Top 8 New and Fresh Android Apps for August 2018

How do you choose from a store which has more than 3.3 million apps? Rather, how do you segregate the new from the old and the good from the bad?

It’s no secret that the Play Store is humongous. Here, you’ll find some useful apps like Adobe Spark Post and at the same time, you’ll find plenty of apps that will bombard you with ads or steal information from you.

Top 8 New And Fresh Android Apps For August 2018

So how do you choose? Well, we’ve got you covered in that aspect with our list of the best new Android apps for August 2018.

This month’s list has a cool notes app followed by an even cooler weather app and a light and fast browser. Let’s get started.

1. Notes by Firefox

Notes by Firefox is the latest app from Mozilla and the name pretty much gives it away. Similar to Google Keep, Notes by Firefox is a simple note-keeping app that lets you add, delete and edit your notes.

App Of The Month August15
App Of The Month August01

However, that’s not all this app is about. It also automatically syncs your notes with the Firefox browser so that the note-keeping job is a seamless one.

Firefox Notes

Quite obviously, the app requires a username and password to sign-in. The interface is simple with no fancy features. Just add a note and you’ll be able to access it on your computer and vice versa.


2. Kiwi Browser

Looking for a new browser? Try Kiwi. Not the fruit, the browser. Okay, that was a lame joke, my bad!

On a serious note, Kiwi Browser is the newest kid on the block and looks similar to Chrome, as it’s based on Chromium. However, that’s just on the surface.

App Of The Month August 1 03

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find an amazing bunch of useful features such as a built-in ad-blocker, Night mode, and a custom downloads folder. Developed by XDA member arnaud42, Kiwi Browser is fast, light and has been cleverly designed.

App Of The Month August 1 04
App Of The Month August 1 06

The feature I loved the most is that it lets you play YouTube videos in the background. So, just in case you’re in love with one of those cool YouTube mixes, just play it in the background and go about doing your job. Plus, you can also have the address bar at the bottom, a treat for phones with tall displays.

App Of The Month August 1 05

Another feature which sets this browser above the rest is the night mode. Unlike Chrome, where you have to do a bit of setup to enable dark mode, Kiwi lets you enable the night mode from the drop-down menu.

3. Cx File Explorer

If you are not impressed by the default file manager on your phone, you can give the Cx File Explorer app a shot.

App Of The Month August 1 07

With a clean interface, Cx File Explorer aims to simplify the work of browsing through the contents of your Android. The app is segregated into three parts,

  • Local: for tracking app downloads and other storage-related works
  • Library: for images, audio, and documents
  • Network: to wirelessly transfer contents from phone to PC.

Other than that, it has a nifty Analyzer feature to analyze and manage your phone’s storage from time to time.

App Of The Month August09
App Of The Month August10

It sifts through your phone and lets you know which files are eating up space and for which you should delete the app cache files.

4. AMOLED Wallpapers

The perks of having a good AMOLED wallpaper app is many. Not only do you get your fill of cool desktop background, they also help in saving the phone’s battery life.

App Of The Month August 1 10
App Of The Month August 1 09

AMOLED Wallpapers has a pretty cool collection of HD and 4K home screen backgrounds. From simple Material Design-inspired wallpapers to chic cityscapes — it has them all.

5. TYT Plus

TYT Plus brings The Young Turks’s content from their channel to your Android phone. Comprising of videos, live shows, and podcasts, the TYT Plus app can be your go-to app if you want to stay updated on politics, sports, or even pop culture.

App Of The Month August 1 11
App Of The Month August 1 13

The app is free on the Play Store, however, you can upgrade to the premium Plus service for $4.99/month. The Plus service gives you access to a few exclusive shows and podcasts.

6. Siempo -The Phone for Humans

Let’s face it, we are all addicted to our phones. Be it Instagram, YouTube or even the plain news app, we can spend minutes, if not hours, on these apps. And Siempo attempts to address the issue of digital addiction with its unique app.

Screenshot 20180730 165543 Siempo

It’s a launcher app which replaces your Android’s home screen. You won’t find any of those fancy app drawers or funky icon packs. Instead, you will be greeted by a goal message (which you have to set when doing the initial setup) and a black and white background.

App Of The Month August14
App Of The Month August13

All the useful apps like messages and emails will be on the first screen. The funny thing is you’ll be asked to flag the apps which distract you the most and they will be set on the screen farthest from the home screen.

App Of The Month August 1 15
App Of The Month August 1 17

Not that Siempo won’t let you open the distracting apps, it’s your right and it doesn’t stop you from doing that. It’ll just remind you of your goal before you hit the flagged icon. As they say, you can lead the horse to the water but you can’t force him to drink from it.

Siempo 1
Siempo 2

Siempo also addresses distracting notifications by displaying them in intervals. Given that when most of us get distracted by the even the smallest notification, I suppose we all should try Siempo for at least a week or so, and see the productivity levels.

7. Navbar Weather

With the navigation bar becoming a common feature, developer Pesta Apps has come up with an incredible solution — displaying the weather information on the navigation bar. Yep, you read that right.

App Of The Month August17
App Of The Month August 1 18

Navbar Weather lets you display the weather information in the form of graphs and charts at the bottom of your phone’s display. And along with that, it gives you plenty of customization options to choose from such as transparent background, graph type, etc.

App Of The Month August18
App Of The Month August20

Also, if you have a set of really sharp eyes, you can enable the pressure index, humidity levels, and wind speed on the bar as well.

App Of The Month August19

My personal favorite is just having the current weather temperature icon. This way, I can get rid of the weather widget and also get to flaunt a different home screen look. At the same time, I get to keep an eye on the present weather conditions. How cool is that?

8. Music Player & Audio Player

The joy of listening to offline songs on your Android is something different. You don’t have to worry about internet speed, bandwidth or availability of a song. All you have to do is choose your song and hit the play button.

App Of The Month August 1 20
App Of The Month August 1 19

Music Player & Audio Player is the app for you if you’re looking for an offline music player with a good equalizer support. It has a 15 band equalizer controller and also lets you create custom presets.

App Of The Month August 1 21
App Of The Month August 1 22

Aside from that, it has all the regular features of a music player like Treble & Bass control, Playlist, Favorites, among others.

Go, Get ’em!

In addition to the above, Instagram and Spotify also released the lite version of their apps. So, if the low internal storage message has been bugging you for a while, you can check them out.

So, which among these were your favorites? Given that I am easily distracted, I am taking up the challenge of trying Siempo for a week. My goal is to stay off YouTube. What’s yours?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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