6 Best Leather Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series

Apart from being an intelligent device on your wrist, a smartwatch is also a fashion accessory that you wear regularly. So, it automatically makes sense to customize the watch the way you want. Apart from the ability to customize the software on the Galaxy Watch, you also have the option to modify the exterior.

Galaxy Watch 5 leather bands

Both the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro come with a standard set of bands out of the box. While these bands are comfortable and look fine, you can switch them up for some leather bands to make the watch look more premium. Does this sound like you? Then, here are some of the best Galaxy Watch 5 leather bands you can buy.

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Let’s get to the bands now! Since both the Galaxy Watch 5 and galaxy Watch 5 Pro use standard 20mm straps, all the options mentioned below are compatible with both models.

1. Joyozy Slim Leather Band

A lot of prefer having a slim band on their watch. Joyozy’s slim band is for them. While it would majorly appeal to the female audience, anyone who doesn’t want a thick or bulky band can pick this one up. It’s a simple leather strap that looks classy and sober.

Looking for a slim leather strap with multiple color options? Joyozy’s slim leather band has 24 different colors to choose from. Yes, 24. If you’re bored of the typical brown and tan finishes that you get with a leather band, this can be a breath of fresh air. This is a slim band that has a nice look and will suit people with thin wrists.

Given that it’s slim, this band is best suited for the 40mm variant of the Galaxy Watch 5. You can get one that matches the color of your watch, or get multiple colors and mix and match them as per your liking. Joyozy slim leather band is an affordable strap but the quality you’re getting for the price seems to be great.

2. LDFAS Tan and Black Leather Bands

There’s something about matching your watch bands with your formal attire that makes it look more appealing, right? LDFAS’ pair of leather bands is exactly for those who want to match their Galaxy Watch 5 with their leather shoes or suit. You get 2 good-quality leather bands of different colors.

If you often wear formal attire to work or meetings, these bands by LDFAS are an absolute must-have. You get two bands in the package, a black one and a tan one, both of which look premium and would go really well with any sort of clothing. What makes these bands look even better is the white stitching that runs along the border.

While the color of the straps is constant, you have an option to pick the color of the metallic buckle. You can choose from black, silver, or rose gold. LDFAS offers a stylish strap that also happens to be comfortable when worn for long durations. So, you shouldn’t have a problem wearing it all day. Besides, the affordable price tag is the cherry on top.

3. Fullmosa Genuine Leather Strap

The Fullmost leather strap for the Galaxy Watch 5 series is similar to the slim leather band in terms of color options. But of course, this is a standard-sized band so you’re getting the regular thickness that you would with any generic strap. It’s a good pick if you’re looking for genuine leather bands of different colors.

This leather band from Fullmosa resembles a classic leather strap that you would get with an analog watch. It’s simple, slightly glossy, and has white stitches running along the entire border of the strap. It’s available in 23 different color options so you can pick up as many as you want and keep switching between them based on the occasion.

Despite being affordable, this is easily one of the best-rated leather bands out there with a whopping 30,000+ reviews which means people are actually liking the product. There are no issues with durability either, but try keeping it away from water as much as possible since it can ruin the material over time.

4. Barton Top Grain Leather Band

The Barton band differed from the other leather bands both in terms of the way it looks and feels. It’s stealthier with an all-black exterior so the stitches are black and so is the buckle on the strap. It’s also not glossy like the other options but instead, opts for a more matte-like look.

If being spoilt for choice was a watch band, this would be it. The Barton top grain leather band is available in a staggering 40 different options ranging from different colors of the band to the buckle. You can get modify it the way you want. For instance, if you want a black band with a golden buckle, it’s available.

One thing to note is that the type of leather used on this band makes it smooth to the touch, similar to a suede fabric. Looks are subjective after all so if you like a more glossy exterior, you can opt for the Fullmosa leather band or if you like a more muted look, this is the way to go. This texture also doesn’t stick to your skin a lot which can be a bonus.

5. Swiss Army Leather and Nylon Strap

A part of this band is made of leather while a small section is made of nylon. This gives the band a nice, distinct look that you won’t get with a conventional leather band. It looks more rugged and industrial which is a look a lot of people may prefer.

Apart from the use of two different materials, the use of two colors for the band makes it a unique proposition too. The leather is brown whereas the nylon used in between the straps is black. The type of leather used on the Swiss Army leather strap for the Galaxy Watch 5 series is slightly more rigid compared to the other options. This makes it more durable compared to flimsy bands.

Something to be aware of here is that unlike the others on this list, this is not a quick-release band. So, it’s as easy to put on and take off. However, you will probably have to visit a watch mechanic’s shop to get this band fixed onto your Galaxy Watch 5 unless you have the required tools at home. If you can go through that hassle, this is an excellent, durable band.

6. Samsung Hybrid Leather Band

As the name suggests, this is a hybrid strap made up of both leather and silicone. The exterior looks exactly like leather while the band’s inner portion is made of silicone. There are some advantages to this hybrid design like better water resistance and comfort.

Leather bands are generally not that great when it comes to comfort for long durations. This factor is amplified if your hands sweat a lot. As a result, a leather band may cause some irritation on your wrists when worn for an extended period. It’s also not advisable to wear a leather strap while exercising or playing sports.

But, if you still want to retain the leather look while doing all of that, your best bet is to get the Samsung Hybrid Leather band. It doesn’t cause any issues even if you sweat since the underlying material is silicone. If you want a band that you can wear every day and one that makes your Galaxy Watch 5 looks like a conventional watch at the same time, go ahead and get this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Samsung Hybrid Leather band a good option?

This particular band from Samsung combines the best of both worlds — the comfort of silicone and the luxury of leather. It’s good for daily use, although it’s on the expensive side.

2. How to change the Galaxy Watch bands?

Samsung uses quick-release bands for the Galaxy Watch series. Just use the small metallic button on the end of each strap to release it. Next, snap the new bands in place.

3. Are Apple Watch bands compatible with the Galaxy Watch 5?

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch uses proprietary connectors for the bands, and hence, they are not compatible with the Galaxy Watch 5.

Wear Your Watch in Style

A smartwatch need not be just for fitness tracking. You can also use it as an accessory to go along with your outfit like you would use a conventional watch. Just get a good set of Galaxy Watch 5 leather bands and keep switching them based on the occasion! Since leather has a premium look to it, you can wear these bands just about anywhere.

Last updated on 31 August, 2022

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