Top 9 Free Android Apps for April 2018 That You Must Download

A brand new month calls for a list of new and unique Android apps. Similar to last month, these apps are fresh out of the oven and serve a number of purposes. From a cool image-editing app to a smart reply app, this month’s free Android apps are going to rock your April 2018.

Top 9 Free Android Apps For April 2018

As it’s going to be a long post, let’s jump straight in!

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1. WhatsRemoved

On October 2017, WhatsApp rolled out an update which let users delete embarrassing messages. All you had to do was tap the delete button (within a stipulated time) and the messages would be removed from the receiver’s phone.

Though useful, it also meant missing out on your friends’ embarrassing typos and texts.

This Messagewas Deleted

Thankfully now, we have an app, which lets you recover these deleted Whatsapp messages from your Android phone. Going by the name of WhatsRemoved, this app monitors your device for notifications and the moment it sees a WhatsApp message, it promptly logs it into the system.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 30
Free Android Apps For April 2018 27

It gives you the following three options to choose from:

  • Recover deleted messages and their corresponding files
  • Only deleted message
  • Media files without knowing the sender.

The setup is simple, all you need to do is give the necessary Android permissions, sit back and relax!

2. Google’s Reply

Google’s Reply brings Allo-like smart reply to all your messaging apps. This means that you can skip typing the same boring replies and, instead, rely on Reply to present you with an apt answer.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 17
Free Android Apps For April 2018 20

To generate automatic responses, you’d need to set up the app using your Google account and then give notification access. Reply is still under development and, hence, it’s not available on the Play Store. However, you can download the APK file and install the app.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 14
Free Android Apps For April 2018 13
Fun Fact

3. Radiogram Ad Free Radio

Looking for an endless supply of music from across the globe? Say Hi to Radiogram.

Radio 2974649 1280

This Internet radio app lets you tune into any of the radio stations from around the world from the comforts of your sofa. What’s more? Radiogram homes multitudes of radio stations, letting you soak the various cultures and languages of the world.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 28
Free Android Apps For April 2018 29

The interface is super clean. You can either select a station from the list or select a category, and the app will list out the stations that fall under that genre.

Furthermore, you can even cast the contents to your TV, thanks to the Chromecast support. Similar to most of the music streaming apps, you can control the playback from the lock screen.

You can even cast the contents of Radiogram to your TV.

Needless to say, the loading time is fast. However, they may vary from place to place, depending on your Internet connectivity.

4. StupisScreens

StupisScreens is the newest kid on the block when it comes to customizing and making your own wallpapers. If you’re one who loves simple wallpapers, this app is apt for you.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 26
Screenshot 20180329 173657

It’s a fuss-free app. All it takes is a few swipes to understand the game. Once done, you can select and set your wallpaper. Stupis Screens’ wallpapers are categorized into four sections — Exotic, Material, Habijabi, and Clean.

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5. Subcast: Podcast Radio

Subcast is a new radio-inspired podcast app. This app comes with a variety of ‘podcast stations’ that will help you discover new shows and podcasts.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 23
Free Android Apps For April 2018 22

The interface is neat and colorful. It contains a couple of control buttons at the bottom of the screen or you can swipe left/right to switch the shows.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 19

Since the app is radio-inspired, you can’t actually choose or select a particular podcast. Apart from that, you can either play the shows on your phone or on any of the Alexa-powered devices.

6. Nebula Alarm Clock

If you consider waking up in the morning a super arduous task, your best bet would be the Nebula Alarm Clock app. This app features a number of insane methods to wake you up while, at the same time, letting you play a wee game.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 12

As the name suggests, the game revolves around stars and constellations. At a predetermined time every night, a star will grow till the alarm goes off the next morning. When it goes off, you’d have to collect the star by solving the puzzles.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 11
Free Android Apps For April 2018 4

What makes this app super cool is that the alarm switch-off methods are bizarre. From tapping on color blocks to scanning QR codes — Nebula Alarm Clock makes sure that you don’t hit the snooze button.

Interestingly, you can unlock new effects on finishing constellations.

7. Vimage

Vimage, a cool combo of video and image, is a photo-editing app that gives a twist to your pictures by adding a super-realistic loop effect. From rains to snowfalls and moving clouds, it has them all.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 8

The app is super easy to use. You just have to select the picture, adjust the saturation, pick and place the suitable loop effect and voila! The image, oops … Vimage, is ready to be shared on Instagram.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 6

As cool as it may sound, Vimage is not without its share of faults. This app needs an active Internet connection to download the said effects.

8. Notification Animations

If you’re big on customization, you may want to try the Notification Animations app. This app gives a clever twist to the dull and monotonous Android notifications. From WhatsApp messages to Play Store notifications — you can make all of them come alive with this app.

Free Android Apps For April 2018 32

It has a plethora of animations to choose from and, typical of most Android animation apps, you can set the animation speed.

The only issue with this app is that the notifications are fixed at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

9. Cache Cleaner Super

Cache Cleaner Super is a one-stop solution for clearing the cache files at one go. It’s a no-frills app, which does exactly what is advertised. Unlike the built-in method where you have to clear cache app-wise, this app does all that in one single tap.

Best New Android Apps April 2018 2
Best New Android Apps April 2018 1

So, the next time you find your phone acting sluggish and slow, you know what to do.

All Set to Welcome April?

So, these were some of the new and free Android Apps that were released in the last few months. Since they address a variety of problems, you may find a majority of them useful.

Do let us know in the comments section which of these apps you found to be the most useful. My favorite? Well, Radiogram has me hooked for now.

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