6 Best MacBook Air M1 Sleeves to Protect Your Mac

The MacBook Air is an expensive machine, so you’d undoubtedly want it to stand the test of time. And the easiest way to increase a gadget’s shelf life is by shielding it from dings and scuffs. Understandably, the laptop is quite sleek and delicate. Therefore, you’d be wise to protect it by investing in the best MacBook Air M1 sleeves on the market.

best MacBook Air M1 sleeve

Further, you might be wondering if you should get a case or a sleeve for your MacBook Air. Well, if you want the laptop to last you many years, you can get both for added protection. But, for the purpose of this article, we’ve curated a list of the best MacBook Air M1 sleeves that you can buy.

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Let’s get to some awesome MacBook Air sleeves now!

1. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve

The Mosiso laptop sleeve is an ideal option for those who want to stylize their MacBook with a unique sleeve. To that end, the sleeve is available in 34 different color options, so you can get the one that matches your MacBook Air M1. Coming to the build quality, the unit is made up of polyester and has a smooth interior that won’t scratch your Mac. There’s also a pocket on the outside for accessories.

Mosiso’s MacBook Air M1 sleeve is fairly minimalistic, which is partly why it’s one of the best-rated laptop sleeves on Amazon. The sleeve gets the job done, and that too at an affordable price. Plus, you have a myriad of color options to choose from, thereby making your MacBook truly stand out. The sleeve opens up horizontally via a zipper and has a layer of internal cushioning to protect your Mac.

The brand also claims that the sleeve ships with a shockproof sponge layer on the inside for added protection. Apart from the slot to house the MacBook itself, you get a vertical pocket on the front that can hold an iPad, a phone, or a notebook.

To no one’s surprise, the Mosiso MacBook Air M1 sleeve has been rated highly by customers. In fact, this particular MacBook Air 13-inch sleeve has amassed over 50,000 user ratings praising its simple yet functional design. The cherry on top is that you can fit your MacBook Air layered in a case in the sleeve without any issues.

2. Comfyable Faux Leather MacBook Air M1 Sleeve

The Comfyable faux leather MacBook sleeve is a double-edged sword. While the sleeve looks superbly fancy, it does carry a slight risk. To wit, one end of the sleeve is completely open and there’s no zipper or any other mechanism to close it. While the sleeve can hold a MacBook Air M1 comfortably, you could yank it out with a little bit of force too.

Be that as it may, Comfyable has made an extremely minimalistic sleeve that looks classy and elegant. It’s made of faux leather, but it certainly gives off a premium impression. The sleeve’s smooth surface could even double up as a mouse pad! Moving on, the inner side of the sleeve has a felt lining to protect your MacBook Air M1 against scratches.

Rest assured, the sleeve draws parallels to Apple’s own design ethos. As such, the sleeve gives off a luxurious feel. But, you don’t just have to take our word for it – that’s what the reviews say too. At the expense of sounding like a broken record, you do run the risk of dropping your MacBook and the exposed edge slamming against the floor. But, if you can be a tad cautious in that regard, Comfyable’s offering is undeniably a nice sleeve.

3. Tomtoc 360° Protective MacBook Sleeve

As the name would suggest, this sleeve from Tomtoc provides complete 360-degree protection for your M1 MacBook Air. It has the in-house CornerArmor tech on all 4 corners to absorb impact if and when you drop your MacBook. This MacBook Air M1 sleeve is also water-resistant, which is great if you end up spilling a glass of water over it.

The Tomtoc sleeve is available in various color options so if you don’t want to opt for a black-colored sleeve, you can choose from six other hues. Inside the sleeve, you will find a layer of cushioning for the MacBook Air. This prevents the laptop from getting scratched. The extra layer of cushioning can also absorb shock when excess amounts of pressure is applied to the Mac.

Towards the front, you will find a pocket to store some additional accessories like hard drives, an iPad, or even a phone. According to the reviews, the sleeve offers robust construction and high-quality zippers. Suffice it to say, if you’re looking for a 13-inch MacBook sleeve that prioritizes protection and premium materials, this is it.

4. HYZUO Faux Suede Leather Sleeve with Accessory Bag

Do you like the soft feel of suede? If yes, you’ll find plenty to like about Hyzuo’s offering. On that note, the Hyzuo MacBook Air M1 sleeve is simple yet elegant, thanks to the faux suede material used in its construction. It’s available in 17 different colors and scores big in the aesthetics department too. Instead of a zip, this sleeve has a magnetic flap to keep your MacBook Air in place. You also get an additional bag with it to house accessories like a charger and some cables/dongles.

If you’re not too keen on extreme protection and want a case that looks good aesthetically and provides basic protection against scratches, you will be pleased with this Hyzuo MacBook sleeve. The exterior has a soft-touch finish that you expect from suede while the interior also has a velvet lining to keep your Mac safe.

The magnetic flap is a nice touch as it makes it more convenient to get your Mac out of the sleeve. And you can keep the sleeve clutter-free as it comes with a separate bag to house your laptop accessories.

Do note that some users have mentioned that the sleeve offers an extremely snug fit, so you might not be able to fit in your Mac if it is enveloped in a case.

5. Londo Top Grain Leather MacBook Air Sleeve

A lot of users specifically prefer a MacBook Air leather sleeve for various reasons. Off the top of our heads, these sleeves are durable, look good, and give off a premium feel. Unsurprisingly, the Londo top-grain sleeve ticks all the aforementioned boxes. Not only is it made of premium materials, but it also has a nice design on the front with several options to choose from. Along with protecting your MacBook Air, this leather sleeve will even improve the look of your laptop case, making it a head-turner.

Unlike most other laptop sleeves, this one doesn’t focus much on protection. For example, it doesn’t have a soft lining inside. Instead, what you’re getting is a pure leather sleeve with all the characteristics that you would expect from a leather product. The interior of the case isn’t designed in an ideal manner in terms of keeping your MacBook safe, but it gets the job done and is great if you’re already using a case with your MacBook.

You can even choose from 7 different options to customize the front of the sleeve. These designs are accompanied by their own set of colors too.

Londo has achieved a rich look with the sleeve and the reviews are on those lines as well. In fact, a handful of users have commended the craftsmanship of the leather sleeve. So, if you’re looking for a premium product that looks great and can somewhat shield your MacBook Air, look no further.

6. Vandel Puffy Laptop Sleeve

The Vandel puffy laptop sleeve has a unique design which, coincidentally, helps keep your MacBook Air M1 safe. As its name suggests, the sleeve gets a puffy exterior and adds an extra bit of cushioning upon impact. Inside the sleeve, you get a soft, plush lining that lets your Mac sit cozily. It’s available in a variety of bright colors which, when combined with the unique design, makes this an attractive MacBook sleeve.

A sleeve for your MacBook is not only focused on protecting it but also contributed to making your laptop look nice. This is where a sleeve like this ends up being a good purchase. The puffy design adds to the overall aesthetic while keeping your MacBook Air M1 safe from accidental drops.

You don’t have to worry about the interior of the sleeve either since the materials used are of good quality. Most users in the reviews section have mentioned how this sleeve looks pretty and attractive. If anything, the sleeve doesn’t get a compartment for accessories, unlike some other competing products.

Protect Your Mac

These were some of the best MacBook Air M1 sleeves that you can buy to protect your precious investment from getting scratched or damaged. In fact, you should get a sleeve for added protection even if you’re using a backpack.

Last updated on 27 January, 2023

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