6 Best Thin Cases for OnePlus 11

OnePlus is going back to its roots with the all-new OnePlus 11. You’re getting a phone with solid performance and cameras that can give other premium phones a run for their money. If you decide to get the handset for yourself — or your unit is already on the way — it is a wise idea to pick up a OnePlus 11 thin case to protect the phone.

best OnePlus 11 thin case

The OnePlus 11 isn’t particularly slim so adding a thick case will make it bulkier. Hence, we recommend getting a thin case to maintain the original form factor. A thin case will also aid with better one-handed usability.
So, to make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best thin OnePlus 11 phone cases that you can buy right now. Before we get to the cases and covers though, here are some other articles that may interest you –

With that out of the way, here are some of the best slim cases for the OnePlus 11.

1. Avesfer Lightweight Case

You seldom find thin cases that also offer a good amount of protection. Well, the Avesfer lightweight case is an outlier. It’s a lightweight case and is quite basic in terms of design. To that end, the unit sports a brushed metallic finish for the most part and the top and bottom strips get a carbon fiber treatment.

While it may look basic, the Avesfer case is functional and pretty thin at the same time. The TPU case, albeit not the thinnest, is lightweight so it won’t be adding a considerable amount of bulk to your OnePlus 11.

The case is available in three colors — Black, Blue, and Red. The Red color variant looks quite appealing thanks to its bright hue. And, if you happen to pick up the black color of the OnePlus 11, the red case will complement the phone quite well. Rest assured, the Avesfer case is a good option for those who want good handling and decent protection.

2. Ultra-Thin Clear Hard Case for OnePlus 11

UA clear case is a great way to show off your brand-new smartphone, especially if it has a unique design like the OnePlus 11. If you are all up for it, then the Hanpinyou clear case should be your pick. It’s an ultra-thin hard case that snaps onto the phone.

However, there’s a slight catch — unlike the previous case that covered the entire smartphone, this OnePlus 11 clear case leaves the sides of the phone exposed. While it can protect your OnePlus 11 against scratches, don’t expect it to absorb any impact.

So, if you drop your phone often, we wouldn’t recommend this case as it cannot absorb shocks. The sides of the phone are also exposed, so they are prone to scratches too. If you’re okay with these shortcomings though, this is a nice slim case for the OnePlus 11.

3. Foluu Soft Silicone Case

Are you looking for a clear case but also don’t want to compromise on the protection? Foluu has the solution! The Foluu soft silicone case for the OnePlus 11 is a clear case that’s also rather thin. However, the protection it offers is much better than most thin cases thanks to reinforced corners

The highlight of the Foluu case is the presence of oversized bumps on each corner. These bumps help the case absorb impact on the off chance you drop your phone. The rest of the case is rather thin, and consequently, you’re getting the added protection without adding too much heft to the device.

Since the Foluu clear case is made of TPU, it is bound to yellow in the long run. Thankfully, Foluu has priced the clear case rather competitively. So, if you fancy the design and don’t mind replacing the case every few months, you should give this one a good second look.

4. Damondy OnePlus 11 Slim Case with Kickstand

Consider the Avesfer case we mentioned at the beginning. Change the pattern on the rear and make it slimmer. Now, add a phone holder cum kickstand towards the back of the case. That’s exactly what the Damondy OnePlus 11 slim case is all about.

It’s a standard black TPU case with a built-in kickstand for added functionality. Now, do note that the case doesn’t provide a lot of protection against drops. But that is the trade-off you have to make when opting for a slim case. On the bright side, you won’t be dropping your phone a lot with this case thanks to the phone holder attached to the back.

You get a ring holder where you can slot your finger while using the phone. The holder can also be used as a kickstand when watching content on the phone. If this extra functionality is useful to you, the Damondy slim case is a good pick. It’s also got a simple, no-fuss design which a lot of minimalists will appreciate.

5. Ultra-Slim Carbon Fiber Case

It can be tricky to spot cases with carbon fiber etching on them. Well, if you’re a fan, you’ll love the ultra-slim Carbon Fiber case from Wepuenhm. We say this, as the unit’s ornamented design accentuates the look of the phone while also protecting it.

Notably, hard-shell cases typically don’t score too high in the protection department as they can’t absorb shocks. Much to our dismay, the Wepuenhm carbon-fiber case for the OnePlus 11 is no different. But the good news is, it is quite rigid and as such, should somewhat protect the phone’s frame on the off chance your drop the device.

The case even covers the back of the phone in its entirety and leaves the camera module exposed. Given the nature of the material, you can expect it to not add a lot of heft to the device itself. Further, it snaps onto the phone like a piece of lego. Rest assured, the case is a great option for anyone who opts for form over functionality.

6. OnePlus Aramid Fiber Bumper Case

Liked the look of the carbon fiber case but want something more protective? Well, OnePlus has got you covered —quite literally! The official OnePlus 11 Aramid fiber case protects your phone from both scratches and drops. It is slightly thicker than your run-of-the-mill hard case, but you’re also getting reliable protection.

From the beginning, OnePlus has been making excellent first-party phone accessories. Be it the Sandstone case or other covers with unique wood finishes, the company has a variety of accessories in its portfolio. And the Aramid fiber bumper case is a quality accessory too. As the name suggests, this is a bumper case from OnePlus so expect it to be slightly thicker than usual.

On the upside, the brand claims that you can feel the aramid fiber texture when you hold the case. To wit, the case lends users a comfortable grip that will not go unnoticed by users who default to one-handed usage whilst commuting. If you’re searching for first-party cases since they offer the best compatibility, you can’t go wrong with the OnePlus aramid fiber case.

Retain the Original Form Factor

The biggest advantage of getting a OnePlus 11 thin case would be that you get to retain the original form factor of the phone. This way, your phone won’t feel bulky, and your fingers won’t have to perform gymnastics to reach all four corners. You get varying levels of protection with a slim case. So all you need to do is pick the right one based on your usage.

Last updated on 16 February, 2023

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