7 Best Laptop Bags for Women in the UK: Tote, Backpacks, and Briefcases

Laptop bags are a dime a dozen out there. From backpacks to messenger bags, there are options aplenty in the market. That said, there aren’t a lot of trendy options that have been designed keeping women in mind. As such, you will notice that most backpacks look utilitarian and lack the X-factor. But, fret not, we have done the legwork for you. So, if you are in the market for the best laptop bags for women, read on.

Best Laptop Bags for Women in the UK

The laptop bags that follow are not only elegant and stylish but are also quite functional. As such, you will be able to carry your laptop and its accessories in a flaunt-worthy backpack.

So, if you are in the UK and are looking to upgrade from your dated laptop bag, let’s check out some of the best laptop bags for women. But first,

With that out of the way, let’s get started.

1. KROSER Laptop Backpack

  • Pros: Spacious, Water repellent exterior
  • Cons: No separator
  • Laptop size: Up to 15.6-inch
KROSER Laptop Backpack

The Krosher laptop backpack keeps things simple and straightforward. To that end, the backpack is made of canvas and comes with an opening at the top. The compact design means you can carry it to school and college with ease. It has a water-repellent exterior which makes it perfect for UK’s rainy weather.

What’s more, it comes with all the essentials like a shoulder strap and dedicated handles at the top. And, it doesn’t end there as the KROSER laptop bag for women has a spacious interior that can accommodate your laptop and books with ease. It has a dedicated laptop compartment and a small pouch for a tablet too. This is apart from the slip pockets to carry essentials like power banks, smartphones, and other stationery.

The only downside is that the backpack doesn’t get a dedicated separator to divide the sections on the inside. That said, the compartments on the side and the front of the backpack can be used to segregate your EDC or everyday carry. Lest we forget, the backpack also gets a USB port to help you connect your phone to a power bank seamlessly.

One of the biggest advantages of the KROSER laptop bag is the padded shoulder straps. The straps are comfortable and shouldn’t dig into your shoulders even when the bag is stuffed with your belongings. As a matter of fact, several users have praised the comfort factor of this bag. Plus, the zippers are strong and durable.

If you are in school or college and do not mind spending a little, then you won’t regret spending on the KROSER college laptop backpack for women.

2. Dobaly Laptop Backpack for Men and Women

  • Pro: Breathable fabric at the back, Slim form factor
  • Cons: A little tight on space
  • Laptop size: Up to 15.6-inch
Dobaly Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a slim and smart laptop backpack, then your search ends here. Unlike the KROSER backpack prefaced above, you will not be able to fit a handful of books in the Dobaly laptop backpack. However, you should be able to fit a MacBook Air, a charger, and some stationery with ease.

The backpack has been designed to blend well in an office setting, and the unit’s black leather look helps its cause. While it can’t hold an elephant, it does come with a good set of features. For instance, the laptop compartment can hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop, which is great. The main compartment and the side pockets can hold their share of kick-knacks as well. That said, it will help if the accessories you carry fall on the slimmer side of things.

Like its counterpart above, the Dobaly laptop bag is water resistant, which, once again, is a huge boon for folks residing in the UK. In fact, the backpack is IP68 rated, which is a big plus as it should be able to shield the contents even when submerged in water. Further, the meshed and breathable back ensures that the bag doesn’t stick to your shirt on hot days.

The Dobaly laptop bag is fashionable, all thanks to its all-black look and slim design. If you are looking for a chic laptop bag, you know what to do.

3. VASCHY Laptop Tote Bag for Women

  • Pros: Water resistant, Heavy padding around the bag
  • Cons: The shoulder strap is a tad small
  • Laptop size: Up to 15.6-inch
VASCHY Laptop Water Resistant Canvas Bag for Women

The VASCHY Laptop Tote Bag for Women is not going to win any laurels in the design department, but it can house a lot of stuff. The laptop compartment is heavily padded, which is the backpack’s marquee feature. As such, even if you were to drop your bag, the padding should absorb most of the impact.

As is the case with most tote bags, you will have to contend with thin straps. Thankfully, the straps are long enough to loop the bag around your shoulders well. Further, the straps are superbly sturdy too, which is great.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room- space. For a tote bag, the VASCHY bag is spacious. The compartment and pockets are cleverly designed and can hold adapters, diaries, and power banks along with a slim lunch box.

Do note that the short shoulder straps mean that the bag will stay close to your side. If you are okay with it, then it proves to be a decent laptop tote bag. Again, you will have to consider the fact that you will be carrying the weight of your laptop and other essentials on one shoulder.

Alternatively, you can check out the MATEIN leather laptop Tote Bag for Women, which looks nicer and more elegant from the word go.

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4. Matein Ladies Briefcase

  • Pros: Spacious, Can be worn in many styles
  • Cons: Has a non-premium look
  • Laptop size: Up to 15.6-inch
MATEIN Laptop Briefcase for Women

The Matein Ladies Briefcase brings the best of two worlds. On that note, you get the advantage of a shoulder strap and the spacious interior of a backpack. No kidding! It comes with all the bells and whistles, like leather handles, and even features golden accents on the buckles to make them stand out.

The Matein briefcase may not be as elegant as designer bags, however, it is quite capacious and can hold pretty much everything you throw at it. Plus, the compartment inside has a zipper, so you can carry all your documents without worrying about losing them.

The bag is sufficiently padded and should keep your belongings safe from accidental falls and bumps against tables and doorframes. And the padding on the shoulder straps ensures that the strap does not bite your shoulders either.

Lastly, the long (and removable) shoulder strap means you can carry it as a crossbody bag. This way, you can distribute the weight evenly, which should come in clutch, especially during long commutes or if you’re carrying a heavy laptop. To no one’s surprise, the Matein laptop briefcase for women is slowly starting to climb the popularity ladder, and users love its storage capacity and lightweight build.

5. CLUCI Briefcase for Women

  • Pros: Leather make, Extremely stylish and functional, Can be worn in many styles
  • Cons: Outer flap magnets are weak
  • Laptop size: Up to 15.6-inch
CLUCI Briefcase for Women

Another stylish women’s laptop bag is the one from CLUCI. In fact, it strikes the perfect balance between a briefcase and a tote bag. As such, the backpack lets you carry all your items and laptop with ease. The best part? It has a removable shoulder strap. And the built-in straps are on the longer side of things, should you want to carry it as a tote.

It has three compartments in the main section, which will help you segregate your stuff. The laptop pocket can hold a laptop up to 15 inches, while the side slip pockets can hold keys, pens, and slim bottles.

The best part is that this Cluci briefcase also has a capacious outer pocket. Needless to say, you can keep your frequently-used items in that compartment. And, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! The pocket in question has a magnetic closure so you can slip your belongings in and out seamlessly.

The CLUCI briefcase is a leather bag and is a little pricier than its counterparts. That said, the odds are that it will develop a beautiful patina over time. If you are on the lookout for a laptop bag that blends beautifully in all surroundings, regardless of work or casual outings, this one is an apt pick for a cool laptop backpack for women.

6. Lubardy Laptop Bag for Women

  • Pros: Sturdy, Quality-build, and High Capacity
  • Cons: Takes time for the material smell to go fade
  • Laptop size: Up to 15.6-inch
Lubardy Laptop Bag for Women

The Lubardy Laptop Tote Bag has plenty of good things going for it. It’s one of the few hardshell leather bags for ferrying a laptop. Secondly, it has there dedicated sections. While you can use one section to stow your electronics, you can utilize others to hold your planner, books, or travel organizer bags (see slim cable organizer bags for travel). More notably, the laptop and tablet compartment (yes, it has one) is sufficiently padded.

And there’s more to the story. The embossed leather exterior gives the backpack a chic and professional look, and the odds are that this bag will complement your officewear brilliantly. The backpack has a water-repellent exterior which will come in handy if you’re caught in the rain, which is commonplace in the UK.

Moreover, the leather laptop tote bag doesn’t tip over when placed on a flat surface either. If you do not mind spending a few bucks more for the chick professional look, then you can’t go wrong with this one. In fact, the backpack has more than 3,000 user ratings on Amazon, which goes on to show that it’s doing something right.

7. The ReNew Transit Backpack

  • Pros: Sturdy, Versatile design
  • Cons: Can be overkill for an office bag
  • Laptop size: Up to 15-inch
The ReNew Transit Backpack

So far, all the bags prefaced above let you carry your laptop and a few other essentials. But if you are looking for something more, you should have a peek at the ReNew Transit Backpack. The ReNew is a versatile backpack that can be used for office or weekend trips. Aside from roomy compartments (trust us, it’s quite spacious) and sip pockets, it has a dedicated pocket for a water bottle. Now, that’s something, right?

Again, it doesn’t have the typical looks and design generally associated with a bag for ladies. But if you ask us, we believe at times, functionality matters more than style, especially if you are someone who travels a long distance to work. You will love the padded shoulder strap, the smooth zipper, the spacious interior, and the padded laptop pocket.

At this point, it’s worth noting that ReNew’s laptop compartment is on the exterior, and it opens on the side. While it gives you ample room to bring out or keep your laptop, you will have to be careful. We say this as your precious ultrabook may fall out if the zipper is left open accidentally.

The ReNew Transit backpack has a front open flap, which again makes it easier to access your things. Further, the compartments inside are organized well and you won’t have to scavenge for your things.

Needless to say, it’s a little on the expensive side. But at the end of the day, if you do not mind paying a premium and if the style is not a major concern, then the ReNew is an apt laptop backpack for women (and men as well). The CO water-repellent finish is a godsend in the UK. And it bundles a shoulder strap to fasten the backpack to luggage trolleys.

Alternatively, you can also check out the Antler Chelsea Backpack.

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Carry Your Laptop in Style

If you settle on a tote bag to carry your laptop, do make sure to get a laptop sleeve as well. These small bags are highly functional and help to prevent unnecessary marks on the laptop. With most of us returning to the office, a laptop bag, specially designed for women, is a worthy investment, what say?

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