5 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights with Battery

A well-illuminated backyard or front yard adds to the charm and aesthetics of your house. However, bright lights attract bugs and are expensive in terms of electricity costs. Outdoor motion sensor lights with batteries help to solve this problem. They light up only when they detect movement. Plus, the wireless and weatherproof nature means they can be mounted anywhere, whether it’s a pole in your front yard or on top of your garage or front porch.

In most cases, the lights are bright enough to light up the area in front. Plus, the high sensitivity of the sensors ensures that the lights are triggered even when your pet steps put.

So if you are looking for more economical ways to light up your front yard or garage, here are our recommendations for the best outdoor motion sensor lights with a battery. But first,

1. Light It! By Fulcrum

  • Battery: 3 ‘D’ batteries | Power: 400LM

The Light outdoor motion sensor light with battery may seem a little small, but it does the duty of lighting up the space outside your front door with ease. It has a spotlight-like design that helps to point the light in the right direction. It is small and is not as powerful as floodlights, but a couple of them is enough to light up small driveways, outdoor walkways, and porches.

The motion sensor’s range is not huge. However, the 6-10ft range and the lighting are decent for small areas. At the same time, the motion sensor is sensitive and lights up easily when it’s triggered.

Installation is simple and easy, and several users have praised this feature point. It runs on 3 ‘D’ batteries. The good thing is that the batteries are easy to install and remove, even when the light is mounted. 

2. Mr. Beams MB330 Wireless LED Spotlight

  • Battery: 3 ‘D’ batteries | Power: 140LM

Another small outdoor motion sensor light is the one by Mr. Beams. The MB330 is in the same price bracket as the one above. The company advertises a brightness of 140 Lumens and is bright enough to light up doorways and porches. But comparatively, it’s a tad less powerful. Nevertheless, several users have commended the light’s brightness. It’s weatherproof, and the flexible neck gives you the independence of pointing it in the direction of your choice.

It’s easy to install and is durable as well. However, do note that if you install it high up in the wall, the motion sensor may find it a little challenging to spot small animals. At the same time, the range of the sensor is much smaller than the advertised limit. As per most users, the sensor can spot up to 16ft and struggles to work beyond that distance.

On the upside, the Mr. Beams MB330 manages to deliver a good performance for the price. And users are happy with the easy installation process, brightness, and sensitivity.

3. Solla Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

  • Battery: 3-D cell batteries | Power: 750LM

The Solla outdoor motion sensor light is a step above the ones above. It’s bright and powerful enough to light up a small yard with ease, all thanks to the three heads. Another good feature is the three modes. You can customize the light’s brightness and motion sensitivity. And there’s more to the story. You can also choose between 10 seconds and 20 seconds of active time.

The only limitation is that there’s no setting to keep it on for a longer duration. On the upside, the short active time means that the battery life will be longer.

That said, you can rotate the heads as per your preference. The light is bright, and the sensitivity is excellent. And these two features are the main reasons for the light’s popularity.

Lastly, the installation process is simple and easy, and users love this fact about the Solla outdoor motion lights. These lights are popular on Amazon and have received more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon.

4. Mr. Beams MB3000 Wireless Lights

  • Battery: 3-D cell batteries | Power: 500LM

Another Mr. Beams light on our list is the MB3000 motion sensor light with battery. It has two flexible heads which rotate 180-degrees, thereby letting you rotate it as per the requirement. Furthermore, it’s bright and proves to be useful in front of garages or backyards. The combined output is around 500 Lumens.

More importantly, the sensors are sensitive and react well to humans and animals walking across its range. The lights are waterproof and can easily be used outdoors. Like the Mr. Beams light above, the range is much shorter than advertised. However, it works well within 10ft.

5. LePower Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

  • Battery: 4-D cell batteries | Power: 1500LM

The LePower lights are expensive outdoor motion sensor lights with a battery. They are powerful and can illuminate a huge area. These have a wide range of 220-degree coverage and a sensitivity range of 180-degree. At the same time, the company advertises a range of 72ft.

The Lepower motion lights share several features with the Solla outdoor lights, like lighting modes and waterproofing. The best part is that the lights don’t turn off suddenly. Once they are triggered, they light up in their full might. And then after 20 seconds, they stay lit at around 300 Lumens for about 40 seconds, after which they switch off.

Though they are not as popular as the other lights in this list, they carry a handsome number of reviews. Users love its weatherproof design, sensitive sensors, and bright light.

Out Like a Light!

Motion sensor lights are economical, whether you are using them to light up your driveway or your closet space. Plus, the installation process is simple and easy and doesn’t take much time.

Last updated on 04 March, 2022

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