6 Best Motion Sensor Night Lights in UK for 2023

Let us paint a picture for you — you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. And, in a bid to find the switch for the light, you end up stubbing your toe. Moreover, the bright light in your room might be a tad too jarring, especially in the middle of the night. That’s why you should think about investing in the best motion sensor night lights.

Best Motion Sensor Night Lights in the UK

These lights light up when they detect motion. And the soft glow ensures that you do not get nuked in the eye. Plus, most of these lights are rechargeable, which means you can install them in the places of your choice.

So if you are living in the UK, and are planning to upgrade the night lights in your bedroom, here are some of the best motion sensor night lights in the UK. But first,

1. Useber Plug-in Night Light

  • Colour: Warm white | Power: Plug-in
  • Range: 13.12ft
VESKYAO Motion Sensor Night Lights in the UK

The Useber motion sensor light is one of the most inexpensive indoor motion-activated lights out there. It’s a simple plug-in light with a warm white colour tone. Since it’s a plug-in light, you’ll need to ensure that the power outlet is near your bed and on a lower level. That said, the sensor is at the front, and the company claims that it can catch movement up to 13ft.

The user reviews are on the positive side, with most of the user reviews indicating that it works as intended. The best part is that the light switches off automatically after 30 seconds, thus saving energy. Further, it has a compact form factor, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb and disrupt your bedroom’s ambiance.

The Useber night light is affordable. And if you want to keep things simple, then this is the best pick for you.

2. Veskyao Motion Sensor Night Light

  • Colour: White | Power: Battery (3 AAA batteries)
  • Range: 10ft
Veskyao Night Lights

The Veskyao night light is almost like the one above. The company ships three lights in the same price bracket, which makes these a better pick from the price perspective. However, these aren’t plug-in devices. Instead, they run on batteries. The company also ships adhesive pads along with the lights to stick them to walls.

The night lights have a commendable range and can detect motion at up to 10 feet. Further, the 0.5W lights are enough to give off a soft glow, and several users have praised this in their reviews.

Another highlight of this indoor motion sensor night light is its portable form factor. Naturally, it gives you the flexibility of mounting it at the location of your choice, whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, or stairwells.

So far, they have garnered a good number of positive reviews, with users singing praises for the brightness and sensitivity of the sensor.

3. TeamPD Stick-On Night Light

  • Colour: Warm white | Power: Battery (one AA battery)
  • Range: 10ft
TEAMPD motion sensor Lights

If you want modern-looking night lamps, then you can’t go wrong with the ones by TeamPD. To that end, the company’s lights feature a square form factor, with the sensor at the top and the lights at the bottom. The main power switch is on the right side. Again, these are battery-operated lights and pack in three modes.

The best part is that it also has a neat nail opening at the back. So in areas that get damp or hot, you can hang the light on a nail. Naturally, these lights are triggered when they detect movement. More importantly, they are quite good at their job if we were to go by user reviews.

That said, the TeamPD night light emits a very soft glow. For the record, each night lamp bundles 0.4W LED lights. The only downside is that it falls on the white spectrum as against the advertised warm white spectrum, and several users have backed this in their reviews.

That said, these are one of the best motion sensor night lights that you can buy for the price. And the squarish design gives off a modern vibe.

4. AIMILAR Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

  • Colour: Warm white | Power: USB-rechargeable (500mAh battery)
  • Range: 9.8ft
AIMILAR motion sensor Lights

Are you buying the nightlight for your little one’s bedroom? If yes, you may want to check out the ones by AIMILAR. The light features a cutesy design and features different animals encapsulated within the LED module. Unlike the ones above, it is a rechargeable night light.

As such, you do not have to deal with the hassles of replacing the batteries or switching on the power outlet manually. Instead, you can simply pick up the light from its mount and connect a USB cable. The battery life is decent, and a few hours of charge last a couple of days.

The AIMILAR night light is popular on Amazon UK and has picked up more than 1,500 user ratings. Users have complimented its motion detection and brightness. Plus, the fact that it stays put is the cherry on top. Do note that the buttons are at the back of the device.

5. Auraglow Plug-in Lights

  • Colour: Warm white | Power: Plug-in
  • Range: 9.8ft
Auraglow Night Lights in the UK

The Auraglow light is not your average LED night light with motion sensors. This plug-in light has a magnetic base and also doubles up as a torch. So in hours of need, you simply need to do is pick up the light module and get going. It also has a built-in battery that lasts about 1.5 hours and should come in handy on the off chance there’s a power cut in your locality.

Compared to its peers above, the Auraglow night lights are a tad on the bigger side. That said, the soft glow negates its big form factor.

More importantly, it has a solid build and comes with the British CE mark, and meets the EU safety standards. It’s a huge plus, especially if you are planning for a permanent upgrade. The Auraglow light is popular on Amazon UK and has received its fair share of praise. People love its low-light and easy-to-use features.

6. Lyridz Motion Sensor Night Light

  • Colour: Warm white | Power: Battery
  • Range: 10-13ft
Lyridz Best Motion Sensor Night Lights in the UK

Last but not least, we have the motion sensor night light by Lyridz. The highlight of this light is its adjustable brightness feature. Yes, you read that right! It has a small control panel that lets you alter the brightness as per your preference. The lights are USB-rechargeable too, which is great.

Again, it gives off a soft warm glow, and the odds are that you won’t be jarred awake when you step off your bed (or stairs) in the dark. When triggered, the light stays on for about 20 seconds before turning off.

The battery life is good for the price and size. In fact, quite a few users have pointed out that the battery remained charged for a few weeks after charging via USB for a few hours. Cool, right? More notably, it’s simple to install.

Let There Be Light

These were some of the best motion sensor night lights that you can buy in the UK. All of these are backed by a simple installation process. In fact, some of these pack an easy-to-understand user manual which eases the installation process.

Last updated on 17 March, 2023

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