6 Best MagSafe Car Mounts for iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple’s MagSafe technology on the back of iPhones can serve multiple purposes. You can use it to charge the phone, attach accessories, and even mount it in your car. If you drive around a lot and use your iPhone for navigation, you might want to consider picking up a MagSafe car mount for your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

MagSafe car mounts are both convenient and can charge your phone on the go making them a much better option compared to conventional car mounts. However, all MagSafe car mounts out there don’t work with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, thanks to its sheer size and weight. If you have the big boy iPhone, we’ve made the job easier with this list of the best MagSafe car mounts for iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Let’s find a home for your iPhone in your car now!

1. Spigen Mag Fit Phone Holder

Includes charging: Yes

The first product is quite different from all the others mentioned on this list. Spigen’s Mag Fit phone holder isn’t a MagSafe car mount in itself. Instead, it provides an enclosure for the Apple MagSafe charger to be mounted in your car. This is a smart solution for those who already have a MagSafe charger and want a way to use it as a car mount.

Have you purchased Apple’s MagSafe charger for your iPhone? If you have, the good news is that you can convert it into a car mount by getting this accessory from Spigen. The Spigen Mag Fit is a MagSafe car vent mount that uses Apple’s MagSafe charger as the base. It adds a mount around the charging puck so that you can attach it to your car’s AC vents.

This is a smart way of repurposing an accessory that you already have. Since you’ll be using Apple’s official MagSafe charger, you can expect the best charging speed and compatibility. All you have to do is slot in your MagSafe charger and hook it up with a USB-C car charger with Power Delivery.

The one downside of this product is that if you’re using a thick or rugged case on your iPhone 14 Pro Max, the magnetic strength won’t be strong. A slim case with MagSafe should work just fine.

2. Lisen Car Mount

Includes charging: No

This one’s for those who want some flexibility in terms of where to attach the car mount. The Lisen iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe car mount gives you the option to either clip it onto the AC vents or use an adhesive to mount it on your dashboard depending on your preferences.

This MagSafe mount from Lisen is quite versatile. It can mount on top of any surface with its flexible design. If you don’t wish to use it in your car, you can even mount it on your desk and use it as a phone holder. It’s got a modern design that looks unique compared to the flat look that most MagSafe car mounts have.

The strength of the magnets is also stronger than usual which means the mount can easily hold your iPhone 14 Pro Max. The biggest downside of this mount though is that it doesn’t charge your phone when mounted. So, if you’re specifically looking for a car charging mount, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Pure as a mount, though, this is one of the best out there based on magnetic strength.

3. Yawmold Wireless Car Charger With Cooling Fan

Includes charging: Yes

You might be aware that wireless charging generates heat which isn’t good for the battery in the long run. This MagSafe car charger mount from Yawmold aims to fix exactly that — with the help of a cooling fan. This car mount with a MagSafe charger has a cooling fan behind the wireless charging pad that helps keep your iPhone 14 Pro Max cool while it’s charging.

Not only does this iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe car mount charger have a cooling fan but it also has fancy RGB lights that make it look cool and different from your standard car mounts. It attaches to your car’s AC vents and there is a USB port at the bottom that attaches to an 18W car charger that you’ll have to buy separately.

If you drive around a lot, especially during the daytime, this car mount can prove to be beneficial for your iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery in the long run since it can keep it cooler than usual. The magnetic strength is also strong enough to hold an iPhone 14 Pro Max provided you’re using a light case with MagSafe. One downside as pointed out by the reviews is that it charges your iPhone at just 7.5W which is quite slow.

4. ESR HaloLock Car Mount

Includes charging: Yes

All the car mounts mentioned up until now were ones you attach to your car’s AC vents. However, some users may not prefer this since the mount may block air circulation. The solution is to get a windshield car mount like this from ESR. It has wireless charging built-in and can hold the iPhone 14 Pro Max in place.

The ESR MagSafe car mount has a simple design that’s functional. It attaches to the windshield of your car via a suction mount. You get a telescopic arm that you can extend and set at an angle based on your seating position. There’s a USB-C port at the bottom that you can use to plug in a cable from your car charger, which by the way, isn’t included.

The magnetic strength is pretty good but as per the reviews, using the iPhone 14 Pro Max without a case can mean that it falls off when you drive through a bump. The solution as suggested by those users is to use a silicone case that provides some amount of friction when mounted.

Some users also suggested that the plastic used in the construction is a bit cheap and hence, it makes creaking noises.

5. OtterBox Performance Car Dash Mount

Includes charging: No

Just like its cases, the OtterBox MagSafe car mount is also strong and can hold your iPhone 14 Pro Max up with no issues. It’s a mount that attaches to the windshield or dashboard of your car along with an extending arm to adjust the angle.

This is a high-quality mobile car mount from OtterBox. It has an all-black exterior that looks stealthy just like most accessories from the brand. The MagSafe mount means you can attach your iPhone 14 Pro Max either without a case or with a MagSafe case. The magnetic strength of this MagSafe car mount for iPhone 14 Pro Max is strong so you can get away with a slightly heavier case too.

While the phone stays in place even when driving through bumps, you will observe a lot of jiggles as pointed out by the reviews. This is due to the design of the car mount and the fact that it has a suspended arm that holds your iPhone. Another downside of the OtterBox MagSafe mount is that it doesn’t charge your phone, which is a pity given the asking price of this product.

Otterbox is including lifetime warranty with this product so in case it loses its magnetism or is unable to support your phone, you’re covered directly by the brand.

6. VICSEED Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Includes charging: Yes

Of all the car mounts mentioned in this article, this is easily one of the best MagSafe car mounts for iPhone 14 Pro Max. Not only does it have the strongest hold in terms of magnetic strength but also the fastest charging speed when wirelessly charging your iPhone via MagSafe. It’s slightly pricey but you’re getting your money’s worth.

The VICSEED magnetic wireless car mount is one of the best-rated MagSafe mounts on Amazon for a reason. It has a design that’s quite different from the other products. Instead of having just a MagSafe ring to hold the phone in place, it has a rectangular slab that also has the vertical portion of MagSafe to strengthen the adhesion.

It mounts onto your car’s AC vents and while it does take up more space than your average mount, the large surface area helps with better heat dissipation. The VICSEED mount can also charge your iPhone 14 Pro max at its maximum supported charging speed of 15W via MagSafe which is a bonus. Once you put your iPhone 14 Pro Max on this mount, it’s not going anywhere.

We would recommend getting this MagSafe car mount purely based on the strength of the magnets. The other features make the package a better deal. One slight bummer is that there’s no car charger in the box; so you will have to buy one separately. At this price, we would expect the brand to include one.

FAQs About MagSafe Car Mounts

1. Do MagSafe cases work with magnetic car mounts?

Yes. MagSafe cases will work with magnetic car mounts provided the mount also uses MagSafe and not a proprietary magnetic standard.

2. Is MagSafe strong enough for a car mount?

It depends entirely on the car mount you pick. All the car mounts mentioned in this list are strong enough to hold the iPhone 14 Pro max or just about any iPhone.

Snap Your iPhone Into Place

These were some of the best MagSafe car mounts for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. There are some notable mentions like the Belkin MagSafe car mount and the Anker PowerWave car mount that didn’t make it to this list since they don’t play too well with the weight of the iPhone 14 Pro max. If you have a smaller iPhone, you can consider those too.

Regardless of which one you get, enjoy the convenience of snapping your iPhone onto the mount as soon as you get inside your car.

Last updated on 13 October, 2022

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