Top 7 Keyboard Covers for MacBook Pro 14-Inch

If you frequently work on a MacBook Pro with your coffee, snacks, or little ones around, then an accidental spill can ruin your laptop’s keyboard. You can avoid such a situation and keep your keyboard dirt and oil-free by investing in a keyboard cover. Among dozens of options, we have picked the best MacBook Pro keyboard covers for you.

Keyboard covers for MacBook Pro

A keyboard cover is also handy if you have oily or sweaty hands. Due to oily fingers, your MacBook Pro’s keyboard may look like a mess after some time has elapsed. The dirt and grime might even leave permanent marks on your display, as it comes in touch with the keyboard when you close the lid.

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1. CaseBuy Keyboard Cover

CaseBuy keyboard cover for MacBook Pro

CaseBuy has an affordable cover for your MacBook Pro’s keyboard. The company offers the same cover for older MacBook models too. Available in several colors, CaseBuy’s offering is an instant buy if you are on a tight budget.

The CaseBuy keyboard cover sits perfectly on top of your MacBook Pro’s keyboard. Unlike some poorly made keyboard covers, CaseBuy’s offering features a precise cut-out for the Touch ID module. The keyboard cover is ultra-thin at only 0.12 mm and is transparent too. As such, it allows the backlight to shine through at night.

The keyboard cover is made of a high-quality lightweight TPU material that eliminates typing sound. As such, the keyboard cover is a splendid buy if you share your workspace with your spouse or other co-workers. The keyboard cover is washable too. You can wash it with soap and water and clean it before applying it to the keyboard again.

CaseBuy’s keyboard cover seems quite popular among buyers, with 3400+ reviews averaging 4.5 ratings. It gets the job done without putting a dent in the wallet.

2. MOSISO Keyboard Cover

MOSISO Keyboard cover for MacBook Pro

The default MacBook Pro keyboard setup with black keys may look bland to some. That’s where the MOSISO keyboard cover comes into the picture. To that end, the cover’s gradient look with active backlighting gives the laptop’s keyboard a major makeover.

MOSISO keyboard cover applies a stunning gradient theme on your boring MacBook Pro keyboard. If you want to jazz up your keyboard’s looks and further its protection, go with the MOSISO cover. It’s important to note that although the company claims to use engineering-grade silicone material, the keyboard cover is on the thicker side. To wit, the cover measures 0.3 mm, which is more than twice the thickness of CaseBuy’s offering.

Be that as it may, the MOSISO cover gets the basics right and the keyboard cover is washable, waterproof, and durable. Due to its look, the cover blocks the keyboard backlighting. So, if you regularly work at night, you may want to avoid this one.

3. Digi-Tatoo Key Cover

Digi-Tatoo keyboard cover for MacBook Pro

Digi-Tatoo has an affordable MacBook keyboard protector up for grabs too. Spec-wise, the cover measures 0.18 mm and it lines perfectly with your MacBook Pro’s keyboard deck. At the same time, the cover doesn’t affect a user’s typing experience.

So much so, the company claims that the cover offers a snug fit and will envelop the MacBook Pro’s keyboard precisely. However, we will take this statement with a pinch of salt since some users have had issues in getting the perfect fit. The good news is that the company bundles some double-sided stick-ons that you can use to keep the cover anchored to the keyboard deck.

It goes without saying then, that you can expect complete protection from coffee spills, dust particles, oil, sweat, and fingerprints. So, if you are looking for a cover that doesn’t affect the natural look of your MacBook Pro keyboard, go with the Digi-Tatoo Key Cover. It comes with a 1-year warranty too.

4. Batianda Keyboard Cover

Batianda MacBook Pro Keyboard cover

The Batianda keyboard cover is available in a bunch of youthful colors (13, to be precise). The company is a step ahead and the brand’s keyboard cover offers complete protection, even for your MacBook Pro’s Touch ID module.

While most keyboard covers ignore the MacBook Pro’s Touch ID, Batianda’s offering ships with a precise cut for the fingerprint reader too. The keyboard cover is waterproof and dustproof, and it should protect your MacBook’s keyboard from other contaminants as well.

Do note that the keyboard cover is quite thick at one millimeter. So, if you notice the keyboard cover exerting pressure on the screen (when closed), consider removing the cover before you close the MacBook’s lid. With that said, we must commend the company’s attention to detail. In fact, the cover even has a tiny hole to show an active status for ‘Caps Lock’.  

5. UPPERCASE Thin Keyboard Cover

Uppercase keyboard cover for MacBook Pro

UPPERCASE’s keyboard cover delivers an industry-leading 0.12 mm thickness to eliminate typing interference. Made with high-quality materials, the cover blends seamlessly with the MacBook Pro’s keyboard and appears invisible, at least from afar.

Most keyboard overlays for MacBook Pro use silicone material. Even with excellent care, the material simply stretches out over time. UPPERCASE uses a durable premium TPU material that stays in the same shape even after a few years of use.

The key cover is transparent and doesn’t mess with the keyboard’s backlight. Moreover, a dedicated cut-out for the fingerprint reader is a welcome add-on too. It’s washable, reusable, and perfectly blends with your MacBook.

6. Bandless Keyboard Cover Skin

Bandless keyboard cover for MacBook Pro

Bandless offers a dedicated combo that applies a neat wood pattern to your MacBook’s keyboard and exteriors. It should be your go-to pick to completely revamp the MacBook Pro’s look and style.

Available in several colors and patterns, Bandless offers a keyboard cover and a matching case for your MacBook Pro. The case comes with precise cuts for ports and bottom vent slots. What’s more, the case even comes with four rubberized feet that increase the gap from the surface to deliver maximum air circulation. As such, your MacBook Pro should sustain its performance for longer due to better heat management.

The Bandless keyboard cover and case combo comes in over 28 styles. You will surely stumble upon something that matches your preference. Do note that you must pay extra heed when applying the case, as some users have complained about corners cracking easily.

7. KeyboardMask for MacBook

KeyboardMast keyboard cover for MacBook Pro

Do you want complete protection for your MacBook’s keyboard and trackpad? Look no further than KeyboardMask’s tailor-made cover to protect your MacBook’s essential components.

The KeyboardMask bundle is ideal if you use MacBook in clinics, hospitals, the food service industry, or public spaces as it is made of TPU material. Since it covers the entire surface of the keyboard and trackpad, the cover is quite easy to clean. You don’t even need to remove it for cleaning. You can simply spray disinfectant liquid and clean it with a microfiber cloth.

There are a couple of disadvantages, though. For one, the keyboard cover doesn’t feature a cutout for the Touch ID module. So, you need to type the password manually to log in. And, seeing how it covers the MacBook Pro’s speakers, you may not get an immersive audio output either.

Protect Your MacBook Keyboard Like a Pro

Working with a dirty or oily keyboard surface is never a desirable experience. It may even break your workflow. Instead of wasting hours cleaning the MacBook Pro keyboard, get yourself a cover to apply to it. And, make sure to read our dedicated guide if you want keyboard covers for MacBook Air M2.

Last updated on 12 April, 2023

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