7 Best Mi Band 4 Straps and Bands That You Can Buy

Buying a replacement straps for your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can be confusing. Should you go for fancy leather straps or to stick to the reliable silicon straps? Well, you are not alone. With replacement bands for the Mi Band 4 so readily available, it’s only natural that you’d want to switch between different colors and types of bands.

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In this post today, we have compiled a list of the best straps and bands for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

However, before you press that Buy button, check if the product satisfies the below criteria.

  • Does it accumulate sweat?
  • Is the product breathable?
  • Can the length of the bands be extended?
  • Is the locking mechanism reliable?

1. Baaletc Replacement Bands

If you want to switch between plenty of different colors, the Baaletc Replacement Band is the best option for you. Made of silicone, this band comes in a pack of 10 and resembles the original band of the Mi Band 4. And needless to say, they have the same pin-and-tuck mechanism as their actual counterpart.

The band works as intended. The material is soft and comfortable to wear for prolonged duration. That is helpful while you are working out.

This product has received favorable reviews from users on Amazon, with many praising its fit. Apart from that, there are several other color options. I especially liked the printed bands which have a different appeal about them.

2. Mijobs Stainless Steel Replacement Strap

The Mijobs Stainless Steel Strap gives the humble Mi Band 4 a premium look. What makes it special is that it’s made of quality stainless steel, and it can be adjusted as per the wrist’s width. And that’s not all. It also packs a neat double-press safety buckle, similar to most traditional watches, that adds to the experience.

Apart from that, it’s beautiful and adds a premium look. And there are many reviews to back up this claim. So far, this metal strap for the Mi band 4 has received rave reviews with users acknowledging its comfort and looks.

The only issue which you might face is removing the tracker from the strap to recharge it.

3. Tkasing Silicone Strap

If you want your strap to stand out, then the Tkasing Silicone Strap is a must-buy. These silicone straps, which come in a set of 3, are painted in trendy patterns and colors. From paisleys to flowers and digital prints, there are quite a lot of options. Like the original band of the Mi Band 4, these too also come packed with the pic-and-tuck method of locking the band in place.

They are comfortable and are comfortable to wear. Plus, the two additional bands mean that you can switch between different colors and prints as per the color of your outfit.

Do note that these straps are for casual wear, and the print is likely to wear off soon if you wear them continuously. On the upside, the makers claim that the Tkasing straps are sweatproof.

4. MIMEI 3-Pack Sport Wristbands

The highlight of the MIMEI Sport Wristband is the stylistic perforations that not only lend this band a stylish look, but they let the sweat escape. Plus, the double-color tone enhances the overall looks and sits well with the black look of the Mi Band 4. And with the holes being so close, it gives you the freedom to adjust the band as per your comfort.

It’s silicon body makes it easier to clean. Even if you do have sweat accumulated under the band, you simply have to wipe it off with a clean cloth. The use of the silicon loop means you won’t have the case of rusted loops.

5. Mijobs Leather Replacement Strap

Despite leather being slightly expensive, it has the added perk of elevating the looks of its companion gadgets, and the Mijobs Leather Replacement Strap is no different. Made of soft leather, it comes with the traditional watch lock complete with double loops. Plus, it looks great and will complement your business outfits.

Apart from that, the frame is made of alloy metal and matches the color of the strap. And the good part is that the frame has a rubber lining so as not to ruin the sides of the tracker.

Though there are fewer reviews for this band, the ones so far have been great with users speaking highly of its looks and comfort. More importantly, the people are impressed with the perfect fit of this leather belt.

6. Rapidotzz Silicon Straps (India)

Another strap that you can consider buying in India is the Rapidotzz Silicon Straps. It’s a well-built strap with clean color tones and a simple look. The area around the main module is colored in contrast to the band color and gives the strap a distinctive look. Apart from that, much of the strap is similar to the original strap, including the closing mechanism.

The Rapidotzz straps have garnered good responses from users mainly because of the flexibility and the comfort, durability, and the usability it brings to the table. Plus, you can also take your pick from a number of colors.

7. iloft Silicone Camouflage Army Style Band

You will love the iloft bands for its funky designs and comfortable feel. Made of silicone, these casual-wear bands also double up as a sports band, since these are sweatproof. Plus, for a sub-Rs. 700 bands, they prove to be a great value for money.

The other features such as perforations and the band adjustment are similar to the original products, meaning you won’t have to bother with adjusting to new features.

Though it has earned some great reviews, thanks to its fit and comfort, the colors appear to be a little bit similar. If that doesn’t matter to you much, these bands are worth buying.

Go Color!

So, these are some of the bands that you can consider buying for your Mi Band 4. The thing is most straps is that they start to gather dirt when worn for long durations. Hence, do remember to clean your bands regularly.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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