9 Fresh New Android Apps for July 2018 That You Must Get

Quirky photo editing apps, cool icon packs coupled with a handful of standalone apps from Google — the last few months have been awesome in terms of new Android apps in the Play Store.

It’s the first week of July and we are back with a whole new list of fresh new list of free Android apps.

9 Fresh New Android Apps For July 2018

Released in the last couple of months, these apps are sure to enhance your Android experience even further.

Let’s check them out.

1. Adobe Spark Post

Though the name may sound a bit weird, Adobe Spark Post is gold for you if you love posting unique stories and posts on Instagram. Spark is a tool for creating visually appealing content for social media. So whether it’s a flashy Instagram post or a cool Facebook story, Spark makes crafting such content an easy affair.

App Of The Month July 201802
App Of The Month July 201801

It contains a plethora of ready-made templates that you can customize as per your preference. What’s more, you can even add your own photos. This app is a no-brainer with simple and easy-to-understand tools and interface.

App Of The Month July 201805
App Of The Month July 201803

When it comes to features, Spark lets you make simple collages and magazine-style graphics, among others. What’s more, all the templates are neatly divided into categories. Typical of any modern app, it lets you apply a number of filters.

With social media-ready graphics and animated videos becoming a rage now, it’s imperative that you can create them from the comforts of your Android phone.

‘Tis the age of social media!


Notice that orange TV-shaped button on top of your Instagram feed? Yeah, that’s IGTV. IGTV features full screen vertical long-form videos meaning that you can watch and upload videos directly from your phone.

App Of The Month July 201807
App Of The Month July 201806

There are two ways to access this app. You can either access it through Instagram or from the standalone app.

IGTV starts playing the videos (of the people you follow on Instagram) as soon as you open the app. The Popular tab is a collection of all the popular videos in all of IGTV while the Following tab is a breakdown of the videos that have been shared by the people you follow.

3. Google Podcasts

Podcasts is Google’s attempt at making an independent podcast app. Quite naturally, it uses the in-house recommendation algorithms to come up with podcast suggestions that match your listening habits.

App Of The Month July 2018 1
App Of The Month July 2018 2

Similar to the month old Google Tasks app, this app is also a minimalistic one. The For You section lists your subscribed podcasts while the In Progress tab displays the list of shows which you’ve left midway, making it easy to catch up.

App Of The Month July 2018 3

When it comes to the collection, this app features a plethora of podcasts including The Daily, Modern Love, The Bill Simmons Podcast, among others. The best thing about this app is that you can sync it across Google products like Google Home.

Another Google App to make a standalone debut last month was Google Lens.

4. Luver – Icon Pack

If bright and colorful icons are your thing, I bet you’d love the new Luver app. It features a bunch of cool brightly-colored icons, that will surely make your home screen seem more alive.

App Of The Month July 201821
App Of The Month July 201822

The good news is that this icon pack is compatible with almost all the popular Android launchers (apart from Google Now and Go Launcher).

All you have to do is open your launcher settings and apply the icon pack. Welcome to the land of sunshine!

5. 4k Wallpaper

4k Wallpaper is a simple wallpaper app and thankfully doesn’t have one of those annoying pop-up ads. The wallpaper collection is beautiful and if you prefer nature wallpapers, you should certainly give this app a try.

App Of The Month July 201812
App Of The Month July 201811

My only gripe with this app is that the wallpapers aren’t categorized, meaning that you may have to scroll through a bit. It’s not a big deal, but then, might be an issue for some.

Other than that, the Favorite tab keeps a tab on your starred wallpapers.

6. CARROT Weather

Just when you thought that apps cannot be snarky, Carrot Weather struts into the Play Store. Carrot Weather is a (you guessed it right!) weather app that delivers forecast in a slightly twisted form. With cool graphics and snarky weather commentary, Carrot is the app for you if you’re bored by the plain looks of the default weather app.

App Of The Month July 201816

There are a couple of hidden easter eggs as well. For instance, you can try the Secret Locations game. It’ll ask you a question and you’d have to point out the location on the map.

7. Neverthink

Next on our list is Neverthink, an app that plans to redefine the online video experience. Neverthink compiles videos from Reddit and YouTube and packages them into smart non-skippable playlists.

App Of The Month July 201813
App Of The Month July 201814

The best part? All the content are categorized. So, whether you want to binge-watch a couple of game shows or cooking shows, all you’ve to do is tap on a category and that’s it!

8. Picnic

Looking for an unusual photo editor? If yes, say Hi to Picnic.

App Of The Month July 201822
App Of The Month July 201817

Picnic is a simple app with a single aim — to transform the mood and background of your photos. From fluffy clouds to dreamy sunsets, it has a wide array of filters to turn boring pictures into amazing creations.

9. Picai – Smart AI Camera

Last but not the least, we have Picai – Smart AI Camera. As suggestive of its name, it’s a smart camera with AI capabilities. It identifies the scene in front of the camera and suggests the best filters for it.

App Of The Month July 201820

The best thing is that throw anything at the camera and it’ll be able to recognize it immediately.

Ready to Roll?

So, these were some of the hard-to-miss Android apps that were released over the last couple of months. My current favorite is Spark Post and well, get ready to see the action on Guiding Tech’s Instagram page!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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