5 Best Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Under $100

Audio accessories are expensive if you’re looking for a world-class noise-canceling pair. Such headphones aren’t meant for daily use, especially during workouts. That’s when affordable headphones come into the picture. These headphones deliver decent audio, and the battery life is not bad either. Plus, they deliver satisfying passive noise cancellation.

6 Best Over Ear Wired Headphones Under 100

So, if you are looking for frills-free and affordable over-ear headphones, there are several options out there. And in this post, we will be listing some of the good ones out there. But first,

1. JLab Flex Sport Headphones

The JLab Flex Sport is for you if you are looking for dedicated over-the-ear headphones for working out. These have an IPX4 rating and are sweatproof to an extend. One of the primary highlights of these headphones is the immensely flexible headband, which makes them easy to work out. More importantly, the earpads are washable after they get sweaty and dirty.

You get a balanced audio delivery. The bass is present, though it’s not as rich as its counterparts in this list. But at the end of the day, they deliver a pleasant audio experience for the price.

That said, the JLab headphones are lightweight and weigh around 6 .3 ounces, and are incredibly light on your years. In addition, it offers around 20 hours of continuous battery. But at the end of the day, the battery life depends a lot on the volume level.

These cost just a tad less than $100, but if you want to listen to the intricate details in songs and music tracks, then this may not be the right purchase for you.

2. Sony WH-CH710N Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Sony WH-CH710N is the successor to the popular WH-CH700N headphones, and boy, do they pack a punch. These headphones are comfortable to wear for hours. Plus, the passive noise cancellation manages to block out general noise and distractions.

When it comes to audio performance, they deliver clean and smooth audio. For the price, the Sony WH-CH710N manages to deliver pleasant-sounding audio. But when it comes to the noise cancellation tech, you’ll still be able to hear sharp and shrill sounds.

That said, these headphones also come with NFC for quick pairing. Plus, the USB-C port is capable of fast charging.

Interestingly, the battery life on the WH-CH710N is excellent. On a single charge, you can squeeze more than 30 hours of playback time with ANC on.

It has its shortcoming. For instance, the WH-CH710N doesn’t fold, which makes it a bit challenging to carry it around. Plus, it doesn’t have the aptX Bluetooth codec like its predecessor. The build is a tad on the weaker side. That said, they prove to be a good pick for the price.

3. Anker Life Q30 Hybrid

Another affordable pair of over-ear headphones are the Soundcore Life Q30 by Anker. These are Active Noise Cancelling (or ANC) headphones, and they deliver a bass-heavy sound signature. In addition, these support both Google Assistant and Siri, thereby making them apt for both Android and iOS users. Above all, they bundle fairly good looks and pack a mix of plastic, leather, and metal for the price.

The noise isolation works great and manages to do good work in shutting out the outside world. In fact, it comes with three settings for the ANC, and you can pick one as per your requirement.

As noted earlier, the audio is suited for bass enthusiasts. Unfortunately, while the audio is satisfactory, it fails to amplify the finer details in songs, and well, that’s the cost you have to pay. That said, the ANC of these headphones is praise-worthy and shuts off the outside world with ease.

Another noteworthy feature is its battery life. These affordable over-ear headphones can deliver around 40 hours with ANC. That’s 18-20 hours more than the Sony WH-CH710N if you compare.

4. Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones Wireless

Wyze is known for its highly affordable yet functional products, and the Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones Wireless is no exception. They cost less than $80 and offer a bang for the buck deal. Yes, these are ANC headphones and offer decent noise cancelation. Plus, they come with support for Amazon Alexa voice commands.

For $70 headphones, these Wyze headphones offer solid audio performance. Unfortunately, the audio distorts a little when you crank up the volume, but that’s a compromise that comes with affordable headphones. On the upside, you get adjustable EQ. Plus, the ANC is not bad either. Of course, you won’t get the Sony WH-1000XM4-level of ANC, but it manages to cut off distracting sounds like the sounds of keyboards, hums of people, fans, or vehicles.

On top of it, you get a sound transparency mode that lets in ambient sound. This comes into the picture when you want to use the headphones when you are out jogging or walking in midst of traffic.

You get other perks, such as long battery life (22 hours) and multi-device pairing. Multi-device pairing means you can pair the headphones with your laptop and your smartphone so that you can switch between the two easily.

5. Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Last but not least, we have the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100. The highlight of these headphones is their fit. These are designed for the gym and bundles a clamping design that ensures that the band does not slip off the head. Plus, the IPX5 rating makes sure that they stay safe from sweat and water damage.

These are Bluetooth 5.0 headphones, which means you get a wider range. And like the Anker headphones, you get the Bluetooth multipoint advantage.

Being sports-centric headphones, they offer bass-heavy audio. The earpads seal your ears from distracting noises, but don’t expect the sound isolation to be top notch. The battery life is not bad either, and you can squeeze around 24 hours of battery life.

Let the Music Shine

If you are an audio purist and want to listen to the intricate details in songs and music tracks, affordable headphones are not the right purchase. While most popular headphones are usually available in the $150-$250 price range, the sub-$100 headphones aren’t bad either. They offer a decent audio experience and are usually versatile.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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