5 Best Outdoor Flood Lights to Improve Security for Your House

The best outdoor flood lights promise to offer improved visibility and enhance security around your home at night. By providing focused and intense light, LED flood lights, especially the ones with motion sensors help create a safe perimeter around your home.

Best Outdoor Flood Lights

Paired with security cameras, they can provide good home security. There are many types of flood lights to choose from, so making a buying decision is never easy. But no matter the type of flood light you choose, be it outdoor solar flood lights or color changing ones, know they will be a good addition to your house.

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1. Gvcxk Outdoor Flood Lights

Gvcxk Flood Lights

The Gvcxk Outdoor Flood Lights are affordable alright, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on features. Offering motion detection ability, the LED security lights trigger by moving people, animals, or cars to provide enhanced security around your house.

The detection angle provided by the Gvcxk Outdoor Flood Lights is 150 degrees and the detection range is impressive at 70 feet. And all this without much trouble when it comes to the installation of the floodlights.

These flood lights are also quite durable as they use ABS material. It allows these LED motion sensor security lights to survive in rain, sleet, or even snow. The all-weather resistant nature of these flood lights makes them a good option for gardens, the backyard, exterior, and even driveways.

What We Like

  • Aggressive price point
  • Motion sensors

What We Don’t Like

  • Basic looks

2. Onforu Flood Lights

Onforu Flood Lights

If you’re looking for something brighter than the option listed above, then the Onforu Flood Lights are a good option to consider. These come with 112 led units for a total of 55W LED wattage rating. The output of this is around 5500lm brightness — much brighter than the 30W outdoor flood light mentioned above.

Another thing to note is that these are energy-saving flood lights that promise low energy consumption. These are claimed to save more than 80% on electricity bills. It comes with three light heads which can be adjusted to different angles offering a wide illumination angle of 270 degrees.

There’s also IP65 waterproofing to help this product stand out from the crowd. However, there are a couple of misses including the fact that it is a simple switch-controlled flood light. This means these can only be switched on/off by a wall switch. There’s no motion sensing feature or solar charging.

What We Like

  • High brightness
  • IP65 waterproofing

What We Don’t Like

  • No motion sensor

3. Ring Smart Floodlight

Ring Smart Lights

One of the better smart flood lights that you can buy for your home is this one from Ring. The Ring Smart Floodlight can be added to dark areas around your house to shine 2000 Lumens of brightness when there is motion detected around them.

They can also be paired with the Ring Bridge and Ring App to enable connection with a group of other Ring lights, motion sensors, doorbells, or cameras for significantly enhancing your entire home’s security.

Connection with the Ring App also brings some other interesting features, including the ability to adjust the motion sensitivity right from the app when connected to the Ring Bridge. Additionally, this smart flood light can connect to Alexa-enabled devices to activate lighting and adjust settings at the sound of your voice.

Suffice to say, with an average user rating of 4.5 and over 5000 reviews on Amazon, the Ring Smart Floodlight comes highly recommended.

What We Like

  • Impressive smart features
  • High brightness

What We Don’t Like

  • None

4. Ring Solar Floodlight

Ring Solar Flood Lights

If you like the idea of the Ring Smart Floodlights for your home, then you’d love the Ring Solar Floodlights even more. Ideal for driveways and backyards, the Ring Solar Floodlight is capable of throwing 1200 lumens of white light on large spaces and high-traffic areas when there’s any motion.

Much like the Ring Smart Floodlights, these can pair with the Ring Bridge and the Ring App to add smart functionality and remote control features. The Ring Solar Floodlights can also connect with other Ring products to light up darker areas around your home adequately.

Because it’s solar-powered and comes with panels for charging, the Ring Smart Floodlights offer higher levels of savings on energy bills than the basic Ring Smart Floodlights. User reviews especially talk about just how easy these are to install and operate and are a good non-hardwired option for those worried about battery life.

What We Like

  • Smart functionality
  • Solar powered

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly expensive

5. Stasun LED Flood Light

Stasun Flood Lights

If smart features don’t matter much to you, and its high wattage and high brightness are what you’re looking for, then the Stasun LED Floodlights are the right choice for you. These come with high transmittance lenses and super bright LED beads for improved coverage.

The Stasun 150W LED outdoor flood light produces brightness up to 13500lm and claims to save a lot on electricity bills. The Stasun floodlights promise to come with features such as Shadow-Free and Anti-Glare lighting.

With IP66 waterproof rating, these floodlights are suitable for placement in yards, outside garages, parking lots, and driveways. and can even be used to light small fields and gardens. Additionally, the Stasun outdoor flood lights come with a pivot of 330 degrees for moving them from side to side and a U-shaped bracket pivot of 180 degrees for up and down movement.

The Stasun Led Flood Lights have a lot of postive reviews on Amazon and come highly recommended with an average rating of 4.4 stars.

What We Like

  • Super bright
  • Decent features

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Light it Up with Floodlights!

The best outdoor floodlights promise to significantly improve security around your house by lighting up darker areas in an adequate manner. So depending on your requirements, get yourself the correct LED flood lights for your needs and light up your house’s perimeter the right way.

Last updated on 15 November, 2023

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