7 Best Optical Audio Cable For TVs That You Can Buy

To complement the visual quality of your TV, you’ll need a good soundbar for a better audio experience. Besides louder audio, a better sound stage will make the TV shows and movies more immersive. So if your TV has an Optical Audio Out port, you can get the most out of it. You’ll need is a good optical audio cable to connect your TV to a compatible sound system.

You’ll need to consider a few factors to pick up a good optical audio cable. Besides the length of the cable, you can pay attention to its construction quality without falling for features that sound ‘too good to be true.’ However, if you plan to run the optical cable inside the wall, you’ll need to ensure the cable supports such an installation.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best optical audio cables for TVs that you can buy. But before that,

1. Amazon Basics Toslink Cable

The Amazon Basics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable for TVs is a great choice for folks who don’t want to spend a lot and yet wish to enjoy the benefits of optical audio. It looks very basic and gets the job done. Available in 3 different cable lengths of 3.3ft, 6ft, and 9.8ft, this cable is perfect for connecting your TV or game console to your audio system.

In terms of construction quality, it doesn’t claim to use any top-tier material and has a very generic-looking construcation. However, you can find corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors that’ll safeguard them no matter how many times you plug and unplug them.

The cable is lightweight and flexible while featuring a rugged PVC outer layer. However, customers have reported that the PVC can’t survive multiple connect/disconnect cycles. As such, it’s best to plug and forget the Amazon Basics cable. If your use case requires constantly switching devices and replugging the cable multiple times, it’s better to consider other options on this list.

2. Monoprice S/PDIF Digital Optical Audio Cable

If you want a little more quality over Amazon Basics without having to spend a fortune, the Monoprice Digital Optical Audio Cable should fit the bill perfectly. The cable features precision polished fiber tips for maximum signal transfer of high-quality audio. You also get plastic tip protectors attached to each end to protect the optical cable when not in use.

The cable consists of an optical fiber inside on which a standard PVC jacket provides a good shield. However, you do get molded strain relief connectors which reduce strain where the cable and connectors meet.

Most reviews on Amazon rave about the Monoprice’s optical audio cable offering the value-for-money factor. You get a massive jump in terms of audio quality when you compare it with HDMI audio, without spending a fortune.

3. Monster M-Series 1000

Monster is one of the reputed names that’s hard to ignore when it comes to audio products, especially the cables. The Monster M-Series 1000 Fiber Optical Digital Audio Cable for TVs is made with premium materials to ensure maximum durability. The cable also features corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors that ensure optimal signal transfer and higher fidelity audio.

In terms of durability, the Monster M-Series 1000 Cable comes with a Duraflex protective jacket and heavy-duty metal casings – that means you don’t have to worry about it when running it through the wall or plugging-unpluggling it several times. The cable in itself is quite flexible, making it easier to plug and unplug without worries.

With those features comes a relatively hefty price of this Monster cable. However, the brand also offers a 100% lifetime replacement warranty on its cables.

4. iVANKY Slim Braided Fiber Cable

If you prefer a braided jacket over the rubber ones, the iVANKY Slim Braided Optical Audio Fiber Cable is one of the better options available. The cable features a nylon-braided jacket that avoids kinks in cables and has been tested to withstand over 15,000 bends. Additionally, the connectors feature 24K gold-plating for stable transmission of lossless audio.

The cable is available in a handful of length options, such as 1-meter, 1.8-meters, 3-meters, and 4.5-meters. The cable is also CL3-rated, making it safe for in-wall usage and can withould high voltage of current up to a certain extent. You also get removable rubber caps to prevent dust and oxidation when not plugged in.

The cable has over 21,000 reviews on Amazon, and most folks praise the high quality of the cable. The braided jacket makes this cable more durable, but it isn’t as flexible as the other options on this list.

5. Bangun 90-Degree Toslink Cable

If your TV or your soundbar are placed quite close to the wall, you probably won’t have enough space for a good-quality optical fiber cable to connect properly. In such a scenario, the Bangun 90-Degree Slim Digital SPDIF Audio Optical Cable comes in super handy. The cable features a right-angled plug on its ends. It comes in two variants – single right-angle plug end and both ends carrying a right-angled plug. The latter makes installation easier in tighter spots.

Thanks to its connector design, the Bangun 90-degree optical audio cable only requires 0.6-inch of space for audio installation. This is considerably smaller than other full-sized cables that require up to 2.8-inch of space.

In terms of built quality, the cable features 24K corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors along with a durable PVC jacket. The cable is also available in a huge variety of lengths, starting from a mere 2ft and going all the way up to 130ft.

6. FosPower Gold Plated Toslink Cable

FosPower is no stranger when it comes to high-quality cables, and the FosPower Digital Optical Audio Cable is one of the best cables that you can use to hook up your sound system with your TV. The cable features a durable layer of nylon mesh jacket that contributes to the OD6.0mm heavy-duty construction. This protects the cable from kinks and nicks while also protecting it from accidental bends.

The cable also features PE insulation that helps protect against RF, EM, and group loop interference. Add to that you have heavy metal connectors to dampen vibration, offering great audio quality.

Its build quality is a lot heavier than most Toslink cables. Some reviews highlight that a hanging FosPower cable might damage the port on the back of your TV since most optical audio cable ports aren’t designed to sustain heavy loads. If you plan to pick this one, we recommend to tie the cable and provide some support to ensure there is no downward thrust on the ports.

7. BlueRigger In-Wall Toslink Cable

BlueRigger makes some of the most high quality and yet value for money cables out there, and the BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable is no different. Despite being slim, the cable features a fire-resistant PVC jacket and is CL3 rated. This makes the cable ideal for in-wall installation.

The connector on the cable has 24K gold plating, and the connector grips are also designed to provide easier handling and installation. The cable is available in various lengths starting from 3 feet and up to 100 feet.

The BlueRigger cable is one of the most highly rated and reviewed cables on Amazon. Most customers admire the built quality along with the affordable price tag.

Improve Your TV’s Sound Quality

Optical Audio cables come with a plethora of benefits. Since they use of optical signals to transfer audio signals, their signal strength or quality is not affected easily, even when you run it over a long distance. The quality on board is also much better than traditional AUX or RCA ports. So you’ll find most modern TVs sporting an option for optical audio port.

So, which optical audio cable will you buy? If you want a basic cable, then the Amazon Basics Cable should be enough for casual usage. However, if you want the ultimate quality, the offerings from Monster and FosPower should fit the bill.

Last updated on 07 June, 2022

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