6 Best Leather Bands for the Apple Watch Series 6

The sleek and slim look of the Apple Watch Series 6 means that you can wear it everywhere, be it to your swimming sessions or an informal meeting with a business colleague. However, when it comes to attending formal dinners or social events, the default strap doesn’t pair well. And that’s when leather straps come into the picture. These straps go well with the new Apple Watch and give a boost to the overall look of your smartwatch.

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So if you are on the lookout for a leather strap for your Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch, you have come to the right place. Here, we have curated a list of the best options out there.

Let’s get started. But first,

1. Ouheng Sweatproof Hybrid Band

Size: 44 mm

If you are on the lookout for an aggressive-looking leather band, then you should certainly take a peek at the sweatproof hybrid band by Ouheng. This one combines both style and functionality and brings a trendy band at affordable pricing. Here, the upper layer is made of leather whereas the inner layer is of silicon. It’s worth noting that the latter adds a comfort quotient, and at the same time, avoids sweat trapping.

Surely enough, the double stitches running along the length of the straps add to the looks of the strap. The best part is that similar to most conventional watch straps, the Ouheng hybrid band also comes with conventional watch buckles.

Apart from safely securing the watch, it also makes it easy to put the watch on/off.

It’s easy to install and has attracted its share of reviews on Amazon. Users have praised it for its comfort and easy installation process.

2. amBand Leather Band

Size: 40 mm & 44 mm

If you want a unique watchband for your watch, you can’t go wrong with the ones by amBand. These bands tend to stand apart from the crowd, thanks to their play of attractive colors and patterns. Surely enough, these bands add their share of sparkle to the Apple Watch. And if that wasn’t enough, these bands are priced at less than $15 which makes them super affordable.

The fit is snug and comfortable and several users have vouched for the same. They are durable and provided you are not careless with them, they will last you a long time.

The makers claim that these are genuine leather straps, although I will take that claim with a pinch of salt.

As noted earlier, the amBand leather bands are available in a slew of different colors and styles. You can either opt for a single-colored band or go for a wild leopard print.

3. Mifa Hybrid Leather Band

Size: 40 mm & 44 mm

Another band that brings a premium look to the new Apple Watch is the one by Mifa. The crux of this band is that it brings a classy look without burning a hole in your pocket. It has a dual-layer construction. The insides are made of silicone and the outer surface has a leather coating. And the steel buckles and the fasteners are the cherries on top.

Aside from the premium features, this one has the usual features associated with leather watch straps such as even perforations and double-sided stitching at the end.

The comfort and the versatility of this band mean that it has earned its shares of good reviews on Amazon. Besides that, the silicon layer means it plays well with sweat, should there be any.

4. Stiroll Slim Leather Bands

Size: 40 mm & 44 mm

The Stiroll Slim Leather Bands are the ones for you if you do not want the regular leather straps for your new smartwatch. Apart from adding elegance, these slim straps translate into less sweat and comfortable wear. The makers claim that it’s genuine leather and several users have vouched for the softness and comfort that this leather strap affords.

Like most leather bands, you will find a steel buckle and two loops to hold the extra length of the strap. So far, there have been no complaints of rusting if we go by the user reviews on Amazon alone.

The Stiroll Slim Leather Bands is quite popular on Amazon and has attracted its fair share of reviews. As per Fakespot’s estimates, around 90% of the reviews can be trusted and are reliable.

5. Nomad Traditional Strap

Size: 40 mm & 44 mm

Nomad is a popular name when it comes to smartwatch accessories primarily for its premium quality. The Traditional Strap for the Apple Watch Series 6 carries forward leather watches’ timeless looks by embracing a lightly textured look and double stitches on the edges. Above all, it balances both looks, functionality, and comfort.

These bands are made from Horween Leather are touted to be durable and last a long time provided you take the needed care. The use of genuine leather means you will see the signs of daily wear over time, especially if you wear it frequently. And if you ask me, it lends an elegant look to the overall look of the watch.

Quite obviously, these are premium bands and you will have to shell out around $100 for the same. But if you are looking for something long-term, then you can certainly consider this.

6. Apple Baltic Blue Leather Link

Size: 40 mm & 44 mm

The Apple Leather Link offers a tad different look. It bundles a series of ridges that give the bands a tad different and unique look. These bands have several magnets between the layers and they help to secure the band securely over each other. Yep, there’s no metal closure in this variant.

The folks of the Apple Insider opines that these bands are extremely comfortable and wraps securely around the wrists. They are soft and comfortable and you can easily wear these to bed.

Quite naturally, Apple charges a premium for these bands and the one mentioned here will cost you around $100.

However, it’s not without flaws. For one, it can be a tad tricky to charge the watch because of all the magnets. Needless to say, these bands are the ones for you if you do not want to stray out of the Apple ecosystem.

Hello, Elegance

Leather bands indeed accentuate the looks of a watch, be it a smartwatch or an analog one, by several folds. However, they are not one of the comfortable bands to wear when you are out and about for your walks and runs.

In such cases, it’s best if you can swap it for a sports band. These are made of breathable material and lets sweat escape via the perforations.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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