7 Essen­tial Acces­sories For the Nokia 7 Plus

Namrata Gogoi

If you ask me, buying a phone is just playing half the game. You complete the circle only when you pair the phone with equally complementing accessories, and the same holds true for the Nokia 7 plus as well.

Accessories For The Nokia 7 Plus 6

The in-box-accessories barely cut it if you want a superior experience. That's when a couple of additional accessories come into play.

In this article, we will guide you through seven such products that will bump up your Nokia 7 plus experience. From snazzy Bluetooth headphones to fast car chargers — we have them all on this list. (Psst ... don't worry about the price tag, these products don't cost a bomb).

1. The First Piece of the Puzzle: Phone Case

With phones being so delicate these days, I often do not think twice before ordering a case once I get my hands on a new handset (perks of my job, you see).

Though we often feel that a case hides the beauty of a phone, the risk is far too great for me. One of the best durable cases for the Nokia 7 plus is the KuGi Scratch Resistant case

KuGi Scratch Resistant Case

The highlight of the KuGi Scratch Resistant Case is the textured back which lends a unique look to the phone while also helps you grip the phone better. At the same time, the raised lips along the edges (and the camera module) keep the screen free from scratches. Other than that, the strong bumper guards against accidental drops and falls.

The KuGi Scratch Resistant TPU Case is available in four colors — Black, Gray, Red, and Navy.

If you are still kicked about the cool copper accents of your Nokia 7 plus, here's a quality transparent case which you can consider.

2. Listen to Songs in All Their Glory: Bluetooth Headphones

The headphones that come along with the Nokia 7 plus do their job pretty well. However, they have one major issue — they are wired. The hassles of managing wired headphones are many, from untangling the long wires to managing them in crowded areas. That's when the option of wireless headphones sounds perfect.

Jaybird X3 In-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

With its solid battery life and a great sound quality, the Jaybird X3 headphones are one of the best headphones on the market. Priced at only $99.50, the Jaybird X3 has been designed keeping the adrenaline-loving generation in mind. They are sweat proof, has a 8-hour battery life and is built to sit comfortably on your ears. If that was not enough, you get to tweak the sound quality through a dedicated app on your phone.

Another good thing about the Jaybird X3 is that it has an in-line remote control which doubles up as a mic for hand-free calls.

3. Get the Power Going: Power Bank

With our incessant love for browsing Instagram and Facebook feeds, it's no wonder that phone's battery gets over by the end of the day. If you have your charger and a power socket in sight, congratulations! Otherwise, the good old power bank is your one and only solution.

Mi 10000mAH Power Bank

With its sleek an slim profile and an aluminum body, the Mi power bank will truly complement the design of your Nokia 7 plus. This 10,000mAh power bank is capable of giving 2 full charges. What's more, it has a USB Type-C charging input, which means you won't have to invest in an additional converter. The Mi power bank is durable and comes with a six months warranty.

4. A Charger for your Long Drives: Car Chargers

Imagine you're going on a long drive and using your phone's GPS when you hear the dreaded low-battery blip. A power bank sounds like an obvious solution, however, where would you put such a big device? Solution: Car Charger.

Buying a car charger is by no means an easy feat. Not only do you have to keep the size of the charger in mind, you also have to check the power output. The good news we've got the perfect one for you.

Anker 24W Dual Car Charger

At $8.99, the Anker 24W car charger is one of the best chargers in the market. It has a slim profile and measures just 2.5-inches in height. The combination of the in-house PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology delivers maximum power up to 2.4amps per port. Other than that, this small charger has a glowing LED ring at the top to guide you during the night.

You can also check out the AUKEY Car Charger at the same price.

5. Copy Photos With Ease: USB OTG Flash Drive

Gone are the days when the data cable was the only means to transfer data. With the help of USB OTG, you can transfer data from your phone without the need of a PC.

Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive

With the 64GB Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive, you can easily transfer data both from your smartphone and your PC, thanks to the dual connectors. While you can plug the USB Type-C connector to your phone, while the Type-A connector will connect to your computer. Other than that, the design is symmetrical and the small size means that you'll be able to carry it in your pockets.

6. Hands-free Movie Experience: Phone Stand

Though phone stands are often looked down as unimportant, you'd be surprised how useful they turn out to be. For starters, you'd know exactly where to keep the phone always. Secondly, they provide a hands-free movie watching experience. Given that the Nokia 7 plus has a great audio system and an equally complementing display, a good stand is an obvious choice.

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

The Lamicall Cell Phone Stand is one of the most loved phone stands on Amazon. The design is simple and straightforward. It has rubberized pads to keep the phone from slipping and has a small hole to loop your charging cable. The stand is lightweight and is made from aluminum and provides a good display angle. As one of the users observed, you can continue working on your phone even when the phone is on the stand.

The Lamicall Cell Phone Stand is available in four colors — Black, Silver, Grey, and Red.

7. Car Phone Mount

If you're in the habit of using GPS on your phone while driving, a car phone mount is the most important phone accessory. A good mount must not only be sturdy but must also have a strong suction cup. And we've got the right one here.

Vansky Car Phone Mount

The Vansky Car Phone Mount is an inexpensive yet one of the best phone mounts out there. Apart from the standard suction cup, it comes with two additional holders — an air vent clip and a dash mount. Plus, the phone holder can be easily rotated as per your convenience.

Which One Will You Buy?

These were some of the cool accessories which you can use to spice up your Nokia 7 plus experience. So, which one of these will you buy first?

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