6 Best MacBook Air M2 Accessories: Power Banks, NumPads, and More

MacBooks are all the rage at the moment, and for good reason. In fact, Apple’s MacBook Air M2 comes with a powerful chipset. At the same time, the laptop is superbly lightweight and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Do note that the retail packaging doesn’t include many accessories which could add to your MacBook’s functionality. That’s partly why we’ve come up with a list of the best MacBook Air M2 accessories. 

Be it a handy keyboard cover with insights into Mac shortcuts for new users, or a competent mouse for video editing, we have listed the most sought-after MacBook accessories under one roof. So, without any further ado, here are the best MacBook Air M2 accessories you must buy today. 

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1. Logitech MX Master 3S Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3S

Logitech’s MX Master range is a godsend for content creators and the range has the best MacBook Air M2 accessories out right now. Take the company’s MX Master 3S, for instance, which is compliant with Chrome OS, Linux, Windows, and macOS devices. What’s more, while the device comes with Logitech’s Bolt USB receiver, you can also connect it to your MacBook Air M2 via Bluetooth.

Doing so will free up your MacBook’s USB port, which can then be used to connect some other accessory or peripheral. More notably, the mouse comes with a USB Type-C connector for charging, so you can top it up with your MacBook’s charger if need be. 

You’ll also get support for up to 8K DPI with the device, along with the company’s proprietary Magspeed scrolling. To that end, the company claims that the scroll wheel can blitz through 1,000 lines in a second. Moreover, you’ll also get a horizontal scroll wheel with the device, which is positioned within the reach of a user’s thumb. As such, the mouse is a great addition for anyone who sifts through a ton of PDFs or other documents. 

2. Macally Bluetooth Number Pad

Macally Bluetooth NumPad

The MacBook Air M2 has a fantastic keyboard with clicky buttons. That said, the unit misses out on a NumPad. So, if your work requires you to dabble with a lot of numbers, then you’ll benefit immensely from Macally’s Bluetooth NumPad.

For one, the NumPad is extremely easy to set up and it doesn’t require any additional drivers. What’s more, the unit comes with an automatic sleep feature that conserves its battery life too. This reminds us, the NumPad comes with a rechargeable battery and can be juiced up via USB. What’s more, the device can connect to up to three devices simultaneously, which is great.

As for the design of the product, the Macally Bluetooth NumPad is shaped like a wedge to reduce wrist strain. The device also comes with scissor switches, that relay quiet albeit tactile feedback. All things considered, the Macally Bluetooth NumPad is among the best MacBook Air M2 accessories. 

3. Dockteck USB C Hub for MacBook Air

Dockteck USB C Hub

The MacBook Air’s Achilles heel is undoubtedly its connectivity or lack thereof for that matter. To that end, the device comes with just two USB Type-C connectors and a headphone jack. As such, buyers looking to connect accessories to the device will find the Dockteck USB C Hub for MacBook Air to their liking. 

The USB C Hub comes with an assortment of connectors, including two USB 3.0 ports with a bandwidth of 5Gbps. The unit also gets an HDMI port that can output at 4K resolution at 60Hz, along with a full-sized memory card reader that supports SD, SDHC, and microSD card formats. So, if you’re a budding photographer, you can seamlessly offload all your memory card’s data onto the MacBook in a jiffy. 

The Type-C hub also comes with pass-through charging. As such, you can charge your MacBook or other connected peripherals at up to 92W. Add to that the company’s 24-month warranty and the Docktech USB C Hub is a great addition to your work-from-home setup powered by a MacBook.

4. CaseBuy MacBook Air M2 Keyboard Cover

CaseBuy MacBook Air M2 Keyboard Cover

The MacBook Air M2 is an expensive proposition. Understandably, you’d want to protect your investment so that it can serve you for years to come. To that end, you should consider getting CaseBuy’s keyboard cover for the MacBook Air M2. 

The keyboard cover has a lot going for it and is among the more competitively priced protectors you can buy at the moment. More importantly, the unit is made up of non-toxic silicone and is completely washable. The cover also comes with spill-resistant and dust-proof characteristics that make it stand out. Per most customer reviews, the keyboard cover is easy to apply and sticks well too. Moreover, some folks have even mentioned that it is quite durable and lasts a while as well. 

That’s not all, as the keyboard comes with a bunch of Mac shortcuts etched on it. So, if it’s your first rodeo with a MacOS device, then you will greatly appreciate the shortcut guide. Rest assured, if you’re looking for the best MacBook Air M2 accessories to protect your device’s keyboard, this is it. 

5. UGREEN 145W Power Bank

UGREEN 145W Power Bank

If you’re looking for a do-it-all power bank, then you should check out UGREEN’s 145W power bank for laptops and smartphones. To that end, the portable charger is compatible with a host of devices, including the MacBook Pro and Air models. What’s more, the unit can output a whopping 145W (provided you use the Type-C ports at the same time) and refuel a MacBook Air completely in just 90 minutes.

That’s not all, as the device comes with a beefy 25,000mAh cell that can completely top up the laptop 1.3 times, which is great. You can also recharge a Nintendo Switch up to 4.3 times and an iPhone 14 up to 5.6 times with the power bank. Moreover, the unit even gets an LED display that gives users insights into the remaining battery level. 

Do note that the power bank comes with two USB Type-C connectors and a USB Type-A port. The device can refuel completely in two hours via a compatible 65W brick too. Unsurprisingly, the power bank has received rave reviews, with the majority of buyers highlighting that it gels well with a MacBook. So, if you’re always on the go, the UGREEN 145W power bank is among the best accessories for your MacBook Air M2. 

6.  Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

An ergonomic laptop stand serves a multitude of purposes. Not only can it improve your posture and reduce the strain on your eyes by leveling the display to the appropriate height, but it can also help you route cables better. To that end, the Nulaxy laptop stand will complement your MacBook Air M2 well.

We say this, as the unit features a minimalistic design that doesn’t stick out. More notably, the stand offers excellent ventilation and paves the way for ample airflow. Further, the unit is compatible with 10-16-inch laptops and can shoulder a device that weighs up to 22 lbs.

To no one’s surprise, the kickstand has been an instant hit, amassing close to 32,000 user ratings and a 5-star rating. In fact, users stated that the stand looks good and is quite stable. So, if you find yourself working long hours in front of a laptop, you should definitely give the Nulaxy laptop stand a go. 

Accessorise Your MacBook

The aforementioned MacBook Air M2 accessories will help you level up the laptop’s functionality. More notably, some accessories will also allow you to use the device for longer and protect it from unnecessary spillage. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to gear up!

Last updated on 05 April, 2023

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