15 Best Nature Wall­pa­pers in 4K and Full HD for Desk­top and Mobile

Namrata Gogoi

Why do we love nature wallpapers? They provide a break from the usual humdrum of life and transports you to a peaceful place. To be welcomed with the beautiful vista of the sun shining brilliantly on a lavender field is something words can't describe.

Best Nature Wallpapers In 4 K And Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile 8

It's true that nature has bestowed mother earth with some incredible landscapes and stunning sceneries. All it takes is a glance, and it’ll sweep off your feet. Trust me, I am not exaggerating.

Based on the massive love that we have for nature, we have accumulated the best images in 4K and FHD to transport you to places less trodden.

Important Note: To download these images in their original resolution, click on the link below each image. If you are looking for a low-resolution image, right click on the wallpaper and select Save image as.

1. Welcome [4K]

Best Nature Wallpapers In 4 K And Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile 14

This wallpaper is the epitome of peace and tranquillity. A glance at a Torri (traditional Japanese gate) framed by a tangerine sky is the best way to calm our anxious mind.

2. A Thousand Aroma [4K]

Best Nature Wallpapers In 4 K And Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile 1

Did you know lavender is a member of the mint family? These purple blossoms have many health benefits, apart from having an excellent aroma. Well, you can’t smell the wallpaper, but it will make you step out and sniff a flower.

3. The Wall [4K]

The Great Wall Of China 4 K Uhd Wallpaper

If you were asked to summarize this image, how would you do it? Do let us know your answer in the comments section. (Yes, Rahul Dravid is an acceptable answer.)

4. Of Green Hills and Blue Skies [4K]

Armenia Syunik Khustup Hayk Photography Wallpaper 1920X1080

The bright blue sky and the crisp yellow sunshine signals fresh new beginnings. Unfortunately, it's a rare occurrence for city dwelling folks like us to see such blues and not to mention, rolling green hills. Sigh.

5. Until We Meet Again [4K]

Xix9Yf P 1920X1080 Nature Wallpaper

A tiny pond reflecting the colors of the setting sun, cotton-like clouds floating about merrily, and green grass. Best way to end a long but fruitful day.

6. Hill-Perched Monasteries [4K]

Best Nature Wallpapers In 4 K And Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile 10

Greece's Meteora monasteries are regarded as the ideal place to attain spiritual elevation. That's the reason these vertical cliffs house many monasteries. Did you know that earlier these hills had around twenty-four of them?

7. Let There Be Light [HD]

Best Nature Wallpapers In Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile

I love how this image captures three distinct colors brilliantly. The shade of green is just magical.

Speaking of green, did you know that grasslands cover around 20% of the total vegetation on earth? The grass is usually considered to be one of the oldest organisms to be discovered by humans.

8. Dancing Lights [HD]

Best Nature Wallpapers In Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile 2

If you happen to work late nights, it's more practical to have a wallpaper that soothes the ambiance. Your eyes won't be hit by blazing white light the moment you close any application or browser.

9. Is the Sea Really Blue? [HD]

Best Nature Wallpapers In Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile 5

Is it green? Is it blue? Is it turquoise? Well, we all know that color of the sea changes all the time as per weather conditions. But did you know that these changes in color are actually due to the play of light and sea algae?

10. Blossom [HD]

Best Nature Wallpapers In Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile 7

Love closeups? If yes, here's a superb image for you. What I loved about it is that the photographer has managed to capture every single aspect of these tiny blooms.

11. The Anchor to the Bottom [HD]

Best Nature Wallpapers In Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile 4

If you love flowers, this one should definitely make its way to your system. I loved this image for many reasons. First, the blooming lily signals new beginnings and speaks of hope and dreams. Secondly, the right alignments of the flower mean that you can have all the desktop icons on the left.

12. Sunrise [HD]

Best Nature Wallpapers In Full Hd For Desktop And Mobile 3

Magical, captivating, serene, and awe-inspiring. Words fail to describe the actual beauty of when the golden rays hit the pale blue mountains. No wonder people wake up early to catch this breathtaking view.

13. River of Fire

Best Nature Wallpapers In Hd For Mobile 1

Is it just me, or do you also see the mountain face resembling the Wakanda mountains as shown in Black Panther?

14. Of Flowers and Bicycles

Best Nature Wallpapers In Hd For Mobile 4

At times, too much clutter in the lower portion of mobile wallpapers makes it difficult to spot the app icons. Thankfully, the above image solves this issue by keeping it in a pleasant tone.

Also, the brilliant hues of the yellow and purple flowers will surely make you smile the moment you unlock your phone.

15. Sound of Music

Best Nature Wallpapers In Hd For Mobile 2

Again, the magic behind snow-clad mountains and grasslands is absolutely breathtaking!

The Many Colors of Nature

Wallpapers are undoubtedly one of the most basic ways to lend a personal touch to laptops, PCs, and phones.

How often do you change your system's wallpaper? I fall into the category of 'weekly changers.' (Yes, I just made up a term.)

Next up: Do images of waterfalls leave you spellbound? Here are some of the best HD waterfall wallpapers that you can check out.

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