7 Best New and Free iPhone Apps for February 2020

Every month, more than a hundred apps make it to the Apple App Store, and to be honest, it’s quite a task to go through all of them. The odds are that you are more likely to miss some fun and important apps. That’s the reason we pick a few iOS apps every month, and this time it’s no different. This month, we have listed some of the best new and free iPhone apps.

Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 23

Not only will these apps let you get the most out of your iPhone, but they will also help break the monotony of the older existing apps.

So, what are we waiting for?

Here are some of the most interesting and new iOS apps that you can use in February 2020.

1. ScreenOCR

Well, the name says it all. If you have been looking for a simple OCR app, you can try out ScreenOCR. This one does the job of extracting text from documents and images and easy task.


Point the camera at the text, and the rest of the job will be taken care of by the app. So far, SCereenOCR has done a good job of identifying text and letters. However, the accuracy takes a hit of the handwriting is illegible, or if the font is too stylish.

ScreenOCR supports many languages. And the best bet for me was the AutoDetecting mode.

Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 17
Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 18

Apart from OCR, you can also translate the converted text and export them as required.

Currently, the app is free and gives you 6 credits per day (1 credit per scan). If you need more, you have to upgrade to the pro version, which costs around $6.99.

2. Drive Password

Remembering passwords is difficult for so many, including me. If you do not have a password manager, you can use apps like Drive Manager.

This app lets you store all your passwords on your Google Drive. They are encrypted. From passwords of your Netflix account to your web account, this apps lets you store a lot. And that’s not all. You can also set access to each password.

Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 5
Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 7

Drive Password also lets you categorize your passwords into folders so that it’s easy to find them when needed. And if that’s not enough, you can also import from a variety of password managers.

The app has an easy and simple UI. All you need to do is select the category and then go about adding the relevant information.

3. DoubleTake by FiLMiC Pro

Want to take advantage of all the cameras on your iPhone? Say Hi to DoubleTake by FiLMiC Pro.

As its name implies, it allows you to get the most out of your iPhone’s camera by allowing you to film videos from two cameras simultaneously. Yes, you read that right.

Iphone camera

If you have a single camera on the back of your iPhone like the iPhone XR, you can take a video from both the front and the back camera, thus resulting in a picture-in-picture video. And trust me, the end product looks lovely.

The app’s interface is simple and easy to understand. You simply have to choose the lens and the format, and once done, just start filming. Do note to save the films to your camera roll once you are satisfied with the output.

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Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 22

For phones such as the iPhone 11 Pro, you can make the app use the ultra-wide lens in conjugation with the wide lens or the telephoto lens, apart from the standard front-facing camera + rear camera combination. Cool, right?

4. Tangi Quick Videos

Love short video clips? If yes, you will love Tangi Quick Videos. This quirky app by Google’s Area 120 focuses primarily on short videos related to creativity and Do It Yourself (DIY) videos.

Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 8
Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 9

When it comes to UI, it resembles the interface of Pinterest to some extent, while the individual screen resembles the ones of TikTok.

The best part of this app is that the duration of each video is shown beforehand. This way, you know how long a video will run and if you have the required amount of time at your disposal to well, watch it.

5. byte – creativity first

If you like Tnagi, you will most certainly love this app. Byte is from the same team who gave us Vine a couple of years ago. And similar to it, it lets you upload and share six-second looping videos. The short duration translates to minimal fluff.

9 Top New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 2
9 Top New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 3

The app is very similar to the popular video-app like TikTok, and there’s a Feed and an Explore (Search) option. That is apart from the standard uploads.

For the latter, tap on the Shutter button at the center and get going. Plan to upload something interesting? Click on that adorable ghost icon.

6. Recheck!

Recheck is for those who need to-dos in each step in their lives. For instance, if you do a certain number of small tasks before you leave for office, then this app lets you do just that.

To dos

Adding a to-do is as simple as writing a sentence followed by an enter. Yep, it’s that simple.

You can even pick up from some of the built-in templates. And not only that, you can get even some templates.

Top New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 3
Top New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 2

Managing the app and the to-dos are simple. It lets you drag and drop the to-dos, and a simple button at the corner lets you view your completed to-dos.

And if you want, you can also share the to-do lists with friends and family.

7. Play It Again

Want a fun app for get-togethers and party? Say ho to Play It Again.

This is a song-based game wherein you and your friends need to find an apt song for the theme in under two minutes. And the best part is that the theme can’t be generated manually. Instead, the app picks up a theme for you. Cool, right?

Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 15
Best New and Free i Phone Apps for March 2020 13

Each round consists of different themes, so you can lay aside worries of playing the same type of songs. So, yeah, all you need to do is ready yourself and put your brain on high-alert so as not to miss any songs!

For now, you can link your Apple Music or Spotify accounts.

Get the Most out of Your iPhone

Apart from the above, the Office apps for iOS have also been redesigned. Now, they are faster, simpler, and the UI has been overhauled to give you a more seamless experience.

So, which of these apps will you download first? I found DoubleTake to be quite great, since it shows you both the sides of the story, figuratively.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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