6 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights for Garages

Motion sensor lights bring the double advantage of being energy efficient and super convenient. These lights can be used anywhere, from bedrooms and hallways to closet spaces. Another good use of motion sensor lights is in garages or porches. Yes, outdoor motion sensor lights for garages are very much a reality.

As you may have guessed, they light up whenever they sense motion. So if you are stepping out through your garage door, or your front porch, the lights will light up immediately.

They also prove to be super effective from the security point of view. If someone is lurking around your front yard, the outdoor motion sensor lights will light up, potentially scaring away the intruder.

So, if you are looking for outdoor motion sensor lights for garages, here are our top recommendations. But first,

1. HMCITY Motion Sensor Security Lights (Solar)

  • Power: N/A | Range: 26ft
  • Battery: No, solar-powered | Weatherproof: IP65

The HMcity lights are for you if you want large bright lights for your garage or backyard. They are solar-powered and do not need to be hard-wired. Naturally, this feature removes the hassle of changing the batteries frequently. Secondly, the sensitivity is high, and they light up whenever they detect any movement. For now, the range is around 26 feet.

The solar charging is highly efficient, and several users have noted this in their review. You just have to ensure that the panels receive enough sunlight during the day. These lights are IP65-rated and are safe from water and dust damage to some extent. At the same time, the lights are bright and do a good job of lighting the area in front of it.

It comes in 3 lighting modes. However, some users have pointed out that it’s a little challenging to find the right lighting mode. That said, these outdoor motion sensor lights for garages have amassed a respectable number of user reviews. People have praised these lights for their sensitivity, brightness, and easy installation process.

2. Lutec Outdoor Floodlight with Motion Sensor

  • Power: 32W | Range: 59ft
  • Battery: No, hard-wired | Weatherproof: N/A

The Lutec motion sensor lights bundle a motion sensor and dusk-to-dawn sensor. The best part is that you can have both modes enabled together. At 32W, the lights are bright and clear, and several users have pointed out this in their reviews.

At the same time, the installation process is simple and easy. However, these lights require hardwiring and that would make them tough to install at distinct locations.

Where the Lutec lights truly shine is in the range. These can cover around 59ft, making perfect for long driveways or big lawns. The dual-powered lights and the wide range of motion are the added advantage.

As noted earlier, it comes with quite a few modes, and you are free to switch between them.

Though the Lutec lights are popular on Amazon, they are not perfect. While they can illuminate a large area, the motion sensitivity is not as effective as the HMcity lights.

3. Lepower 35W LED Security Lights

  • Power: 35W | Range: 72ft
  • Battery: No, Hard-wired | Weatherproof: IP65

The Lepower lights do away with fancy features like a Dawn-to-Dusk sensor or solar panels. Instead, it brings the humble motion-sensing lights in a bigger and weatherproof package. The motion-sensing works as advertised, and several users have praised it in their reviews. At the same time, the range is impressive at 72ft. More importantly, you can set these lights to stay on for 10 minutes after they are triggered. Cool, right?

Here, all three LED bulbs provide brilliant lightning. Plus, the 180-degree FoV proves to be highly effective in places like garage fronts. Like the one above, these need to be hardwired to a power junction. While the working is seamless, the setup process can be a tad challenging.

The Lepower lights are popular for their brightness, reasonable pricing, weatherproof exterior, and of course, their durability.

If you are looking for a no-frills experience without wanting to empty your pockets, then the Lepower lights are your best bet.

4. Mr. Beams MB392 LED Spotlight

  • Power: 400 Lumens | Range: 25ft
  • Battery: Yes | Weatherproof: Yes

Another frills-free outdoor motion sensing light for garages is the Mr. Beams MB392. It’s a pair of two independent lights that you can choose to install each on up the front door and the garage door. The main advantage of these lights is that they are wire-free and have an impressive wattage. These lights run on batteries, and one set of batteries (set of 4 D batteries) is enough for a year, provided the lights are not triggered often.

The wireless nature gives you the advantage of mounting the lights as per your choice. The only limitation is that you will have to keep an active eye on the battery level.

That said, these lights do a decent job of lightning. Though they have a significantly high price tag, the Mr. Beams MB392 lights have a shorter range and are functional within 0-25ft. But if you ask us, that’s a decent range. Aside from that, they come packed in a weatherproof casing.

So far, the Mr. Beams lights have received a good number of reviews, with people speaking highly of the easy installation process.

5. Amico 3 Head LED Security Lights

  • Power: 40W | Range: 75ft
  • Battery: No | Weatherproof: Yes, IP65

The Amico 3 lights remove the major limitation of the Lupec motion sensor lights and bring home a highly-sensitive motion sensor. The sensor is quick to detect movement within its range. Like its counterparts, it comes with a couple of additional modes. And if you want, you can keep them switched on when required.

As you may have guessed by now, the Amico 3 lights are a group of 3 lights and provide enough lighting to light up your front porch or garage. For the record, these are 40W lights.

They bundle all the essential features like IP65 Ingress Protection rating, long-range, and an adjustable head. These are some of the popular motion sensor lights on Amazon and have more than 11,000 reviews to their credit.

6. Ring Smart Lighting

  • Power: 2000 Lumens | Range: 15ft
  • Battery: No, hard-wired | WeatherProof: IP65

If you want to go with name brands, then the Ring smart floodlight is the one you should buy. It’s a little more expensive than its counterparts above. However, it works as advertised and provides the necessary light. It has two floodlights attached to a device and can be turned to light sideways.

The best part is that you can group more than two floodlights. The main advantage of this is that all the connected lights will light up whenever one of them is triggered. However, this function will require the Ring Bridge. The latter brings another advantage—you may choose to receive a notification on your smartphone when the light is triggered.

Like other Ring products, this outdoor motion sensor light can also be linked with other Ring products like doorbells or cameras to complete the circle. It works as advertised and has received its share of praise from its user base for its performance and dependability.

However, it’s more expensive than its peers. But if you already have Ring products and want a reliable floodlight in front of your garage or front yard, it’s the best out there.

Let There Be Light

Motion-activated lighting solutions are smart investments since they save electricity and bring a ton of convenience. Just remember to take a note of the light’s brightness and the mounting options before you hit the Buy button.


Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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