5 Best Moon Phase Apps and Moon Calendar Apps for Android

The different phases of the moon have always carried different meanings, spiritually and scientifically. It is believed to have effects on your personality, and day-to-day life, and even has hormonal implications. If you’re also interested in knowing about the different phases of the moon, here’re the 5 best moon phase apps and moon calendar apps for Android.

5 Best Moon Phase Apps and Moon Calendar Apps for Android

These apps allow you to observe and understand the different phases of the moon, right from your smartphone. Moreover, most of these apps have a great rating of 4 stars or higher. Let’s dive right in.

1. My Moon Phase – Best Moon Calendar App

One of the best moon calendar apps, My Moon Phase allows you to scroll through the monthly calendar to check out the current moon phase, upcoming and past moon phases, moonrise, and moonset times. It also gives you additional tips for photography along with providing a detailed graph in line with the selected lunar calendar period. If you wish, you can also set a custom location different from your current location.

From the Settings menu, you can turn on notifications for individual lunar events such as Supermoon, Solstice, Equinox, etc. If you’re a photography enthusiast, you can also refer to the Golden Hour and Blue Hour times given in the app to get your ideal snap. You also get details regarding the current lunar zodiac zone, moon age, altitude, and the total distance from us.

For the free version, users will get banner ads at the bottom of the screen. If you decide to go for the paid version, you will need to download the My Moon Phase Pro app separately to get the full features and functionality.


  • Push notifications for major lunar events
  • Specialized timings for photography enthusiasts
  • Comprehensive lunar tracking available in the free version


  • Banner ads in the free version
  • Separate apps for free and paid users
  • Price: Free; Subscription: $2.99 onwards

2. Luna Solaria – Best App to Track Lunar Phase Cycles

The Luna Solaria app helps you keep track of not only the phases of the moon but also of the sun. Depending on your current location, you can easily get updates about the position of the moon and the sun, the moon sign position in the lunar calendar, and more.

Using NASA’s images, you get real-time pictures of the moon along with the full chart of the moon’s entire phase cycle. The app has some pre-fed locations that can be used. You can also track solar position on a series of parameters like rising time, setting time, nautical position, etc.

A basic map of the current position of the moon on the zodiac signs is also available for free users. Additionally, you can also check the upcoming moon phases like the next full moon, new moon, etc.

While certain features are available in the free version, several features have been blocked behind a paywall as well. You need to be a paid member for information like planet tracking, change in dates, details about the lunar zodiac, and even custom notifications for sunrise and sunset. You can, however, take individual subscriptions for the service you require instead of going for the whole app.


  • Can also track sun phases
  • Zodiac calendar for free users
  • Users can opt for separate subscriptions based on their required service


  • Not enough features in the free version
  • The free version doesn’t offer to change the date and custom notification
  • Price: Free; Subscription: $1.99 per service onwards

3. Phases of the Moon – Best Moon Tracker App

As the name suggests, the Phases of the Moon app lets you view the different phases of the moon. One of the best moon tracker apps, swiping your finger on the moon allows you to move and adjust the shadow on the moon according to the phase you want.

Underneath the selected phase of the moon, you will also get additional information like the name of that particular phase of the moon, the date that it will be visible, moon signs compatible with the selected shape, its age, and even the distance of the moon once that phase is visible. If your notifications are turned on, the app will also send you information regarding important lunar events.

Compared to other apps on this list, the Phases of the Moon app has fewer features in terms of functionality. Additionally, the app also has banner ads visible on the main screen. However, if you use your fingers to pinch into the image of the moon, you will also be able to get additional information on all the previous moon landings on the image itself.


  • Additional information on different lunar phases
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Details of previous moon landings available in the app


  • Banner ads visible for free users
  • Features are not as comprehensive as other apps
  • Price: Free; Subscription: $1.99 onwards

4. Moon Phase Calendar – Best App to Track Lunar and Solar Events

One of the most accurate moon phase apps, the Moon Phase Calendar app allows you to keep track of both, solar and lunar periods. You get the surprisingly detailed information regarding the day-to-day phase of the moon, with toggles ranging from moon shapes to moon timings for any day on the calendar currently visible.

Besides a lunar calendar, you also get a separate section for the lunar compass. If you have the location set, this can help you with the current altitude of both, the sun and the moon. The sun calendar provides additional information regarding the Dawn, Twilight, and Photography hours throughout the date selected. You can also check out additional information regarding the next phases of the moon.

Just like a couple of other apps on this list, you will get banner ads on the Moon Phase Calendar app as well. However, you do get the option of watching a video ad to disable ad banners for the next 24 hours. Additionally, the app’s interface isn’t too user-friendly, with the app constantly closing at the single tap of the back button.


  • Comprehensive tracking for solar phases as well
  • Supports Lunar compass in the free version
  • Calendar view for lunar phase tracking


  • Intrusive banner ads in the free version
  • The interface is not user friendly
  • Price: Free; Subscription: $1.99 onwards

5. The Moon Calendar – Best Visual Lunar Calendar App

One of the best visual calendar apps, The Moon Calendar app gives you all the phases of the moon in a big, circular diagram. Arranged monthly, this can give you an insight into the monthly phases of the moon. You can also sync your calendar and add tasks, all within The Moon Calendar app.

Once you add all the necessary details and sync up your calendars, you can track your daily tasks, menstrual cycle, and even add journal entries. Tapping on the moon phases in the monthly circle will open the horoscope forecast for the day. Here, you can also check your calendar for any prior appointments. You can also browse through the self-care rituals provided within the app.

While the free users get pretty nifty features, its paid tier comes with its set of perks including the ability to journal, add tasks, and access additional self-case rituals. Paid users can also access future and past daily horoscopes.


  • Provisions for syncing with other calendars
  • Daily horoscope available
  • Moon phases for the month at a glance


  • Ability to journal and add tasks unavailable in the free version
  • Detailed weekly information on lunar phases is unavailable in the free version
  • Price: Free; Subscription: Starting at $9.99/month

Keep Track of the Moon

If you’re interested in astrology, astronomy, or simply want to know more, with our list of the 5 best moon phase apps and moon calendar apps for Android, we hope that you can get the chance to know about the moon in detail. Alternatively, you can also use Google Sky Maps to explore beyond the moon and into outer space.

Last updated on 18 April, 2023

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