6 Best LED Light Strips in the UK

An LED light strip is one of the must-have accessories for your ideal home furniture setup. It slides perfectly into your bedroom, kitchen, behind the mirrors, and outdoors to lighten up the scene in no time. Among the dozens of LED light strips available on online marketplaces, picking up the right LED strip can sometimes be confusing. Here are the best LED strip lights.

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While a colorful LED light strip levels up your bedroom or office setup, you shouldn’t go overboard with its use. The LED light strip application should be thoughtful and shouldn’t be plastered everywhere. Without further ado, let’s check our top LED strip lights for bedrooms, outdoors, and other areas.

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1. JOYLIT LED Light Strip

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If you don’t want to spend much on an LED light strip, JOYLIT’s offering may interest you. It is available in several color options and a couple of size variants to ensure that it can be use by most buyers out there.

As we mentioned above, JOYLIT is available to pick in different LED colors. You can get one in white, cool white, red, blue, RGB, and more. It is suitable for both the outdoors and indoors. The company is using high-quality LEDs with excellent brightness and reliability. However, don’t turn on the LEDs when the strip is rolled up. It may burn the LED strip lights.

The LED strip light is IP65 waterproof, making it ideal for your bathroom and pool area too. Although it comes with an adhesive, many have wished for extra adhesive for a better fit. Every three LEDs or five cm strip is cuttable so that you can plan your LED light setup behind different devices.

What We Like

  • Waterproof
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs better adhesive

2. Mexllex Bedroom LED Strip Lights

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The JOYLIT LED light strip is basic at best. If you want an RGB strip with app control and a physical remote, Mexllex’s LED strip light can be an ideal pick from the list. The price is only slightly higher than JOYLIT, and you get much more in return for a few extra bucks.

If you want to apply LED strip lights into your bedroom, balcony, outdoors, and around the pool area, the 5m size won’t be sufficient. Mexllex offers two rolls of 15m LED strip lights that should cover the relevant areas in your home and office.

It comes with a 44-key IR remote to control lights. You can also download the company’s official app from Google Play or the App Store and adjust brightness levels and colors, set timer, and much more directly from your phone.

Buyers have appreciated the excellent price-to-performance ratio and the supplied remote control. However, some reviews on Amazon don’t speak well of the buggy mobile app, but we suppose it’s something that can be solved via software updates.

What We Like

  • Mobile app control
  • Dedicated remote
  • 30m LED light strips for an affordable price

What We Don’t Like

  • Glitchy mobile app

3. ALED Color LED Strip Lights

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ALED LED strip light is another capable option on the list. You get two LED rolls of 5m, a dedicated remote, and a smart app to control the lights without leaving the couch. The LED strip light is also IP65 waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use too.

When you connect the LED strip lights to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, you get the option to sync the light effect with the music rhythm. Your purchase comes with a 3-button Bluetooth controller with a built-in microphone to pick up music tunes.

It definitely lifts up the karaoke session and your party mood. You can pick from over 16 million color options in the phone app. Buyers have appreciated smart app control and a dedicated remote. However, many did face issues during installation due to a weak adhesive.

What We Like

  • Smart app control
  • Rhythms with music

What We Don’t Like

  • Weak adhesive

4. AXMOTUT LED Strip Lights

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AXMOTUT’s LED strip light focuses on power efficiency and safety to stand out from the rest. Thoughtful add-ons for eye protection definitely justify the high-asking price from the company.

AXMOTUT LED strip light is generally friendly to the eyes, and doesn’t cause any eye stress after a long period of use. The soft light is mercury-free, UV-free, and safe for little ones. The company has packed in 320 LEDs per meter to deliver a high-density design and create a uniform look. It is flexible and cuttable at every 5cm.

You do receive a remote control to make adjustments but miss out on smart app control. Users have appreciated the LED performance and brightness. It’s not waterproof, though. You may have to look elsewhere if you plan to install it in the kitchen or around the pool area.

What We Like

  • UV protection
  • Excellent brightness

What We Don’t Like

  • No smart app control
  • Not waterproof

5. BTF-LIGHTING Flexible LED Strip Lights

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While AXMOTUT’s LED light strip maxes out at 320LED per meter, BTF-LIGHTING’s flexible LED strip lights sweeten the deal with 720 LEDs per meter. It creates a seamless and uniform look without leaving any dark spots.

You shouldn’t judge any LED strip based on the length per pound. You may find the pricing on the higher side for BTF-LIGHTING’s 5M LED strip light, but look at the details, and you can see why. The company packs in 720 LEDs per meter. Overall, you are getting 3600 LEDs in a 5M strip. It creates a much better scene in your bedroom to watch movies and shows on your TV.

It is cuttable, flexible, and has a strong adhesive on both sides to tuck around any corner. However, it is only IP30-rated and suitable for indoor use. Buyers on Amazon have left positive reviews regarding its professional look. It can be attributed to the 3600 LEDs in the package. The installation can get tricky, though. Make sure to get a helping hand from an electrician.

What We Like

  • 3600 LEDs
  • Uniform look

What We Don’t Like

  • Only IP30 rating

6. Govee Outdoor LED Strip Lights

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If you have an Alexa-powered smart speaker at home and want to control the LED strip lights with your voice commands, the Govee LED strip light should be your pick from this list of best LED strip lights.

Govee advertises it as outdoor LED strip lights as it’s a waterproof solution. The ceiling strip lights are suitable for your balcony, bedroom, and kitchen too. It syncs with your music during your Christmas parties and other occasions.

Govee LED strip lights support both Alexa and Google Assistant. You also get smart app control via the Govee Home app on Android and iPhone. In short, you have multiple options to control your LED setup at home. We aren’t surprised to see raving reviews about Govee LED strip lights. Buyers have left positive comments regarding LED performance and flexibility to control the lights.

What We Like

  • Alexa and Google Assistant support
  • Smart app control
  • Waterproof

What We Don’t Like

  • High price

Elevate Your Home Setup

Before you hit the buy button for any LED strip lights, make sure to double-check the size. A 5m LED strip should be sufficient for your bedroom, balcony, and indoors. However, if you want to decorate the outdoors or backyard garden, pick one with a 10m size.

Last updated on 07 November, 2023

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