5 Best Nintendo Switch Game Card Holders for 2023

It’s bizarre to think you can hold a world of adventure in the palm of your hand. We are, of course, referring to a Nintendo Switch cartridge, that is dwarfed by other gaming media. On the downside, the cartridges are easy to misplace too. So, if you’re looking for the best Nintendo Switch game holder, be it to showcase your collection, or to carry games when you’re traveling, read on. 

We’ve scoured the web and have listed five enticing options that will appease the gamer in you. So, without any further ado, here are the best Nintendo Switch game holders you can buy right now. 

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Now, let’s take a look at the best Nintendo Switch game holders.

1. Hagibis Switch Game Holder

Cartridge Capacity: Up to two games.

Hagibis Switch Game Card Holder

We won’t beat around the bush at all. The Hagibish Switch game holder is first and foremost, a novelty item. To that end, the cutesy toaster can hold up to two Switch game cartridges. It even comes with a plastic handle which, when pushed all the way down, props up your games like slices of toast.

As prefaced above, the toaster serves little to no function other than sprucing up the aesthetics of your gaming setup. Then again, the unit doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and it looks unlike anything else on the market. In fact, users have been extremely elated with the unit’s design, with most citing that they got the game holder as a prop for their setups. 

The icing on the cake is that the unit comes in a slew of attractive colors. Correspondingly, you can mix and match the toaster’s paint job to your gaming setup too! So, if you’re looking for a unique addition to your gaming setup, or just want a game holder that can house your most-played games, give the Hagibis Switch game holder a shot. 

2. HORI Game Card Case 

Cartridge Capacity: Up to 24 games.

HORI Game Card Holder for Switch

If you’re looking for a licensed Nintendo accessory to hold your Switch’s game card collection, then look no further than the HORI game card case. To that end, the holder is superbly compact and shouldn’t take up too much space in your backpack.

At the same time, the unit can hold up to 24 Switch games at once, which is great. What’s more, each game can be neatly slotted inside a separate, plastic enclosure. The games can be seamlessly taken out of their housings as well. Furthermore, the case even comes with a dedicated slot to hold up to two microSD cards. 

Naturally, HORI’s offering has been deemed among the best Switch game holders. In fact, the unit amassed over 12,000 user ratings on Amazon, with the majority of buyers singing praises of the holder’s functionality and build quality.

3. UniKeep Game Case

Cartridge Capacity: Up to 60 games.

UniKeep Game Card Holder

Another Switch game card holder is the one by UniKeep, and if you’ve been collecting Nintendo Switch games for a hot minute, then you’ll find this Switch game holder to your liking. We say this, as the case can store up to 60 games at once! What’s more, the case isn’t big and unwieldy either. So, you can clear the clutter or save up some cabinet space by storing your favorite games in one neat contraption.

In terms of design, the UniKeep Game Case looks the part of a supersized DVD case. As such, the unit has been constructed in its entirety using plastic. Do note that the case snaps shut, so your games will not fall out on the off chance you drop the case. What’s more, the game holder comes with neat partitions on the inside to house up to 60 Switch game cartridges too. 

The partitions utilize foam boundaries and have been precisely cut to match the shape and size of a Switch game. Rest assured, buyers with a truckload of Switch games will find the UniKeep Game Case among the best Switch game holders.

4. HEIYING Game Card Case

Cartridge Capacity: Up to 48 games.

HEIYING Switch Game Card Holder

HEIYING has an enticing game card holder for Nintendo Switch users too. On that note, the company’s offering can house up to 48 Nintendo Switch games and up to 24 microSD cards, all at once. Yes, no kidding! Further, the game holder takes a page from Nintendo’s notebook in the design department and looks like a GameBoy Color too.

You should also know that the case makes use of ABS plastic for its construction. Moreover, as per numerous user reviews, the sturdy hinges of the case impart ample friction when you’re opening and closing the unit’s lid. Interestingly, the case doesn’t come with a latching mechanism to snap shut. Instead, it uses magnets to open and close seamlessly.

Inside, you’ll be greeted with silicone lining with precise cutouts to house your Nintendo Switch cartridges safely. Moreover, folks over at HEIYING have intuitively carved a cavity within the cartridge slots to hold a microSD card. Rest assured, the HEIYING game card holder has etched its name amongst the best game card holders for the Nintendo Switch.

5. MAQRBAQR Game Holder 

Cartridge Capacity: Up to 16 games.

MAQRBAQR Game Card Holder

MAQRBAQR has a quirky game holder up for grabs as well. To wit, the unit takes the shape of a cube and comes wrapped in different colors and distinctive liveries. In fact, while we’ve shortlisted the Pikachu colorway for our readers, you can also opt for a Mario or Zelda-themed game holder from the brand.

Moving on, the game holder features a button at the top fascia. When pressed, all edges of the cube fall outwards, revealing slots to house Nintendo Switch game cartridges. You can store up to 16 games at once, with the cube offering separate partitions on each edge. What’s more, customers report that the cube offers robust construction, and the button release works as intended as well.

Clearly, there are more functional game-holders out there. However, MAQRBAQR’s offering adds a unique spin to mundane, run-of-the-mill game cases. So, if you want to stand out, give this one a go.

FAQs About Nintendo Switch

1- How do I transfer games from internal storage to an SD card on the Nintendo Switch?

Transferring games between different storage mediums is quite straightforward on the Nintendo Switch. To do so, all you need to do is head over to the settings tab on the console. From there, go to the ‘data management’ subhead and select ‘move data between system and SD card’ from the prompt that follows. Once done, select the games that you want to move over to your SD card. 

2- How many games can a Switch hold? 

The Nintendo Switch comes with 32GB of onboard memory that can hold a number of games. The exact count will depend on the type of game you download on the console. But, even with open-world games like Legend of Zelda: BOTW, you should be able to download at least three-four games on your Switch. 

Packed and Ready

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console to take with you when you’re on the go. And, with the aforementioned game holders, you can now carry your game library with you too! From where we stand, you should get the HORI game holder as it can store plenty of titles and is the most affordable of the lot too. However, if you’re looking to spruce up your game space, then MAQRBAQR’s game holder is a good option too!

Last updated on 10 March, 2023

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