4 Best Nightstands With Built-in Wireless Charging

Smartphones have come a long way; nowadays, most handsets can charge wirelessly. That said, purchasing separate wireless charging pucks adds to the clutter in every room. Hence, the best solution is to invest in a nightstand with wireless charging to get the most out of these novel technological features.

Let’s face it – everyone browses their social media handles before bed. And we’ll be the first to admit that we’ve forgotten to plug in our smartphones in a sleep-driven state. That’s one of the reasons why you should get a nightstand with wireless charging chops. Additionally, a quality nightstand will help you store your personal belongings, thereby ensuring you are not in a state of frenzy when you wake up and say, can’t find your glasses.

So, without any further ado, here are some of the best nightstands with wireless charging. But first, you might also want to read about – 

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1. Brightech Madison Table & Lamp Combo 

  • Nightstand Height: 4 feet & 8 inches (with the lamp)
  • Style: Mid-Century Modern 
  • Material: Wood | Storage Compartment: Yes
Brightech Madison nightstand

Brightech is a US-based, furniture brand that puts a greater emphasis on design than some other vendors. The company’s Madison table is a good example of the same. On that note, the unit serves two distinct purposes. For starters, the table is superbly compact and has been designed to fit into tight spots.

To give you a better picture, the table (with the lamp) measures four feet and eight inches, with the countertop coming in at 18 x 18 inches. As such, you can have the unit sit between two snugly positioned couches with little wiggle room. That’s not all, as the table can upscale the looks of your bedroom too. In fact, the Madison is backed by a mid-century modern design ethos, which allows it to blend well in both, modernized as well as rustic bedrooms.

The unit is available in two distinct colorways as well. While you could go with one or the other, we felt that the Black hue added more flair to a given setting. More notably, the table comes with a built-in lamp as well. And seeing how the lamp is fixed to the desk, you need not worry about yanking it off the countertop either.

Adding to the list of pros, the lamp is rated for 20,000 hours, meaning it should last you close to 20 years, provided you use it for up to three hours a day. You’ll also get a USB port, along with a wireless charging pad that’s built into the countertop. Pool all the features together and the Brightech Madison makes a compelling case to be in your bedroom. 

2. ManGotree Portable Smart Table 

  • Nightstand Height: Approx. 2 feet
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Wood | Storage Compartment: No
ManGotree Portable Smart Table nightstand

If you’re looking to free multiple birds with one key, then you’ll find much to like about ManGotree’s Portable Smart Table. For one, the table’s minimalistic design ensures that it doesn’t stick out in any room. Further, the unit is available in two unique colorways and can be snagged with a walnut or a white oak finish.

As such, the table will look strikingly elegant next to a wooden bed. More to the point, the table comes with a bunch of tech features that make it stand out. To name a few, the device comes with multiple charging outlets and you can use the bundled USB port to charge your smartphone.

You can even rest your phone on the designated wireless charging bay to refuel your devices without connecting any wires. Moving on, the table comes with a digitized clock etched toward the front. Not only does it tell the time, but it can also be used to set an alarm. Speaking of which, the table also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker (see best Bluetooth speakers with AUX input)! In fact, you can even plug in your device to listen to music as the table comes with an AUX port. Woah!

Understandably, the speaker’s 40W output, albeit quite loud, is not the best in the biz. In fact, while customers have lauded the table’s build quality, the majority of buyers have vilified the unit’s audio prowess. Be that as it may, the table brings a lot of enticing features to the mix and is easily among the best nightstands with wireless charging you can buy at the moment.

3. Lvrunben Nightstand

  • Nightstand Height: Approx. 1.5 feet
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Glass & Wood | Storage Compartment: Yes
Lvrunben LED Table nightstand

Lvrunben’s nightstand is a more refined version of the ManGotree table mentioned above. To that end, the unit boasts a cuboidal shape and looks the part of a premium product. The nightstand even comes with two drawers, that feature tastefully designed handles with contrasting colors.

More importantly, the drawers offer oodles of storage space and you can store your novels, diaries, and medicines in the cabinets easily. Thankfully, Lvrunben offers the nightstand in four tidy shades. So, if white’s not your jam, then you can pick up the nightstand in darker hues too. We should also add that the nightstand is superbly durable.

In fact, the unit comes with a tempered glass desktop and can shoulder up to 110 lbs. What’s more, the top bits feature an embedded LED that offers three different color profiles and a brightness meter. Unsurprisingly, the nightstand has been an instant hit, with customers raving about its build quality and varied feature set. 

On that note, you should know that the nightstand gets both USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors as well. So, you can plug in your smartphone and charge it overnight. You can even place the device on the cabinet’s wireless charging bay to juice up your device wirelessly.

That’s not all, the nightstand also comes with a built-in speaker. As such, you can listen to relaxing music or podcasts as you’re going to sleep. Needless to say, Lvrunben’s offering is among the best nightstands with wireless charging on the market.

4. AMHANCIBLE LED Nightstands

  • Nightstand Height: Approx. 2 feet
  • Style: Rustic
  • Material: Particle Board | Storage Compartment: Yes
AMHANCIBLE LED Table nightstand

If you’re looking to position a nightstand on either side of your bed, then you should check out AMHANCIBLE’s bundle. In particular, the company is selling a set of two nightstands with a multitude of features. For starters, each nightstand comes with a slurry of connectors, including two standard 1,500W, 12A sockets.

The unit also comes with a USB Type-A connector with a 10W output. Moreover, you’ll also get wireless charging bays integrated into each nightstand. One thing to note is that, unlike competing nightstands, AMHANCIBLE’s offering uses particleboard for its construction. For those unaware, particleboard is a byproduct of wood and is more eco-friendly as it doesn’t contribute to deforestation. That said, it isn’t as sturdy as wooden nightstands.

To give you a better picture, the Lvrunben nightstand could shoulder up to 110 lbs. AMHANCIBLE’s nightstand tops out at 44 lbs, with the drawers supporting an additional 11 lbs. On the upside, the nightstand is laden with LEDs and you can choose from 19 different dynamic color modes to liven up your bedroom space.

What’s more, the LEDs also offer five different brightness levels, which is great. Rest assured, the unit brings enough to the table (no pun intended) and is among the best nightstands with wireless charging. 

FAQs about Wireless Charging

1 – Is wireless charging safe for the bedside? 

Yes, you can put your smartphone on a bedside table with wireless charging. It’s perfectly safe and will not harm your health or your smartphone’s battery.

2 – Are wireless charging stands worth it? 

If you have a smartphone that supports wireless charging, then you can seriously cut down the cable clutter by opting for a wireless charging stand. 

3 – Do wireless chargers damage the battery? 

Wireless charging isn’t more harmful than wired charging and therefore, it will not degrade your device’s battery. 

Charging Made Simpler

If you’re looking for a new nightstand and have a phone or a device that supports wireless charging, then you must get the best wireless charging nightstands. For one, they will spruce up your bedroom and add to its decor. More importantly, they will take away from the hassle of plugging in your device every night.

Last updated on 23 March, 2023

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