6 Best Mechanical Keyboards for Mac

If you use a Mac, chances are that you’re probably using the MacBook’s in-built keyboard or the Apple Magic keyboard if you have a Mac desktop. Regardless of which one you’re using, it’s a membrane keyboard that may not give you the desired feedback or key travel. The solution? Get a mechanical keyboard. A mechanical keyboard can elevate your typing experience to the next level.

best mechanical keyboards for Mac

Whether you’re stuck with sticky butterfly keys on your MacBook or want a more comfortable and customizable typing experience, we’ve dug the internet for some of the best mechanical keyboards for a Mac. These keyboards work out of the box with macOS and even come with Mac-specific keycaps. Here they are!

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With that (and your old keyboard) out of the way, let’s get typing!

1. Velocifire M87

Here’s a good budget keyboard to start with. The Velocifire has a tenkeyless (TKL) layout, is wired, and offers dedicated Mac keys. It’s also backlit making it a great deal if you’re getting your first mechanical keyboard.

Not only is the Velocifire M87 keyboard affordable, but it’s also got a great layout that most people would like. The TKL layout does away with the number pad for a slightly more portable form factor. The keyboard has an all-black exterior and comes with dedicated keycaps for Mac which is great, especially at this price point.

You will have to interface the keyboard with your Mac via a cable, so it’s not wireless. But again, considering the price point, that’s understandable. As for the switches, this keyboard has tactile Brown switches which should be good for most people.

2. Keychron K2 V2

This is arguably the best keyboard out there for Mac users, especially when you factor in the price point. It’s got a great balance of features and good looks, making it a worthy choice for most users.

The Keychron K2 has got several tricks up its sleeve. For starters, Keychron ships with Windows-supporting keycaps by default and also adds keycaps for Mac in the box. The keyboard is also wireless and connects to up to 3 devices via Bluetooth making it extremely convenient. No dangling wires and an unoccupied USB port are always a bonus.

Lastly, it’s backlit RGB is customizable. The hot-swappable option that lets you swap out switches is also available, but at a slight premium. The keyboard comes with Gateron Red, Blue, or Brown switches options. This keyboard has a 75% layout which strikes a perfect balance between giving you all the standard keys and portability.

3. Macally Mac Retro Keyboard

The mention of Mac in its name gives it away that this keyboard is meant specifically for one. It offers a TKL layout and connects to your Mac via USB. The all-white exterior looks rather attractive and would go well with the latest iMacs.

Are you looking for a basic mechanical keyboard that is wired and would get the job done just right? Then, this keyboard is for you. It’s got no fancy features like multi-device wireless connectivity or RGB lighting. But, it has a nice exterior that would match the your Mac’s look along with a retro design that appeals to the eyes.

The TKL layout ensures you get the required keys. While you don’t get RGB lighting, the keys are backlit with white LEDs which look elegant. You also have a full-size 100% layout option which is priced at $50 more. As for the switches, you get Browns switches which should be good for typing.

4. Durgod Taurus K310

Up until now, all the keyboards mentioned were compact and didn’t include a dedicated numpad. Well, this one is for all those of you crunching numbers. It’s a full-size keyboard that connects via USB-C, so you don’t need any dongle or adaptor to hook it up to your Mac.

The Durgod Taurus K310 is built extremely well and has great looks too. As mentioned earlier, it’s a full-size keyboard. So you get a dedicated numpad on the right. A USB-C to C cable connects the keyboard to the Mac. One advantage of this keyboard is that it has programmable keys to let you assign shortcuts to different apps and programs.

This is also one of the most customizable options on Amazon. Firstly, you can pick the color of the keyboard along with the keycaps. Then, you get the option to pick the type of switch you want. The available options are Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Black, Red, Speed Silver, and Silent Red. As a bonus, this is also a great keyboard for gaming that you can use with your Windows PC when not connected to your Mac.

5. Das Keyboard 4

Yet another full-size keyboard that has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. The Das Keyboard 4 is a professional wired mechanical keyboard with 104 keys. You get specific keys customized for Mac along with USB ports and a volume knob in-built for extra functionality.

Apart from letting you use the keyboard for its true intended purpose — typing, the Das Keyboard extends the functionality with a few additional features that make it a great option to purchase. It’s got an in-built USB 3.0 hub with 2 ports so even though the keyboard occupies a USB port on your Mac, it gives you two free ports that you can use to connect external accessories.

The keyboard also has a dedicated volume knob in the top-right corner accompanied by media control keys. The build quality of the keyboard is excellent thanks to the aluminum chassis. The profile of the keyboard is quite thin despite having a sturdy exterior. You get Brown switches with the board which is good for typing.

6. Logitech G915 Lightspeed

This is the most expensive keyboard out of the lot but it’s also got a great set of features along with the brand value of Logitech. It’s got the RGB gamer vibe along with wireless connectivity. This is an excellent keyboard if you seek one with low profile keys.

For starters, the Logitech G915 Lightspeed is a low-profile keyboard so if you’re switching from something like Apple’s Magic Keyboard, this is a great option as you’ll feel right at home. The height of the keyboard resembles the Magic Keyboard. However, the feedback of keys is much better on the Logitech’s keyboard. Also, you can choose from Linear, Clicky, or Tactile switches options. Besides you can choose between a TKL layout or a full-size one (with numpad).

While it is a good option for your Mac, the keyboard shines even better when paired with a Windows PC for gaming. You get Lightsync RGB to control the lighting patterns across the keyboard. Being wireless makes convenient to carry around, leaving a port on your Mac free.

Enjoy Typing on Your Mac

A good mechanical keyboard can go a long way in ensuring you have a good typing experience when using your computer. If you type for long hours, get a good keyboard for your Mac, and your fingers will thank you.

Last updated on 08 July, 2022

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