Best Paid Apps For Free – December Week 4

App developers often introduce promotions for paid or premium applications on Google Play Store with very little to no publicity. To make sure our readers make the most of these. We’ll be talking about such paid Android apps that you can get absolutely free week after week.


Here is this week’s list of paid Android apps that you can get for free. However, if you like any of these Android apps, make sure to install them as all these are free for a limited time. So, only the fastest fingers will get to enjoy them.

Catch a glimpse of what offers were available last week here.

Like any other paid apps, you get a lifetime subscription to the offered services once you install any of these Android apps. You can also install them on several devices, provided that they are connected to the same Google account.

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1. Stay Zen (Ad Free)

Did you know, reacting violently under stress can severely increase the risk of heart diseases? Well, I knew it could be bad, but not this bad. However, the first app on our list will definitely tech you how to stay calm.


Stay Zen is a simple yet intriguing game, where you have to use swiping motions on your phone to guide ‘Enzo’ through several mazes. If you think that is simple, hold on. There are vicious boss battles and above all, the difficulty increases with every stage and there are 80 of them.

It will really test your skills, and above all patience. So you think you have it in you to ‘Stay Zen’?

This app retails for Rs 100 on Google Play Store but it is available for free right now.Download Stay Zen (Ad Free) from Google Play Store

2. Follow – realtime location app using GPS / Network

WhatsApp recently added the ability to track your contacts using GPS, that is if they want to. But there are other apps out there with better functionality.


Follow is one such app that allows you to track anyone. The app is needed for both the devices to make this happen. In comparison to other free apps and WhatsApp, it offers a much more intuitive interface and more controls. You can track location, get information about altitude and speed and can even see where all they have been.


If nothing, this app can be very useful for businesses and parents who are concerned. If you like this app, make sure you purchase it for business use, as development really costs a lot.

This app retails for Rs 310 on Google Play Store but is available for free right now.Download Follow – realtime location app using GPS / Network from Google Play StoreAlso Read: Free Xbox Games with Gold for December

3. JPEG Optimizer PRO with PDF support

I share a lot of pictures to my contacts from my phone. WhatsApp and Facebook are good options but there are limitations and the compression really makes images lifeless.


JPEG Optimizer PRO is a useful utility to share images and save on precious mobile data as well, by compressing them. It uses a smart algorithm to compress images with minor loss in detail.


You can even preserve the original image dimensions and then also compress them to save storage space and bandwidth.

This app retails for Rs 130 on Google Play Store but is available for free right now.Download JPEG Optimizer PRO with PDF support from Google Play Store

4. Mussila

Okay, this one here is for the kids. One that will actually help them learn music in a fun way.


Mussila is basically a game that is designed to teach the basic principles of music to kids. No, they would not require any prior knowledge of music, and that is the whole point of this app as well. It makes learning simple and interactive while teaching the very basics, so children develop an aptitude form the very early years of their lives.

Kids can build their skills as they progress through different levels, learning can never be more fun than this.

This app retails for Rs 320 on Google Play Store but it’s available for free right now.Download Mussila from Google Play Store

5. Video Timestamp

The last app on our list this week is a nifty little utility actually. Many times we feel the need to time-stamp our videos, but sadly native recorders do not have that feature.

Video Timestamp
Video Timestamp1

Video Timestamp is a paid utility which is free at present, that can help you if you have any such need. If you want to customize the time-stamp, there are several options including fonts, colors and even video orientation override.

Video Timestamp2

It’s a very useful utility if you want to record the date time and location of the video being recorded.

This app retails for Rs 65 on Google Play Store but is available for free right now.Download Video Timestamp from Google Play Store

Until Next Week …

This is all that we have for you this week but make sure to come back next week for more such interesting paid Android apps that you can get for free from Google Play Store.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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