5 Best Outdoor Garden Speakers That You Can Buy

Imagine you sitting in your garden with your favorite novel and a cool breeze blowing on your face. And as you get ready to play your favorite song on your wireless Bluetooth speaker, it cries of low battery. Bummer, right? Outdoor garden speakers help to solve this exact issue. These speakers are permanent installations in your gardens. And the hardwired setting ensures that you won’t see low-battery notifications. Plus, the weatherproof nature makes them immune to rain and shine. And they have more output compared to your phone’s speakers.

5 Best Outdoor Garden Speakers

The best part is that some outdoor garden speakers bundle a unique look and don’t stand out like a sore thumb. As noted earlier, most of these speakers are hardwired, and you’ll need to run an underground waterproof cable.

So, if you want to perk up your outdoor space, here are the best outdoor garden speakers you can buy.

But before that,

1. Theater Solutions 2R8G Outdoor Speaker

The Theater Solutions’ 2R8G speakers (pack of 2) resemble large rocks. These unidirectional speakers are water-resistant and rust-resistant. They deliver decent sound for the price.

Theater Solutions’ speakers are quite loud for an average-size lawn. The bass isn’t bad either. However, low frequencies are not carried well by speakers in open areas, which results in the low bass. The best part is that the rock design makes these speakers easy to hide.

Though the 2R8G speakers are weatherproof, you’ll have to keep an eye on the outer body. If the exterior develops any cracks, you may have to cover them up. Though they’re well-made, you’ll need to take basic care of them. For example, we’d recommend covering them with waterproof covers during severe weather like blizzards or storms.

For the price, the Theater Solutions 2R8G speakers are a good pick. They’re loud, easiy to install, and also let you adjust the sound before you sit down to enjoy your favorite tracks.

2. Pyle Mini Box Speaker System (PLMR24B)

Another affordable outdoor garden speaker is the one by Pyle. The mount or stand allows you to place them easily. You can either put them on flat surfaces like lawns and patios or mount them on columns. These powerful speakers have a cumulative output of 200W and are waterproof.

These are hardwired speakers, and the company ships sufficient speaker wires to help you in the installation process. These outdoor speakers have amassed their share of positive reviews from their user base, thanks to their easy installation process.

At the same time, the sound quality is impressive for the price. The range is pretty good. For reference, a set of two speakers can cover a decent-sized pool or a lawn. Do note they lack a little in the bass department. But given that they have a low price tag and that you get two speakers, we’d say it’s a pretty neat deal.

3. TIC GS3 In-Ground Speaker

TIC has been around for a few years, and the TIC GS3 is one of their outdoor garden speakers. It has a robust build and can easily stand up to the elements of nature. A user has observed that their speaker survived hurricane Ida without any damage. Now that’s something! It’s a 100 W speaker and delivers a powerful 360-degree sound. This design makes them perfect for open yards.

While the 100 W power is sufficient for most yards, you may have to invest in a few more if you have an exceedingly large yard.

That said, the TIC GS3 speaker is not one of the most stylish-looking speakers around. However, the impressive sound quality and the bass make up for it. You have to find a good place to fix them, and you should be in the clear.

When it comes to bass, the folks at MakeItSoundGreat have observed that they perform well despite being in the open air.

The installation process is as simple. However, installing the underground power cable may require a little legwork. Nevertheless, if you do not want to empty your bank account and want a sturdy and durable outdoor speaker, then the TIC GS3 should fit the bill perfectly.

4. Pohopa 2 Packs True Wireless Stereo

The Pohopa wireless speakers take the hassle off running underground wiring. And that’s not all, and they also come with built-in LED lights. Cool, right? The wireless feature means hanging them from elegant shepherd hooks (check out Maggift Shepherd Hooks) to amp up your garden’s looks. At the same time, you have the flexibility of moving them around your deck and yard. These are rated IPX5 and are safe from water splashes and the like.

A massive 4,400mAh battery power these speakers. Several users have claimed that the charge in the batteries lasts long. Plus, they charge fast.

Compared to the one above, the Pahopa speakers are not as loud and have a peak power output of 120W each. But the good thing is that you can pair two speakers for an enhanced volume. However, do note that you can’t pair two different speaker sets.

These outdoor garden speakers are popular on Amazon. So far, users have praised their long battery life and sound quality. A few users have observed that the speaker preserves the charge even after a month.

More importantly, they have spoken highly of the customer care service. They are quick to respond to any concerns by the users. They are responsive and help the user fix issues with their speakers.

5. Klipsch AWR-650-SM Speakers

Klipsch is known for its good range of speakers, and the Klipsch AWR-650-SM is no exception. It is a little more expensive compared to the ones above. But the good news is that it delivers excellent sound quality. Each speaker is rated at 50W and is loud enough to fill a mid-sized lawn or a small patio/swimming pool area. It looks like a rock, and the nature makes it a charm to hide among landscaping rocks.

At mentioned above, they deliver an excellent sound, and several users have pointed this out in their reviews. The sound is clear and crisp. More importantly, they pack a punch as far as the volume is concerned.

Each speaker comes with two tweeters and thus, requires a little extra installation time. For instance, you’ll need to wire the positive and negative wires correctly to the main power cable. And yes, the speaker is a tad heavy.

If you are not willing to compromise on the sound quality, this Klipsch AWR-650-SM speaker is the perfect buy. It’s a single unit, and you will need to buy an additional one to form a pair.

Alternatively, you can check out the Alpine Corporation Waterproof Rock Speaker. These wireless speakers go a step beyond and bundle solar charging. Naturally, this feature removes the hassle of charging or waterproofing cables.

Get the Party Rocking

Waterproof outdoor garden speakers are a great way to liven up a garden or outdoor area. Just ensure that the connection to the Audio Video receiver is properly shielded from the elements. After that, all you need is put on the tracks for ambient music and relax.

So, which one of these will you buy?


Last updated on 10 June, 2022

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