6 Best Oppo F7 Cas­es and Cov­ers That You Must Buy

Namrata Gogoi

If you ask me, I would give anything to flaunt my phone without a case or cover. After all, much goes into making a phone unique. Sadly, that's not how it works in my case (no pun intended). Given my careless and clumsy nature, securing the phone from the get go is what I need. So, when I was handed the new Oppo F7, the first thing I did was to put on a heavy-duty case lest my luck runs out quicker than the phone's setup process.

Oppo F7 Cases Covers

The thing about phone cases is that they do more than shield the phone. With a quality case, the look also goes up by several notches. Plus, you don't have to think twice before placing it on any rough surface.

If you're on a lookout for a case for your new Oppo F7, here are a few options which you should try.

1. TheGiftKart 3-In-1 Hard Bumper Case

We start with the most obvious of options — a bumper case and a good choice is the one from TheGiftKart.

TheGiftKart 3-In-1 Hard Bumper Case

This case has three modules that protect the back as well as the top and bottom chin while lending a cool look to the phone. The buttons are covered which helps to keep dust from collecting inside the case. Plus, the raised lips along the edges and the camera module keep the screen free from scratches. But, it's a tad minimal so a screen protector might be a wise investment.

The TheGiftKart 3-In-1 Hard Bumper Case is available in a number of colors including a funky black and silver combination.

2. Mobihub Tough Armor Case

If you're looking for something more than a bumper case, the Tough Armor Case from Mobihub is worth a shot.

Mobihub Tough Armor Case

The Mobihub Tough Armor Case is a little move up from the conventional bumper case. Made using quality TPU material, this case wraps around the rear and the sides of the phone. It's tough and thick and has plenty of raised textures to help you grip the phone better. Plus the kickstand is the cherry on top.

3. e-Cosmos Armor Case

If your hands sweat a lot like me, a wise decision would be to invest in a textured phone case. The slightly rough surface keeps the friction going so that the phone doesn't slip from your hands easily.

e-Cosmos Armor Case

The e-Cosmos Armor Case sports the now-familiar look of textured cases. The middle portion of this carbon-fiber case has brushed silk textures which (you guessed it right) provides the firm grip. At the same time, it lends a top-end look to your Oppo F7. Other than that, the e-Cosmos cover comes with air-pockets to shield the corners while the heat dissipation patterns on the inside do their bit in keeping the temperature down.

4. TheGiftKart Flip Cover

Flip Covers have their share of both pros and cons. While it's the all-in package when it comes to phone protection, taking calls with such covers has its own share of issues. However, if you still wish to buy a flip case for the Oppo F7, we found the TheGiftKart's case to be one of the good ones out there.

TheGiftKart Flip Cover

The TheGiftKart Flip Cover delivers style in spades. It's a fabric case and thankfully, doesn't overdo the look and keeps it minimal. Like any wallet case, it comes with two slots for keeping your cards and cash.

5. Digiprints Printed Back Case

Digiprints Printed Back Case

If you want your phone to stand out from the crowd, the cases from Digiprints are your best solution. They sport super cool digital prints and are available in a bunch of different prints and colors. Unlike a few printed cases, the Digiprints cases have cutouts for the volume rockers and the power key, so that the tactile feedback is not lost in between.

Priced at just Rs 299, the Digiprints cases are the perfect solution if you (like me) have a habit of changing your phone covers often.

6. Jkobi Transparent Case

If you want to show off the beautiful shiny rear of the Oppo F7, a transparent case is the most obvious choice.

Jkobi Transparent Case

Jkobi is a well-known name in the cases and covers scene. It looks similar to any other transparent case in the market. However, where it differs from the rest is how it fortifies the phone's corners. Since the corners are the most vulnerable spots, the Jkobi cover has shockproof cushions to take the impact of falls and drops. Unlike the printed covers above, the buttons aren't covered.

A transparent case won't provide the same protection as a bumper case, though. It would just keep the phone protected from the elements of nature.

Prevention is Better than Cure

A quality phone cover goes a long way in keeping a phone in pristine condition. It's the 21st century and now people tend to judge others based on their phone's looks rather than their shoes. Hence, it's imperative that we take the utmost care of our precious phones.

So, which one of these covers will you buy first?

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