5 Best Leather Cases for Apple AirPods Pro 2

Apple’s second generation of the AirPods Pro is a premium audio accessory. Hence, it only makes sense to protect them with a premium case. And when we speak of premium cases, the first material that comes to mind is leather. AirPods Pro 2 leather cases add a premium look and feel to your earbuds while protecting them from wear and tear.

best AirPods Pro 2 leather cases

If you’re looking to protect your earbuds while making them stand out, we’ve made a list of some of the best AirPods Pro 2 leather cases that you can buy. Note that all the cases we’ve mentioned are specifically for the AirPods pro 2nd Generation. While cases for the first-gen AirPods Pro will also fit the second-gen one, the new lanyard port and speaker grille will be covered which is why we wouldn’t recommend using them.

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With that out of the way, here are some leather AirPods Pro 2 cases.

1. Awofeco PU Leather Case

Some people may want a case that looks and feels like leather but isn’t truly made of leather. Well, this is the case you need to get if you belong to that category. The Awofeco case is made of PU leather and is hence, much cheaper and resistant to water, unlike the real deal. It offers a good amount of protection and a nice and clean look.

Since this case is essentially coated with PU leather, it has a TPU base that wraps around your AirPods Pro 2 to protect them from scratches and drops. TPU is a shock-absorbing material so you can be assured that your AirPods stay safe in there. If you want a stealthy look with a black leather AirPods Pro case without breaking the bank, this is an excellent option.

Genuine leather cases are at least twice the price of this one so it’s surely a good deal if you only want the look of leather. However, it’s not going to have patina over time or give you a premium in-hand feel. You also get a lanyard in the package that you can attach to the case so that you don’t lose your AirPods easily.

2. V-MORO Genuine Leather Case

Here’s the first of the genuine leather AirPods Pro 2 cases. This one from V-MORO has a brown exterior with some black accents running across the seams. While it is made of genuine leather, it seems like the brand has used some plastic elements on this case like the ring attachment loop. However, it’s still a good-looking case at an affordable price.

The V-MORO leather AirPods Pro case with a clip is a good way to get into the world of leather cases without spending too much. It has a generic leather design that doesn’t have any standout features but still looks and feels premium. You get a ring with a carabiner clip on one edge of the case which you can use if you don’t want to use the lanyard loop on the AirPods Pro 2.

There is a cutout for the LED on the front to shine through so you can check the charging status. The interior of the case has a shim, preventing the case from slipping off when the AirPods are inserted into it. As per the reviews, this is a good case for the price but since it’s not constructed entirely out of leather, don’t expect great attention to detail.

3. Moment Black Leather Case

Moment’s cases for iPhones are quite popular and they aren’t lagging in terms of cases for accessories either. This Moment leather case for the AirPods Pro 2 has a unique design compared to most other leather cases. Instead of a plain exterior, Moment has carved diagonal lines on the front that enhances the look of your AirPods.

Moment has also adopted the same approach as the V-MORO case mentioned earlier. They’re using a polycarbonate shell wrapped in ECCO leather so the entire case isn’t constructed out of genuine leather. This isn’t a bad thing, though, as the polycarbonate shell absorbs shock and protects your AirPods while having a good amount of suction to stay on the AirPods without coming off.

While the case isn’t made entirely out of leather, Moment has paid attention to smaller details like providing a microfiber lining on the interior of the case to keep scratches away. It’s also wireless charging compatible and is available in 2 color variants — black leather and cognac leather. This case surely has a premium touch to it.

4. Lopie Handmade Case

We’re now moving to premium cases that are entirely constructed out of leather. This case from Lopie is handmade and uses genuine leather, providing a premium in-hand feel. You can feel the grains in the leather throughout the case as there are no polycarbonate elements here. It’s available in a variety of colors as well.

If you want a true Apple AirPods Pro 2 leather case with premium craftsmanship, the Lopie case should surely be in your consideration. Unlike all the other cases mentioned so far, you can touch genuine leather all over this case, meaning there are no exposed portions of polycarbonate or any other material.

There is a cutout for the LED to shine through along with an exposed portion for the hinge to function properly. While this case may not provide as much drop protection as some other cases, it’s more than sufficient to protect your AirPods pro 2 from getting scratched when in your pockets. Oh, and for those interested, there’s also a bright red colorway if you want your AirPods to stand out.

5. MAOGOAM Cowhide Leather Case

We’ve saved the best for the last! The MAOGOAM genuine leather case is the best-looking AirPods Pro 2 case out there. It has an attractive design along with classy color options that will enhance the look of your AirPods Pro 2. The brown color looks great and would look even better after being used for a few months since the patina would add to it. It’s expensive, but you’re paying for the craftsmanship.

This case is made of genuine vegetable-tanned leather and for those interested, smells like a fresh piece of leather too as per the reviews! The reviews also state that the quality is excellent with the leather feeling great albeit quite dry. It’s recommended that you moisturize the leather to make it softer and feel better.

It’s got all the appropriate cutouts for the LED and speaker grille at the bottom. The new lanyard holes on the side are also exposed. If you don’t have a fixed budget and want the best for your AirPods Pro 2, you can’t go wrong with this case. You also get some anti-scratch properties on the material that prevent scratches from showing up on the case.

FAQs About AirPods Pro 2

1. How many AirPods Pro versions are there?

There are 2 AirPods Pro versions as of writing — AirPods Pro 1st Generation and AirPods Pro 2nd Generation.

2. Do AirPods Pro 2 leather cases work with MagSafe?

While you will be able to use wireless charging with all the cases, MagSafe will not work as intended since the strength of the magnet is reduced when you add the case.

Make Your AirPods Classier

There’s nothing like making a premium accessory more premium by adding a great case to it. That’s exactly what you can do too by getting any of these AirPods Pro 2 leather cases for your earbuds. Along with sounding good, you can make your AirPods feel good in your hands too.

Last updated on 08 November, 2022

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