6 Best Protective Cases for the OnePlus Pad

The OnePlus Pad is arguably one of the most powerful Android tablets out right now. You get a capable chipset, an awesome display, and a good ecosystem of accessories that allow you to use the device as a mini laptop when you’re on the move. If the feature set has convinced you to pick up the brand-new tablet, you should also consider getting one of the best cases for the OnePlus Pad.

best OnePlus Pad cases

Tablets are large and heavy. So, if you drop one, chances are that it might shatter the display or damage the chassis. The best way to prevent this from happening is to pick up a case for the OnePlus Pad. Since everyone has different tastes, we’ve included a variety of cases that cater to a range of use cases.

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Let’s get to the cases for the OnePlus

1. CoBak Slim Hard Back Shell

OnePlus Pad cobak case

A lot of folks may steer clear of a case as it may add a lot of bulk to an already large tablet. If that’s you, we recommend getting the CoBak Slim case for the OnePlus Pad. It doesn’t add much to the tablet’s form factor and despite that, offers a decent bit of protection.

A slim case certainly makes it easier to carry the OnePlus Pad around with you. However, you should know that the protection on offer may not suffice if you drop your tablet often. To wit, the case’s sides are exposed which means the tablet might pick up scratches or dents easily.

Apart from being slim and inexpensive, there are two other noteworthy features of the CoBak Slim case for the OnePlus Pad. For one, the front of the case folds into a kickstand for the tablet. This makes it easy to watch videos when the tab is on a table.

Secondly, the case comes with magnets on the front so the OnePlus Pad knows when the flap is open or closed. In other words, if you lift up the flap on the case, the tablet’s screen will automatically light up. And as expected, the screen turns off when you close the flap.

The CoBak case is extremely functional while being affordable.

2. Gosento Clear Case for OnePlus Pad

OnePlus Pad clear case

The OnePlus Pad has a unique design that you may wish to flaunt to your peers. The solution? A clear case like the one from Gosento, allows you to show off the back of your OnePlus Pad. What’s more, the corners of the case are reinforced which adds to the overall protection.

The Gosento clear case is flexible since it’s made of TPU. As such, the case is bound to turn yellow with time. Besides that, there’s not much to complain about the Gosento clear case. It’s quite thick and sturdy so even if you drop your tablet, it should ideally survive the fall.

There’s a decent amount of lip on the front of the screen which is welcome. Since it’s rather inexpensive, you can get the Gosento clear even if it will yellow over time. When it turns too yellow, you can always swap it out for a new one. Now, if you aren’t fussy about a transparent case and want one in a similar style albeit with an opaque back, check out the Poetic case mentioned later in the article.

3. Foluu Case With Pen Holder

Foluu OP Pad case

Foluu makes fantastic cases for a plethora of phones and tablets. And, the company’s OnePlus Pad case is no different. The highlight of the Foluu folio case — besides the fact that it’s a tongue twister — is that it has a slot for the OnePlus Stylo.

The OnePlus Stylo is a great addition to your OnePlus Pad’s arsenal, especially if you’re a digital artist or you want to take notes on the fly. And if you do end up getting it, you would want a place to store it safely. That’s where the Foluu case comes into the picture. Apart from being a standard folio case, you get a slot at the top to house the pen.

You also get pretty much all the features you expect from a folio case. It’s smart, so the OnePlus Pad’s screen turns on and off when you open or close the case. The flap on the front folds into a kickstand so you can rest your tablet on a flat surface. Foluu also claims that the material used facilitates better heat dissipation. Regardless of how true the last point is, the Foluu folio case is a great accessory for the OnePlus Pad.

4. Poetic TurtleSkin Case

Poetic case for OP Pad

Most tablet cases come with a flap to cover the screen. Aptly dubbed folio cases, they are quite functional and protect the screen. That said, folio cases aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you want a rugged case without a flap, the Poetic TurtleSkin is a great option to consider.

The TurtleSkin series of cases from Poetic offer superb protection, which can be accredited, at least in parts to their bountiful thickness. So while it does add a lot of protection, the case also adds a considerable amount of bulk and weight. If you carry around the tablet in your backpack, you will notice the device weighs your shoulders down when used with the company’s case.

Apart from protecting the OnePlus Pad from drops, the Poetic TurtleSkin has air pockets that help dissipate heat. There’s also a kickstand on the rear that can be used when watching content. If you don’t mind the added bulk, the Poetic TurtleSkin is undoubtedly a reliable case with a huge emphasis on protection.

5. OnePlus Folio Case

OnePlus Folio case

Lots of users may prefer a first-party case since it offers the best compatibility. While it’s not the most protective case out there, the OnePlus Folio fits the OnePlus Pad like a glove — that too with the help of magnets. As an added bonus, the case is minimalistic and functional too.

Unlike other cases on this list, the OnePlus Folio case latches onto the tablet magnetically. While it’s convenient to put on and take off as opposed to TPU cases, it’s not as adept at safeguarding the tablet from dings and scuffs either. A quick glance at the image and you would know why. The edges are entirely exposed so if you drop the tablet, you may run the risk of denting the frame.

If that’s a dealbreaker, then you should check out the Foluu case. However, if you appreciate minimalism and are careful with your gadgets, the case’s thin form factor will work wonders for you. Plus, the folio case also acts as a kickstand, which will come in handy if you want to watch movies on the go. Since it’s an official case, you will have to pay a slight premium but the quality is seemingly good.

6. Foluu Keyboard Case for OnePlus Pad

OnePlus Pad keybaord case

Alongside the tablet, OnePlus also announced a magnetic keyboard attachment to convert the OnePlus Pad into a portable computer. On the flip side, it’s not the most protective case out there. So, if you want a more affordable and rugged alternative, Foluu has got your back.

Let’s look a closer look at the case’s feature set. For starters, the case ships with a backlit keyboard that links to the OnePlus Pad via Bluetooth. You’ll also get a trackpad that should offer more precision while navigating. It’s quite impressive that Foluu has included a backlit keyboard at this price range. There’s also a kickstand on the back to keep the tablet upright when you’re typing.

As for protection, you can expect the same level of safety that you would get with a folio case. To wit, the sides of the case are protected by a TPU bumper while the front has a flap to cover the display when not in use. You can also stow the OnePlus Stylo on top of the case.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can detach the TPU bits of the case magnetically. So, if you don’t want to carry the keyboard, you can leave it behind and still have a layer of protection on the tablet.

Protect Your Tablet

These were some of the best OnePlus Pad cases that you can buy. It goes without saying that a tablet is a major source of entertainment or even work for a lot of people. As such, the last thing you would want is to end up with a device with a broken display. You can mitigate that by getting a OnePlus Pad case from the options mentioned above.

Since the product is still new, the case options are limited. However, we will revisit the list frequently and update it with better options as and when they go on sale.

Last updated on 13 May, 2023

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