11 Best Metro: Exodus Wallpapers [HD+ and 4K] You Must Download

With a world ravaged by nuclear war and cities irradiated, Metro: Exodus brings home the perfect post-apocalyptic claustrophobic world. This first-person-shooter (FPS) video game gives a new meaning to a relentless mode called survival. Succeeding the popular Metro: Last Light, this Metro franchise game brings a lot to the table.

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The absolutely brilliant about this game is that apart from the erratic gunfights and the apocalyptic setting, it brings a new meaning to the word Hope.

As they say, To Live Without Hope Is to Cease to Live.

As you help Artyom to make his way through the frozen landscape of Russia, we have decided to scout the Internet to find quality wallpapers of Metro: Exodus both in HD and 4K.

Here are a few of the best ones. Let’s take a look.


1. A Dystopian Future

Best Metro Exodus Wallpapers 3

Perhaps the best thing about this FPS game is that you have to take in so many factors. Thankfully, over time, they become a part of you so much so that you do not realize that you are doing it.

Case in point: Replacing the filters of your gas mask periodically, lighting the lighter while making your way through forests, or wiping the glass of the mask.

2. The Transition

Metro Exodus 2018 5K N1 1024X768

From a bleak, cold and dark tunnel to the sunny and green valleys – if you want a single image that shouts Transition, it is this one. The distant mountaintops beckons, folks!

Did you know this game removes the ammunition-based currency system? So, what’s the replacement? Well, play the game to find it out.

3. For the Strength to Keep on Living

Best Metro Exodus Wallpapers 2

Unlike its predecessor, this FPS game takes its players to the surface, a welcome break from the dark underground tunnels. So from the dried out Caspian sea and snow-blanketed sprawls of empty land to the mighty Volga and the lush-green Taiga, you get to see plenty of landscape and seasonal shifts.

And the best thing is that you can explore all these stunning landscapes on your own. Lighter in hand and the full sky above, this game is capable of transforming you to an alternate (or dystopian) future.

4. Taiga Pioneers

Best Metro Exodus Wallpapers 6

Who said game wallpapers have to be about the characters of the game. For games like Metro: Exodus, I’d say that it’s as much as about the graphics as it is about the characters.

If you are all about graphics, let this uber cool background grace your desktop.

5. For the Love of Minimalism

Best Metro Exodus Wallpapers 63

Love game quotes? If yes, you’ll fall in this one. Notice the tiny gunman on the letter M? Someone rightly said little details do matter. On second thoughts, the combination of blue and purple does look amazing, right?

6. Tales of Spartan Rangers

Metro Exodus Hd Wallpapers

Did you know that Artyom, the chosen one, was born after the nuclear bombing and was raised in an underground station, named Timiryazevskaya? In all the Metro games, Artyom is often heard quoting the Bible, an ode to his bookish and philosophical side.

7. A Bleak Hope

Best Metro Exodus Wallpapers 65

Relieve the adrenaline rush of messy gunfights, shooting away giant spiders or running away from a pack of ferocious wolves while slowly rejoicing the fact that you just came out alive after wiping out mutant spiders!

8. A Few Flecks of Snow

Best Metro Exodus Wallpapers 64

A burst of strong sunshine and a few snow specks — if an image can summarize a game, it is this one. Talk about images speaking volume.

9. In search of the ARK Project

Metro Exodus 4K Wallpaper 2

Did you know that Colonel Miller was in a wheelchair briefly before he had his prosthetics installed?

10. Russian Wastelands

Best Metro Exodus Wallpapers 1

I guess the game comes a full circle in the end. The battle that began with snow ended with snow.

Which part of the game did you like the most? The part where they begin scouting the Taiga valley or when you shoot and fight away giant slugs while paddling a boat?

11. Aurora

Metro Exodus 4K Wallpaper

The Aurora takes on numerous forms during its journey that started with the first Metro game. While it took its birth as a single engine-only vehicle, the Aurora also sees several parts being added over the different iterations and levels. It even attaches a handsome snowplow towards the end. Cool, right?

The End

A Soviet-era steam train, a lush-green countryside, giants slugs, and mutant spiders and a labyrinth of tunnels, few can describe in words the magical quality of Metro: Exodus.

Which wallpaper will you download first? Let me guess, and it’s number 8. The subtle beauty of it smites me.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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