capable of storing small-size treats only.

Last but not least, the customer support experience has been great for many users. Plus, the installation and setup process isn’t too hard. Further, you can also save or share videos via the phone app.

2. Furbo Pet Cam

The Furbo pet cam has a lot to offer. For starters, you get an HD video stream, night vision, two-way audio, and a sound sensor. It has nifty LED indicators at the bottom to notify you of any issues related to the unit. For instance, if the camera has trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi, the lights will turn purple, while the light will turn blue when the app is in use.

It has a tiny circular hole in the middle to dispense treats, and the treat dispensing process is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is tap on the button via the phone app and the job will be taken care of.

Other than that, the app and the camera are easy to set up and install. You can use the app to see the live feed or to take pictures of your fur friend. Most importantly, you get notified when your dog barks or when other people enter your house.

The only thing which you have to consider is the size of the treats. The Furbo pet camera functions well when the treats are smaller, aren’t sticky, and are round.

So far, it has managed to rake in some pretty amazing reviews, with many positive reviews. However, the app does lag at times.

3. Dogness Pet Treat Dispenser with Camera

The Dogness Pet Treat Dispenser is one of the newest products in the market. Rectangular in shape, this one comes with neat suction cups at the bottom to hold it in place. Plus, the touch of the bamboo lid on the black color of the body makes for a great look.

It features an HD camera, 165° wide-angle lens, two-way audio, and night vision. The best part is that the night vision kicks in automatically. Also, the body can hold up to 6.4-ounces of treats, which you can replenish by just raising the lid.

Naturally, this smart treat-tossing camera has a companion app with which you can monitor your pet.

The two downsides to the Dogness pet treat dispenser is that it doesn’t have the provision to send you barking alerts. Instead, you’ll have to check up on the dog at regular intervals. Secondly, only one person can access the camera via the app.

4. Pawbo Life Pet Camera

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera lets you record videos at 720p HD and has a 130° wide-angle lens that lets you see a wide area. Plus, the 4x digital zoom works wonders if you want to zoom in to see what your cat is doing.

This pet feeder cum camera is designed primarily for cats. It has a neat laser pointer which you can use to pique the curiosity of the cat from a remote location.

The video quality can be a tad on the lower side. But if the camera is within a strong Wi-Fi network, the Pawbo pet camera can record decent videos.

And when it comes to the treat dispenser, you can place the treats in the circular tray. The tray has little wedge-shaped sections, and each section can hold around three treats.

The audio of the Pawbo Life Pet Camera isn’t too great, and sometimes it might break off midway. That is an issue that has been reported by many users.

5. PetChatz Digital Daycare

The PetChatz Digital Daycare is certainly one of the pricier options on our list. That’s because it is not merely a smart camera with treat dispenser. This little device also comes with a video camera meaning your pets can see you as you talk to them, instead of just hearing your voice.

This premium pet camera boats of many features such as two-way audio, motion/sound detection, night vision, and calming aromatherapy. Now, isn’t that cool?

Pet Chatz Best Pet Feeder Cameras With Wi Fi That You Can Buy Rev 2

The reviews on this product are pretty good and primarily talks about great audio and video quality. The only catch with this product is that it dispenses only PetChatz food.

Another nifty accessory is the PawCall unit (sold separately) using which your pet can give you a call.

Love Your Pets Guilt-Free

Being a pet parent indeed requires a lot of commitment and free time. With on our busy lifestyles, most of us can not usually devote the amount of time we should. And in such cases, a camera with a treat dispensing machine turns out to be a viable solution.

So, which one will you buy for your furry pet?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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