7 Best Lap­top Sleeves and Cas­es for Microsoft Sur­face Lap­top 3 and Sur­face Lap­top 4

Namrata Gogoi

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Laptop 4 are lightweight and portable. However, its profile makes it susceptible to scratches or dings if you are not too careful with its handling. Thankfully, you can easily avoid that with the help of laptop sleeves and covers.

7 Best Laptop Sleeves and Cases for Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

The good thing is that the sleeves for the Microsoft Surface Laptop are slim and sleek. Not only does it give a professional vibe, but it also helps to preserve the slim profile of your Surface laptop. And hey, it's way too easy to slip a laptop sleeve into backpacks when traveling.

So if you are here for the best laptop sleeves and cases for the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Laptop 4, we have got just the thing for you.

Let's get started. But first.

1. ProCase Protective Sleeve Cover

ProCase Protective Sleeve Cover

Thanks to the PU leather exterior, the ProCase Protective Sleeve Cover brings an elegant case to the table. It's slim and sleek and is big enough to slip your 13.5-inch laptop into it. There are no extra frills, and that's the beauty of this case. On the upside, it provides due protection, especially when traveling.

Even if it has a low price tag, the PU leather lends a professional and classy look. And several users have backed this claim as part of their reviews. The good part is that the soft interior prevents any unnecessary scratches. There are a few extra perks as well. For instance, there's a slot at the rear of the case to carry papers and other documents.

But as we mentioned earlier, it's a slim sleeve. Unlike bulky laptop bags, you will not carry laptop accessories like a mouse, keyboard, and the likes.

2. Hyzuo Laptop Sleeve Case

Hyzuo Laptop Sleeve Case

The Hyzuo laptop sleeve case is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a sleeve not just for your laptop but also for some laptop accessories. This faux leather sleeve comes with a mini accessory bag to hold the power adapter or the mouse and earphones. The microfiber leather is soft to touch, and like the one above, the insides carry a soft material.

The soft lining shields the laptop's surface from micro-scratches and makes it easier to slide it in/out. At the same time, the company claims the leather to be water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

For the price, the Hyzuo laptop sleeve case packs a decent enough look. However, don't expect a high-end look. While it gets the job done, do note that the magnets are a little weak. Nevertheless, the fit is perfect and can accommodate the Surface Laptop 3 or Surface Laptop 4 without any issues.

3. Walnew Soft Sleeve Case

Walnew Soft Sleeve Case

Walnew's soft sleeve case brings a tad unique look to the plate, thanks to their dual-tone look. Here, the flap carries a different shade, which improves its looks. Like the ones above, this one is a faux leather case and has almost the same elements: soft insides and a snug fit.

It's slim and you can easily put it inside a tote bag or an actual laptop bag. However, the case a little stiff. On the bright side, it can double up as a mouse pad.

This laptop sleeve has received a mixed bag of reviews. While some users love it for its lightweight design and slim form factor, a few have opined that the leather quality is not up to the mark. Nevertheless, this one falls under the affordable segment, and for the price, the quality can be considered decent.

4. Kogzzen Laptop Sleeve

Kogzzen Laptop Sleeve

The highlight of the Kogzzen laptop sleeve is its versatility. It comes with a hand strap which adds to the portability of the product. Though it's a slim and sleek case, it has a few extras. For instance, there are neat pockets along the sides and the back, allowing you to carry your phones and tablets along with the laptop.

This exterior is made of polyester, which protects the insides from the occasional splash of water. And several users have praised this feature of the Kogzzen laptop sleeve.

Unlike typical cases, this one has a zipper along the sides, thereby making sure that your laptop doesn't slip out of the case accidentally. More importantly, the laptop sleeves have a good and snug fit. But do note that the pockets are flat. While they can hold phones and tablets easily, they are not big enough for power adapters or the power cord.

5. Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve

Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve

The Tomtoc protective cover is the one for you if you do not want to settle on a slim sleeve for your Surface laptop. It's an independent laptop bag that bundles nifty features like a solid handle and additional storage area. More importantly, it comes with a padded compartment designed to absorb the impacts of accidental bumps against door frames or table ends. And hey, there's a belt inside to hold the laptop securely as well.

It scores well in the looks department as well. It looks sharp and professional, and the durability is the cherry on top.

Though it has a slim look, note that it takes on a little bulky appearance when the second compartment has laptop accessories.

Nevertheless, it's quite popular on Amazon, thanks to its sturdy and lightweight design. And the solid build helps its case.

6. Smatree Hard Shell Laptop Sleeve Bag

Smatree Hard Shell Laptop Sleeve Bag

At times, a padded sleeve doesn't cut it, especially if you travel a lot. Enter the hard shell laptop bag from Smatree. It's a well-made laptop bag that does its best to protect the insides from damage. The outer shell is solid and has minimum flex to it. At the same time, the corners are reinforced to shield the laptop from the effects of accidental bumps and drops.

Again, the slim factor aids in the portability. Unfortunately, there are no additional slots for accessories or documents. But if you really do not want to take chances with your Surface Laptop 3 or Surface Laptop 4, then this is the one for you.

Amp up the Looks and Protection

The best part about these sleeves is that they keep the laptop safe while at the same time, lets you have a cool new look. And even if your primary laptop bag doesn't have a foam-lined casing, these sleeves will take care of it.

So, which one of these will you buy? Will you go for the classic leather look or go for a chic modern look?

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