6 Best Lightning Cables for iPhone in 2023

After what feels like an eternity, it seems like the iPhone 15 series is finally getting a USB-C port. If you’re planning to buy the new iPhone 15, you may want to consider buying a lightning to USB-C converter so that you can continue using your old charger.

But, if you have any of the current-gen iPhones, you will need a lightning cable to juice it up. While Apple hasn’t removed the charging cable from the box (yet), you might want to consider getting a few extra cables for your car, desk, or bedside table. So, we’ve made a list of some of the best lightning cables you can buy for your iPhone.

best lightning cables for iPhone

There are plenty of lightning cables that you can buy from various brands. However, there are certain cables that will fit your specific use case. Whether you need a long cable because the outlet at your desk is far away or an angled cable for gaming, this list will have you covered. That said, here are the best iPhone charging cables to buy. But before that –

1. Anker Nylon USB-C Lightning Cable

  • Length: 6ft
  • MFi Certified: Yes
Anker lightning cable

Anker has been making high-quality smartphone accessories for a while now. And the company’s braided lightning cable is no different. The nylon covering on the exterior helps extend the life of the cable while also making it tangle-free.

With over 11,000 reviews and a cumulative rating of 4.7, it’s clear that the Anker USB-C to lightning cable does its job and is reliable. Several users have mentioned how the cable has been working as well as it did on day one, even after months and years of use. That’s surely reassuring, considering Apple’s official cable is notorious for its poor build quality.

Apart from the durability angle, Anker’s braided lightning cable also fairs well in terms of the actual charging performance. It supports 20W power delivery which can charge your iPhone at the max supported speed. Additionally, some reviews suggest that the Anker cable can hold its own against cats and other pets too. It’s really hard to find something to complain about the Anker lightning cable, and that says a lot about the product.

What We Like

  • Durable
  • Supports fast charging

What We Don’t Like

  • None

2. Wangmai Angled USB-C to Lightning Cable

  • Length: 6ft
  • MFi Certified: Yes
angled USB-C connector

The Wangmai USB-C to lightning cable draws parallels to Anker’s cable in the design department. The cable is braided, so it’s strong enough to sustain basic wear and tear. In fact, we would say the Wangmai cable is even better in terms of durability, thanks to its angled connectors.

Unlike a standard cable that connects perpendicular to the charging port, this one from Wangmai has angled 90-degree connectors. There are a few advantages to this design. For starters, if you play games when charging (though we wouldn’t recommend you to if you want to maintain your iPhone’s battery health in the long run), the cable will not come in the way when holding your iPhone in the horizontal orientation.

Another advantage is if your charger is placed in an awkward position where the charging cable has to be bent in order to connect to your phone, the cable can experience a lot of stress at the ends. The Wangmai cable eliminates that entirely. Reviews also corroborate this though some users have mentioned the cable is stiffer than required.

If you’re a mobile gamer, you should consider picking up the Wangmai USB-C to lightning cable.

What We Like

  • Angled connector
  • Braided

What We Don’t Like

  • A little stiff

3. AICase Lightning Cable With Display

  • Length: 4ft
  • MFi Certified: No
lightning cable with charge display

Up next, is yet another braided lightning cable from folks over at AICase. That said, AICase’s lightning cable ships with an OLED display on one end that shows the charging speed of the connected device. Now that’s cool!

If you’re looking to keep an eye on your iPhone’s charging rate or impress your friends with a fun party trick, you’ll find plenty to like about the AICase lightning cable. If you have multiple charging adapters and you wish to see which one works best with your iPhone, you can test the charging speeds of all of them using this cable.

Apart from the display, the rest of the cable is a pretty standard affair. It has a braided exterior making it durable. The cable supports 20W charging which is perfect for fast-charging your iPhone. If you’re a tech enthusiast, you would surely love the additional feature offered by the AICase lightning cable.

What We Like

  • OLED display
  • Durable

What We Don’t Like

  • Would be nice if it showed the voltage and the current split

4. Amazon Basics USB-A to Lightning Cord

  • Length: 6ft
  • MFi Certified: Yes
Amazon Basics lightning cable

All the lightning cables mentioned above have USB-C connectors. But if you have an old adapter with a USB-A port, or if you plan on using the cable in your car, the Amazon Basics USB-A to lightning cable should be your pick.

There’s not much to talk about here other than the fact that one end of the AmazonBasics lightning cable has a USB-A connector. As a result, you’re not going to get the full 20W charging support on the latest iPhones.

Instead, the AmazonBasics cable can only output at a maximum power of 12W, so it’s ideal to use in your car or to charge devices like AirPods or an old iPad that you don’t use frequently. Amazon hasn’t compromised on the quality though, and the company’s lightning cable is braided and quite durable.

If you like the Amazon Basics cable but have a newer adapter, you can also consider the USB-C version of the cable.

What We Like

  • Braided exterior
  • Metallic ends

What We Don’t Like

  • Slow charging speeds

5. Shezi 4-in-1 USB-C Lightning Cable

  • Length: 5ft
  • MFi Certified: No
4-in-1 multi cable

If you have both USB-C and USB-A adapters at home, along with an iPhone and an Android smartphone, the Shezi 4-in-1 cable is a must-have. In fact, it also makes for an excellent travel accessory since it can charge all sorts of devices.

Apart from the modular nature, the biggest USP of the Shezi lightning cable is it supports up to 60W of charging. So, you can use the cable to charge your MacBook or any other laptop seamlessly.

Given that it also has a USB-A connector, the same cable can also charge an accessory like the AirPods at a lower wattage. Along with charging, the Shezi cable is also big on durability. The cable is braided, and the connector ends are metallic, adding to the excellent build.

If you travel a lot, or you have multiple devices with different types of adapters, the Shezi 4-in-1 lightning cable is a no-brainer.

What We Like

  • Versatile
  • Built-in cable tie

What We Don’t Like

  • A little stiffer than usual

6. Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

  • Length: 6.6ft
  • MFi Certified: Yes
Apple lightning cable 2 meter

Last but definitely not least is Apple’s own first-party USB-C to lightning cable. Several users may prefer a cable straight from the brand to ensure the best compatibility and safety. If that’s you, Apple’s lightning cable — especially the 2m variant– is a good option.

Unlike the standard USB-C to lighting cable that Apple ships in the box with a new iPhone, the model we’ve shortlisted is double in length. So if an outlet is far from your desk or bedside table, the extended lightning cable will surely come in handy. Since it’s the official cable, you get support for 20W fast charging when using a compatible adapter.

While that’s good, the Apple cable isn’t the most durable lightning cable out there. Since it’s rather slim and doesn’t have a braided exterior, people have been reporting that the cable gets fried at the ends, or the plastic casing breaks — rendering the cable useless.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you use the cable at a fixed place, only a few times a day. However, if you often unplug the cable, wind it up, and carry it with you when traveling, we suggest picking up a more durable cable from the list above.

What We Like

  • Official accessory
  • Good length

What We Don’t Like

  • Not durable at all

FAQs for Lightning Cables for iPhones

1. Should I get an MFi-certified cable for my iPhone?

Ideally, an MFi-certified cable is a safe bet since it’s specifically designed to work with an iPhone. However, this doesn’t mean a cable that’s not certified isn’t good enough. If you’re facing compatibility issues with a cable, try picking up an MFI-certified one to see if it solves the issue.

2. Do all lightning cables support data transfer?

No, some cables are only meant for charging. However, all the lighting cables mentioned in this list support both charging as well as data transfer.

3. Is it safe to fast-charge my iPhone?

Charging your iPhone at its max supported speed is completely safe and will not harm the phone in any way. Just ensure you use a good charging adapter.

Charge Your iPhone the Right Way

A good charging cable is extremely important to ensure your iPhone charges safely and the battery doesn’t get affected. Consider investing in any of the best lightning cables for your iPhone mentioned above to keep your iPhone’s battery healthy in the long run.

Last updated on 13 September, 2023

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