5 Best Laptop Security Locks for MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro laptops are known for their speed, performance, and sleek look. You can take it anywhere without worrying about the weight or volume. However, this also has a major disadvantage. The high portability factor means someone can easily run away with your laptop when you are not looking. Laptop security locks for MacBook Pro prevent just that.

They help keep your laptop secured to one place so that even you leave it at a table for a couple of minutes. Unlike traditional laptops, the newer Apple MacBook Pros don’t have security lock ports and aren’t suitable for traditional locks. Thankfully, some security locks are designed especially for the Apple MacBook Pro.

So, without further ado, let’s take a quick look. But before that,

1. Loradar Laptop Cable Lock

The Loradar laptop cable lock is a tad little unique from traditional locks. It comes with a small adhesive-based steel plate which you can stick to the rear of your MacBook Pro or iPad Pro. Once it’s settled, you can then lock the cable into the steel plate with the keys provided, and thus prevent your laptop from getting stolen.

The cable is made of steel and can’t be cut easily. Plus, it’s long enough (2m) to let you tether it to a source. At the same time, the company provides quality adhesive on the anchor plate. But the good thing is that it doesn’t leave behind residue when taken off.

The Loradar laptop cable lock is easy to install and use. You simply need to keep the keys with you at all times. Moreover, the cable is thin enough to be rolled and stowed in laptop bags or backpacks.

So far, it has received many reviews from its user base, thanks to its easy-to-use lock feature, affordable price, and durability. The only issue is that the anchor plate hurts the sleek look of the MacBook.

Alternatively, you can also check out the I3C Laptop Cable Lock.

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2. KGear Security Lock Bracket

If you have a MacBook Pro older than the 2021 model, check out the KGear Security Lock Bracket. The KGear lock bracket attaches to the rubber pads at the bottom of the MacBook Pros and is the medium for a universal cable lock. However, do note that it’s not a complete set, and you will have to invest further in a cable lock if you do not have one already.

The bracket at the rear lifts the height of the laptop slightly. The company ships two-bracket to maintain the height difference, and only one of them has a keyhole. The good thing is that the color also matches the slate-grey of your laptop.

Again, you will have to compromise a little on the sleek form factor of your laptop. Plus, if you do not have a cable-lock set, it will add to the cost.

3. Maclocks Universal Locking Bracket

Maclocks addresses the laptop locks on Apple MacBooks with a difference with the security slot blade. Like some MacBook stands, this one sticks to the back of the MacBook via 3M adhesives. And when needed, you can slide out the blade to attach the cable lock.

It is more expensive than the one above. But the good news is that you do not have to worry about any hardware modifications. You’ll need to stick it to the end of your laptop. Like the one above, this bracket raises the laptop’s height slightly. But the long design ensures that there is minimal wobbling while typing.

It’s built well, and the rubber padding at the bottom prevents the laptop from skidding. At the same time, the bracket is compatible with most universal blocks, including the one from Kensignton.

The Maclocks Universal Locking Bracket is a popular product on Amazon and has amassed many reviews, especially from MacBook users. People have admired its sleek build, strong adhesion feature, and sturdiness.

4. Kensington MacBook Locking Station

The Kensington MacBook Locking Station is a complete lock set and comes with a bracket and a cable set. The bracket has a solid build and is bigger in length than the one above. And the added weight sets it apart from the other security locks for MacBook Pro.

It’s the weight at either end that prevents potential thieves for lifting it off easily. Kensington ships a combination lock with this locking station. In comparison, this lock is bigger than most locks on this list. And together with the added weight, it can prove to be a tad challenging to carry it around in your laptop bag.

That said, it has a solid build and is easy to install. Perhaps, the best part is that your laptop doesn’t need any hardware modification. However, it’s not without its limitations. For example, the design of the locking station prevents you from closing the lid of your MacBook. And if you often put their laptop to sleep to use it in the clamshell mode, this feature can be hugely limiting.

On the upside, the locking station is versatile and is compatible with other laptops. It’s a popular product on Amazon and has attracted several positive reviews, with users speaking highly of its durability and easy locking feature.

5. MacBook M1 Lock

Another Maclock lock is the MacBook M1 Lock. It is one of the slimmest locks on this list. It mounts to the side of the laptop via screws and is compatible with the MacBook Air M1, Macbook Pro 2021 (14-inch and 16-inch). The lock is universal, but you can use the one supplied with the box.

Installation is simple and pain-free. You’ll need to screw the top and bottom portion of the bracket to the laptop. But unlike the one above, you will be able to close and open the lid of your laptop freely.

The cable comes with a loop at the end to hook it to tables and chairs. It’s an expensive lock bracket and comes with a year-long warranty.

Lock and Key

These were some of the best laptop security locks for MacBook Pro. Most of these locks are non-conventional simply because of the lack of a proper security lock in the newer MacBooks. And like many MacBook accessories, these locks are expensive compared to their peers. But if you ask us, buying an expensive security lock and cable set is better than a lost laptop. 

Last updated on 28 April, 2022

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