Best Paid Apps For Free This Week

Android is the go-to solution for more than half of the smartphone users globally and there is an insane number of apps available on Google Play Store to cater to the needs of Android users.

While there are a plethora of free apps, premium or paid apps offer an edge and that is why they ask for money.

Paid Appp

Often, there are hidden sales that keep happening on the play store — be it a part of a giveaway or a seasonal offer. During the festive season, Google makes sure to promote and create some publicity around these offers. However, most of these sales go unnoticed.

In this article, we will talk about some premium or paid applications that you can get for your Android phone absolutely free.

So, here are this week’s best paid apps that you can get for free.


1. Navigator PRO

GPS-based navigation has really caught up well with smartphone users. It’s because smartphones are becoming smarter by the day and offer advanced features that are required for accurate navigation. But, for all this, you need to have a good software.


While Google Maps is the best solution out there, its limited offline use causes a bit of a problem in areas where network connectivity is a big concern. Navigator PRO, however, offers advanced offline navigation features and is now available free of cost.


Much like a personal navigation device or a PND, this app transforms your phone into a gadget for the road. It offers voice-based alerts and is suitable for driving, cycling, and even walking. You can use this app online and get advanced features such as traffic info, alerts, and a satellite view of the place you’re about to visit.

This app retails for around Rs 160 on Google Play Store, but right now it is available for free.Download Navigator PRO now

2. Newtification News

Many of us love reading the newspaper in the morning. Some people are so addicted to this that they cannot even go about doing their daily business with ease without knowing what is happening across the globe. For such ‘news-aholics’, we have the Newtification News app. This Android app gathers news from various local and international newspapers.


You can get your daily dose of news from any country you need. You can get news based on your interest, choice of country, set of keywords, and so on. There is so much you can get with this app if you are an avid newspaper reader.


This app gathers news from almost each and every corner of the globe and presents it in a very simple interface, one that a newspaper aficionado would appreciate.

This app retails for around Rs 190 on the Play Store, but right now it is available for free.Download Newtification News now

3. Learn German with MosaLingua

Learning foreign languages is always fun. You get to know about a country, the way its people speak and what they talk about. If you are keen on going to Germany, this nifty Android app is a must-have for you.


Learn German with MosaLingua, which is an interactive language learning app for Android that focuses on German. MosaLingua has a number of apps for other different languages as well.

The best feature of this app is that it has a very interactive way of teaching. That’s because it was developed by people, who actually learned German in a similar way. The app promises to teach you the full language in a short time with some advanced methods. Starting by teaching only 20% of the important stuff first, this app will make 80% of your trip to Germany much easier.

This app retails for around Rs 370 on the Play Store, but right now it is available for free.Download Now: Learn German with MosaLingua from Play store

4. Earth 3D Live Wallpaper

When I was a kid, I had a dream of looking at our Earth from the space, admiring its beauty. It has not happened till now but I like to stay positive. Who knows what may happen in the future?

The Earth 3D Live Wallpaper app offers a glimpse of the real Earth in all its glory in 3D right on your smartphone’s home screen.

Live Earth
Live Earth2

This wallpaper is location-aware and will change or sync with the day and night timings in your time zone.

Live Earth1

Overall, the Earth keeps rotating and keeps giving you a very lively and fresh view every time you go to the home screen.

This app retails for around Rs 15 on Google Play Store but it’s available for free right now.Download Earth 3D Live Wallpaper now

5. Spelling Bug Hangman Kids’ App

I hope you guys have played hangman in your childhood. It’s a game that helps to build a lot of skills in finding and identifying words and it certainly helped me to improve my language skills.


The same game is now available in many different apps and if you are looking for a premium or a paid version with the best features and no ads, try the Spelling Bug Hangman Kids’ app. This app is strictly for kids, however, that does not stop me from playing it. I’m sure that you will also get hooked on to this once you install the game. All you need to do is guess the word and create it with the letters at your disposal.


There are different skill levels in this game and one interesting thing is that this game is customizable. You can record clues in your own voice so that your kids respond better to them.

Spelling Bug Hangman Kid’s app has no annoying ads or links to the internet making it absolutely safe for kids.

This app retails for around Rs 200 on the Play Store but it is available for free right now.Download Spelling Bug Hangman Kid’s App now

6. VR Black Hole

The last app on our list for this week might sound that it has come straight out of the movie interstellar but it’s not. However, the premise is mostly the same as the black hole scene in that movie.

Black Hole

The VR Black Hole app, as the name suggests, is a virtual reality-based application where all you need to do is maneuver your spacecraft through a black hole and understand the dynamics of the celestial marvel in the process.

Black Hole1

The experience might seem a bit synthetic because, of course, no one has ever actually been to near a black hole as that would definitely be fatal (yes, Christopher Nolan, you read that right). The point here is that this app teaches you a lot about black holes from whatever information we have about them.

This app retails for around Rs 100 on the Play Store, but right now it is available for free.Download VR Black Hole now

Until Next Week …

This is all that we have for you this week but make sure to come back next week for more such interesting paid Android apps that you can get for free.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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